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Cool Feature on our Website

February 17, 2010 by PatLeach

I LOVE the feature in the "Books Movies and More!" part of our website that allows you to look at award winners and bestsellers, and then go directly to our library catalog to see if an item's checked in or available for a hold request.

For me, it's all about the Notable Books list from the American Library Association. We've got that list divided by fiction and nonfiction.

I'm just underway on "Await Your Reply" by Dan Chaon. There's a Nebraska setting within the novel, which intrigues me. I'll keep you posted....

And in the meantime, keep our website in mind for your next idea for a Good Book to Read!

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Scott C. said:
Don't forget to check out the Dan Chaon booklist on the libraries' BookGuide resource site, too -- one of over 25 Nebraska author booklists -- where all the selections are also hotlinked directly to the library catalog! --

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