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Sean Doolittle's "The Cleanup"

February 26, 2010 by sdc

During our February 2010 meeting, we discussed Nebraska author Sean Doolittle's 2006 Omaha-set mystery/thriller The Cleanup; a stand-alone novel, featuring down-on-his-luck Omaha cop Matthew Worth, sentenced to providing security at a local grocery store. When Matt steps up to be the knight in shining armor to a young sales clerk who's been badly beaten by her boyfriend, he doesn't realize what a mess he's gotten himself into. Combine the Polish mafia, corrupt cops, a dead money runner and one of the worst snowstorms to hit the Omaha area in years, and you've got a contemporary noirish/hard-boiled thriller.

This book was discussed at the Just Desserts meeting on February 25, 2010. Whether or not you attended the actual meeting, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions about this book in a reply comment to this blog post, below.

Join us next on March 25th at South Branch Library (6:45 p.m.), as we discuss Jacqueline Winspear's, Maisie Dobbs. Additional titles for upcoming months' discussions can be found on the Just Desserts section of the Book Groups page of BookGuide.

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