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The Works of Leslie Charteris

November 08, 2009 by sdc

During the Nov/Dec 2009 hiatus between meetings of the Just Desserts mystery fiction discussion group, we encourage regular attendees to participate as a group in a virtual way. While we may not have an actual meeting scheduled during these two months, we want to use this blog to keep everyone active with their mystery reading and discussions.

We encourage Just Desserts participants to read a book by Leslie Charteris (the creator of Simon Templar, "The Saint", as well as many other novels) at some point in November or December 2009, then come back here and leave a comment about whichever Charteris book they read, as a comment post in response to this message.

As a bit of background, here are some links to Leslie Charteris information:

We look forward to seeing your comments here over the course of the next two months!

Scott C. - Just Desserts coordinator

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Cathy said:
So I went to the library and stared at the Charteris books on the shelf and just grabbed one. I picked The Saint and the People Importers. The Saint sees a news article showing a waiter at one of his favorite restaurant's was murdered so he gets involved. He helps out the reporter - they get kidnapped, etc. It all works out in the end. It was an ok book - simple and a very fast read. I don't think I'm that interested in reading more.

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