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Welcome to the Just Desserts Blog!

February 28, 2009 by sdc

Welcome to the Just Desserts Blog. Perhaps an introduction is in order. Just Desserts is a mystery fiction discussion group that meets once per month from January through October, at one of the branches of the Lincoln City Libraries in Lincoln, Nebraska. Attendees are all encouraged to have read the same mystery novel, which is then discussed as a group. All are also encouraged to bring a homemade or store-bought dessert to share with our participants -- hence the Just "Desserts" group name. You can find all what we're planning to read at upcoming meetings at the Just Desserts section of the Book Groups page on the library's BookGuide web site.

We encourage you to leave comments about any of the books we've previously discussed, below. Recently discussed titles will be added to this blog within a day or two of the latest Just Desserts mystery discussion group meeting!

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