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Courtyard Book Chat - July 22, 2008: LibraryThing

August 06, 2008 by Webmaster

Courtyard Book Chat-July 22, 2008: "LibraryThing"
PodcastListen now - 31:21, 14.3 MB

Special guest Kit Keller discusses LibraryThing, and these books:

Becky : the life and loves of Becky Thatcher by Lenore Hart
Home Girl by Judith Matlock*
The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Block*
Seasonally Fit by Brian L. Syme*
The Richest Season by Maryann McFadden*

    *not currently held by Lincoln City Libraries

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Comments 3

kadir imirza said:
am only like cleadie
Jasveer said:
interesting, i knew about good reads but not LT, thanks for the enminhteglent! i'd love a copy of your book and am heading over to LT now to figure out just how this all works.i've had a change to look a bit around your site(s) exceptional work. impressive.
Paula said:
I just uploaded my whole librray tonight. I have been looking for a decent cataloging platform but there are SOOO many ways to track a book (UPC, ISBN, Library of Congress number, binding, edition, printing, sigh). Most databases and stand-alone programs do one thing nicely and fall short on everything else I need; like auto sorting, say if you wanted to stack your books in some sort of order (subject, author, date of purchase) but no decent collection of information so you have to manually enter all vital information. Or another may use a decent online D-base, but has not sorting capabilities. This one has it all, and the best news is it's all online, so I don't need to worry about downloading anything or loosing my data file. Great find, thanks Scott!

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