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Reading/Running Challenge

December 09, 2011 by Susan

     It's December in Nebraska and most people's fitness routines migrate indoors. But not if you're a runner - marathon registration began Dec. 1st and according to an article in the Lincoln Journal Star Monday December 5, more than 3,000 people have already registered and I was one of them.

     I love to run but I don't think anyone would ever call me a natural athlete. When I was a kid, my mom signed my younger sister and me up to play softball. My softball career lasted all of two years, I am ball shy - my natural inclination when a ball came flying towards me was to duck and cover. I can't hit, catch nor run very fast which did not make me a favorite on the team. My sister, who is half my size, loved softball and continues to play even today.  I started to run because it fit my schedule and I could do it by myself - no one is depending on me to save the game and if my pace is off, then I'm just out longer.

     This year, not only am I running my eighth half marathon, but I am also challenging people to match me in my training. I am going to post my half marathon training schedule online and I am challenging everyone to read the number of minutes equal to the number of miles that I have to run. So if I have a three mile run Monday January 8th, you only have to read for three minutes. Obviously for some people three minutes of reading will not be nearly enough, but sometimes when I visit a school for Teen Read Week, I'll talk to a reading class and for these students, reading is difficult and three minutes might seem like forever. But reading like running gets better with practice. So while I practice my running, I would like you to practice your reading.

    Over the weeks leading up to the marathon, I will post how my training is going and perhaps some of the thoughts that pass through my head as I'm running. And I'll probably mention a few books that I'm reading, just in case you are looking for something to read while you practice along with me.    


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