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Academy of Rock Concerts

October 26, 2007 by Karrie

The Academy of Rock is a super-cool program right here in Lincoln that helps get kids into bands.  And not just bands like the ones in school, but actual rock bands!  Check out their myspace page!  Here is the neatest part -- they are doing concerts at Libraries around town.  And it's absolutely free.  In fact, the library even has pop and sancks to eat as you listen.  In October the Academy of Rock performed at both the Eiseley Branch Library and the Anderson Branch Library.  But you still have a chance to catch them in November.  They will be at Gere Branch on November 2nd (from 7-8pm) and Walt Branch on the 9th (again from 7-8pm).  I got a chance to see them and it was well worth it.  They were really good.  I was impressed by their talent and the songs they played.  Go see them!

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emma said:
that sounded like so much fun! even though i couldn't go :(
Miranda said:
I couldn't make it to the Academy of Rock concert but i really wanted to come because i have heard really good things about the academy of rock!!!!!!!
Miley Cyrus said:
OMGOSH that is the awesomest ever rock out loud peepys
Niomi said:
hola library i wish i could have made academy of rock but i didnt boo hoo last night i trick or treated i was so awesome does carrie trick or treat
Sarahdp said:
The concert at Gere last night was PHENOMENAL! One more chance to see a show - This coming Friday 11/9 at Walt branch, 7:00-8:00. Plan on it!
Admin Comment
Karrie S. said:
The Lincoln Journal Star web reporter David Burge was on site to tape the highlights of the Academy of Rock contert at Anderson Branch library. This can be accessed at:
Check it out!
Sarah DP said:
One last chance to catch the show! The Academy performers will be at Walt Branch on Friday, November 9th from 7:00-8:00 p.m.. See you there!!

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