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Get Hooked on a Banned Book

September 28, 2007 by Karrie

Tomorrow begins Banned Books Week (September 29th through October 6th).  What does that mean?  Generally public libraries don’t ban any books.  But all over the country people challenge books they don’t think are appropriate for other people to read.  Often people have very strong opinions on what authors put in books and they don’t feel those books should be put into Public Libraries or Schools libraries.  We are reminded this time of year that we are lucky to live in a country where we have the first amendment, and therefore the freedom to read.  That also means we're all allowed to have opinons on books -- and most likely that means we won't like all of them. 

If you want to see the list of Most Challenged Books or learn more about Banned Books Week, check out the American Library Association’s website. 

Some of my favorite books are on that list, such as: The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things; A Child Called It; The Catcher in the Rye; and the Harry Potter books.  I understand what people find offensive about them, but I am also glad that I am allowed to read them!  Please let me know your thoughts on this!  Have there been any books which you have read that you thought shouldn’t be allowed in the library? 

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Lindy said:
I love the Harry Potter series because I really like to read books that have action, magic, and mild violince.(Like Redwall or any other books of that series.)One Halloween I was Hermione from the Harry Potter books. I saw the 5th movie and I thought it was good. I need to read all of the books but the first three.
Bob Kelso said:
I dont think that the Harry Potter books should be banned. I dont know what they are thinking when they ban them. I know it offends some people. But a very small percentage!
Lindsey said:
There is no reason for Catcher in the Rye to be banned in my opinion. I see more adult themes and hear more bad language in PG-13 movies.
poopalapatipa said:
wrong wrong wrong! i would know being a reporter.
ashtonbby_x3 said:
bull! unban a child called it. it shows the courage this poor little boy had and the will power. he was not going to let his mom just knock him down. he was going to continue to get back up everytime until he was free. he is a great rolemodel for kids in the same situation. for kids who feel like they're nothing. he is truly a hero. they should want other kids to see this. he is quite an admirable character. i'm amazed at how he handled that situation. kudos (:
lara said:
thats exactly what im saying btw u really helped me on my banned book project i really liked that opinion,
haleigh said:
thnx this really helped with my report on this amzin book

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