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Golden Sowers

September 11, 2007 by Karrie

Is anybody reading the Golden Sower nominees for this year?  There seem to be some really good choices.  I am trying to read them all – but I read pretty slowly, so it will take me a while.  Let me know if you’ve read any of them and what you thought.  Remember you only have to read 4 of the choices to vote.  Here is this year’s list of Young Adult Nominees:
  • The Perfect Shot (by Elaine Marie Alphin)
  • Code Talker (by Joseph Bruchac)
  • Code Orange (by Caroline B. Cooney)
  • Flush (by Carl Hiaasen)
  • The Lightening Thief (by Rick Riordan)
  • The Schwa was Here (by Neal Shusterman)
  • Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie (by Jordan Sonnenblick)
  • Uglies (by Scott Westerfeld)
  • Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083 (by Andrea White)
  • Black Storm Comin’ (by Diane Lee Wilson )

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Lindy said:
I have not read any of the books on the list but Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie was at our school book fair. It wasn't wonderful but it wasn't bad either from what I heard.
Kaitlin said:
I've read all of them. My favorite was the Uglies. I didn't really care for The Schaw was here and Black Storm Comin' but all the others I liked
Admin Comment
Karrie S. said:
I really liked the Uglies as well. Do you think our world be better or worse if we lived in a soceity where people became "pretty" at age 16? The book mentions that in this 'prefect society' there are no wars or anorexia. People aren't upset by what they look like, because in time they all look the same. On the other hand The Smokies fought against comformity. Can you think of anything our society does to make us conform? Maybe school uniforms?
Erin said:
I don't like the idea of conformity. Where's the fun in that? Even though our differences can sometimes create conflict, it's still better than all being the same. Even if we all look the same, we still have personalities and talents that make us unique. We should learn to respect one another's unique-ness and to resolve our conflicts peacefully.
Susan said:
I have not read the Uglies but a student of mine last year did and couldn't put it down. I usually read all of the GS but have not read any this year as I am switching schools, and I am not for sure if they promote them or not.

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