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Idol Craze?!

August 10, 2007 by Karrie

Well obviously I am sitting at my computer right now… and I have to work all day. But you know where I should be – waiting in line in Omaha, auditioning for American Idol and preparing for my future to change. What an opportunity! People started lining up on Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. (that’s too early for me). Then at around 8:00 this morning, people began the audition process – which apparently consists of several rounds. If you are good enough, only then are you allowed to sing in front of Simon, Randy and Paula – and from what I understand that doesn’t happen until later this fall. So they aren’t even in Nebraska right now.

So what I want to know is: How many of you watch American Idol? Is it still as good today as the first year? Can you believe this will be the seventh season? Do you think the talent is as good now, or even better? And do you love or hate those episodes in the beginning of the season where the judges just make fun of everyone? More importantly, did any of you audition? Do you know anyone who did? Friends? Relatives? Did you get to wait in line with them? We want to hear stories!

Honestly, I watch some years more than others. I suppose that depends on who makes it into the final rounds, how much time I have to waste on useless TV and what night of the week I have to work at the library. They don’t let me watch American Idol on work time you know – maybe you guys could try to get that changed!!!

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keera said:
teen advisory board is the best thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Code94 said:
ok heres a story, I was like, really tired and then I looked at the TV guide and I figured that I'd actually rather watch like Mr. Rogers then American Idol.
Ross Pickel said:
Teen advisory is the very very very very very very very very best thing to do because i am in it.
Delicia said:
Karrie is awesome! She will be great when she auditions! So nobody but her down our you're going to be a sorry person!
Ross Pickel said:
Karrie is going to be like Karrie Underwood. Yeah right!
Miranda said:
She is totally going to rock like Carrie Underwood, ROSS!!!!!!!!!!
emma19 said:
i love american idol!!!!!! i hope this season doesnt have another sinjaia!!!!!!!
Lindy said:
I absolutely HATE American Idol. Simon is always saying "That was the awfullest singing I've ever heard. Please get out of my sight!" I don't like it when someone tells me I don't do something well. I would really like to see Simon sing. Let us see how good he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha!!!!!!!!!

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