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New "Susan's Speculations" Booklist Newsletter!!

September 16, 2010 by sdc

Looking for some good reading suggestions every month? Check out the new Susan's Speculations booklist newsletter, from Eiseley Branch's teen specialist, Susan S. -- you know her -- the lady with the way-cool glasses who can't stop recommending quirky teen reads!

Every month, she'll share entertaining commentary and some great book recommendations that should appeal to teens and adults alike. Susan's Speculations is part of the libraries' Books, Movies & More newsletter service...where you can sign up for over 30 different monthly booklist newsletters, delivered to you by e-mail or RSS feed.

Click the links to stop by and check out the latest issue of Susan's Speculations!

Note: If you already subscribed to the Teen Scene newsletter, then you're already subscribed to Susan's Speculations. If you aren't already subscribed to Teen Scene, it will continue on its own, as a short list of new teen fiction each month, without Susan's commentaries.

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