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New issue of "The Customer Snapshot" features two TAB members!

December 23, 2012 by sdc

The December issue of the Customer Snapshot booklist-style newsletter is out, and features profiles of two of Bennett Martin Public LIbrary's Teen Advisory Board -- Miranda and Jake.

You can also check out the March 2012 issue, which featured TAB members Erin, Amanda and Carlie, and the December 2010 issue, that featured Elanor J., also from the Bennett Martin TAB group.

You can subscribe to the Customer Snapshot newsletter, as well as over 30 other monthly newsletters at our Sign Up Page. Here's a few that might appeal to Teens:

  • Susan's Speculations - written by Susan S. - the teen specialist a the Eiseley Branch
  • Teen Scene - promoting anywhere from 5 to 20 new Teen novels each month

You can see back issues of Susan's Speculations, Customer Snapshot, and several other newsletters at our Back Issues Page.

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