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News in the Inheritance Series

November 09, 2007 by Karrie

Finally, news on the Inhertance series.  Many of of you have read Eragon and Eldest by Christopher Paolini and have now been waiting patiently for the third in the series.  Well, they have finally announced a date: September 23rd 2008!  Not only that, but Paolini has said that there will be a fourth book out as well.  Apparently he had so much story left that he won't be able to fit it into 3 volumes.  How many of you are waiting for the 3rd book?  Any predictions on what might happen?  Does next September seem like a long time away or what?  Check out the Inheritance website for more information.

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michael said:
i think that saphira will die either in the third or fourth part of the book after which eragon will come away with the remaining elves after a great war leaving alagesia in the hands of ajihad's daughter(sorry forgot bout her)
Scott said:
The publishers just announced the title of the third volume. It will be called "Brisingr".
Sam said:
I've just started reading Eldest and I hope that Murhtagh is in it.I really liked his character.
Tibberlichus Nippercus said:
Yikes! Murtagh certainly does play a role in "Eldest."
Karen said:
Murtagh is evil!
jt said:
The Inheritance cycle was originally planned as a trilogy. In an October 30, 2007 press release, Paolini revealed that the third book would have been so large that it would need to be published in two volumes.[3] Brisingr is scheduled to be released on September 20, 2008;[1] release outside the United States will follow.[4] Book four's release date is unknown.

Regarding the title, Paolini said, "'Brisingr' is one of the first words I thought of for this title, and its always felt right to me. As the first ancient-language word that Eragon learns, it has held particular significance for his legacy as a Dragon Rider. In this new book, it will be revealed to be even more meaningful than even Eragon could have known.[1] "Brisingr" is the Ancient Language word for "fire", used to summon and control fire by magic-users in the series.

The cover, featuring the gold dragon Glaedr, was illustrated by John Jude Palencar. The content of the cover was one of the few things initially confirmed by Paolini. The cover was to feature an emerald-green dragon looking to the right.[5] However, Paolini later indicated that this was affected by the expansion of the series to a four-book cycle, but did not explain the change at the time.[6]

[edit] Content
kevin said:
Saphira is a main character she probably wont die
Dan said:
i'm so glad that there is gonna be a 4th book i love the series. and i have a few spoilers but they are very long so i wont put them up. but i doubt saphira will die....

(the spoilers are about eragons new weapon and how the king and murtagh get their poewr)
becca said:
the inheritance series is amazing.there should be at least ten books instead of four.keep up the good work christopher.
christopher P. said:
HI, i would wish to say i sish i could write more books (i mite) ( saphira gets preg. has only one egg witch has never happened before. arya shows eragon dragon Family tree. Eragon finds out that the least amount of eggs ever was 3 and the most was 7. saphiras mate is the unborn dragon yes yes yes i know the other egg was not a girl there is no way to tell. dragons are aware of what hapans around them while they are in there eggs and can output false info.) The rider of the unknown dragon is the darf king. but the the darfs fight and the king dies and arya takes his place. the unborn dragon is green and its name is ernik (ER-NICK). arya gets the green sword that eragon refused in the end of the 3rd book. Eragon kills murtagh but thorn stays alive his true name changes.
thorn then wants to help arya and eragon so he lets blodhgarm be his rider. as soon as blodhgarm becomes the hider he is so over wellmed with power that he thinks about killing himself.
All of the harts of harts go to eragon and arya (they are weaker). They go and slaughter gaulbatoricks without killing eny of there soldiers. They all live hapiliy everafter. at the end there is a flash-forward were Eragon and arya get maried. saphira and ernik have one more egg and its rider is roran. the dragons name is hentora(female). It has 4 eggs with thorn.

names will be rider

sora-female-white rorans kid

syylla-female-red eragons kid

brinsop-male-gold male elf child

britsan-male-gray female elf child
john said:
chris,when does the third book come out?
smith said:
brom is erogons father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tao said:
I cant wait
wente said:
whens the fourth book comin out, i love the series and CANT wait to read the 4th book
john said:
the third book(brisingr) is already out you can find it at walmart. does anyone have any news on the fourth?
john said:
i am sorry, i meant when is the fourth coming out?
Tamara said:
Eragon maries Arya! :( I don't like her.

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