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Pimp my Bookcart!???

October 31, 2007 by Karrie

Sometimes wacky library-types get together and think up fun contests for library staff and their patrons to participate in.  Well this one takes the cake.  There is an annual contest to Pimp my Bookcart.  Get it -- it's a spin-off of Pimp my Ride, but for those more literary types!  The Teen Advisory Board at Eiseley library decided they were up to the challenge.  So they worked together to come up with the pimp-est bookcart they could.  Here is the result:

What do you think?  Do they have a chance of winning?  Is this something that all libraries should participate in next year?  What are your ideas for pimping a bookcart??

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Miranda said:
I definately think pimping a bookcart would be fun. I'm sure the Anderson library teen advisory board could come up with something pretty cool because of all our crazy ideas.
Maria said:
I love the lower rider theme and that little statue of the Virgin Mary is just what it needed.
Lovina said:
emma said:
that sounds so fun to pimp your bookcart the picture of it looks so cool
Ganna said:
Pimping up my bookcarts is the coolest idea you go for it
Admin Comment
Karrie S. said:
Do you have any cool ideas? What could we make the bookcart into? Do a google search for "pimp my bookcart" and you'll see lots of neat designs.
Rachel Schartz said:
bookcarts are coolio-lio!!
Bob Kelso said:
Pimp My Bookcart..... Don't mind if I do. This is a great idea and you can come up with some pretty crazy ideas for the bookcart. I hope every library in the nation gets into it.
Elliot Reed said:
Yeah-is there a contest you can enter these in on a national level ?
Lindy said:
I think we could think up some really crazy stuff to decorate it with. Like we could make it from the 60's or from the future. I also think that you could make a theme for it.
Derrick said:
I'm pretty sure this is on a national level or I thought it was. I helped with this cart, but have any of the other libraries done one yet or is this the only one shown? I think that ALL libraries should do it. If you did it that way then maybe the whole branch of LCL could choose the best and submit the pictures, but it'd also be just as fun the way it is now
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Karrie S. said:
I think that is exactly what we should do! Next year before the deadline, all of the branches of Lincoln City Libraries should get their local teens to make a bookcart. Then we could all enter, or we could have a Lincoln competition to see which entry we should send to the "national" level! Since we have an entire year now, keep brainstorming ideas!
Cat said:
It is a competition, provided there are sponsors. But in fairness, give credit to the people who started it - A great web comic about libraries where Pimp My Bookcart started and where the contest is held.
Kase A. said:
"Dad, what is a pimp?"
"Uh well son that is a tricky question."
"Why do they drive strange cars?"
"Uh well son I uh think I'll let your mom explain it. Let's get our books."
Perhaps another idea would be more appropriate for a library.

Cat said:
Considering that 'pimp my (whatever)' has dominated current pop culture for the last few years, I think the concept is very good for a library. And perhaps you could just explain what its about instead of trying to leave it to 'mom'. Pimp has gone from a noun referring to someone who 'manages' prostitutes to a verb meaning to 'trick out' 'make fancy' and 'super customize'.

The Pimp My Bookcart contest has been an interesting experience for a lot of people, allowing them to think beyond the normal boundaries.
Scott said:
I really have a hard time with this one. Why "pimp"? Why not "Tricked out"? Just because MTV promotes the commercialization of "pimping rides"? What's next? A Lincoln City Library "wife-beater" tshirt contest?!
Cat said:
Hey, I have an idea! Let's bring in a pimp or 2 as a guest speakers-- its a legitimate career track for the budding entrepreneur... The guest pimp can explain the difference between a real pimp (like himself) and what it means to "pimp their ride." (We could even pay for it with public funds!)
Cat S said:
For the record, the 11/15/2007 Cat is not the same as the 11/07 or the 11/07 Cat.
Concerned Citizen said:
As a local graduate professor, citizen, and patron of the local library system, I am absolutely shocked and disgusted that city employees think that this is a way to get young people interested in the library system. Maybe you should look up the word in a dictionary in one of the local libraries and ponder the situation a bit. Pimping your 'ride' is a reference to making your car look like one driven by a pimp. Thus if you want to 'pimp' your cart, and educate the children about what this word means (something I hope would be at least of some interest to the local library system), then you would have to put on the cart the filth of the porn industry, but do it on your own tax dollars, not mine. Does the mayor know about this?
Daniele S said:
I love this idea. The wording may be a little off, but the idea is still the same. It's an old cart given a new look, and the supplies cost less than a tank of gas. Pimping out a vehicle requires more labor, not high schoolers, and the library isn't talking about putting suicide doors and a new bass system on a book cart.

Personally, the term "pimp" is one of less reputable credit these days, but the original meaning was actually "small bundle of sticks" which is to say that modern society has made a mockery of the word, not the library system.

I wouldn't mind a different term to appease the crowds, "Tricking Out" a good alternative, Scott mentioned. A wife-beating t-shirt contest wouldn't make it past the volunteers, either.
Hedon said:
As I am not of this generation. I had not heard of and did know what pimp car was. I found by reading "how shocked the local graduate professor, citizen, and patron of the local library system, I am absolutely shocked and disgusted that city employ etc." Shocked is taking the word pimp as in the dictionary. The question is what does pimping mean to the people using pimp auto etc. I know that this like other sayings will be gone like SNOFU WW II, "Killroy was here", will be gone replaced by sometrhing else. Is "skins" gone? Skins cart could be used to keep some people happy.
FYI! The Lincoln library system did NOT choose the name of the national contest. If you think it is such a big deal to have this "pimp" name, you should take it up with the person who created this contest. PLEASE DON'T BLAME LINCOLN LIBRARIES! We the TAB decided this would be sort of fun to do. Again, LCL had nothing to do with the title of the NATIONAL contest!!!!

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