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Summer Fun

May 28, 2009 by Karrie

Summer is almost here and I want to be sure that you know how many fun things are going on at the library just for teens.  As always, there is the Teen Reading program.  We want you to visit the library four times this summer in June and July and we want you to read.  That's all.  And if you visit us four times and read 1500 pages we have some awesome prizes for you.  There is a free meal at Chipotle, a skate zone pass, a pool pass, a free saltdogs game, an edge skate park pass, and a free Academy of Rock concert at the end of the summer. 

But there's even more than that going on at the library this summer.  There are lots of great events.  There are crafty things: scrapbooking, bottlecap necklackes, duct tape projects, friendship bracelets, chair decorating, drawing manga, hardware jewelry and more.  There's also things for you tech-savvy people: film festivals, wii games, guitar hero, dance dance revolution.  And there's just all around cool programs like: creative hair designs, TeenProv, several Academy of Rock concerts, chess lessons and tournaments, and Twilight Trivia.

As if all that weren't enough we have some great bookgroups too.  Come hang out with your favorite teen librarians, at your favorite branch and read some great books.  All the information on these groups or these programs can be found online (you already found our website) or in the orage flyer at your  local library. 

I hope to see all of you at the library this summer!


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