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Teen Advisory Boards

August 28, 2007 by Karrie

We need you to help make the library an excellent place for teens. We need your opinions on the kind of books we should buy, the magazines we should order and the decorating we do in our Teen areas. Have you ever wanted to make a difference at your library? Well, then you’ll want to be involved in our Teen Advisory Boards. 
Here are a few of the things the Lincoln City Libraries Teen Advisory Boards did last year:
  • We went to Barnes and Noble on a Paperback buying trip. There we got to select tons of books we thought teens would enjoy.
  • We sent Valentines to the residents of local retirement centers.
  • We helped paint shelving so the teen area would look cooler!
  • We wrote letters to the Library Administration explaining why we thought we should be allowed to show PG-13 movies at Teen Movie Nights (it worked!)
  • Several of us volunteered at the library.
  • We helped preschoolers with crafts at special storytimes.
  • We performed Reader’s Theater for our friends and families.
  • We helped plan several programs for teens, including: Knitting, Mario Kart Tournaments, Board Game days, Movie Nights, and an Art Show.
  • We helped label a lot of young adult paperbacks so they’d be easier to find and keep in order.
Our Teen Advisory Boards are small groups that meet once a month. Three libraries currently have boards and you can join at whichever one is closest to you, or whichever time works best.
The Anderson Branch Library meets the first Thursday of the month at 7:00pm and begins on September 6th.
The Gere Branch Library meets the fourth Monday of the month at 4:00pm and begins on September 24th.
The Eiseley Branch Library’s board begins on Monday September 17th at 4:30pm; attend the first meeting to decide on meeting times. 
Here’s the best part: besides making a great impact at your library, and hanging out with other cool teens, the librarians always bring snacks! All the fun will be starting up soon, so make sure to contact the branch closest to you if you are interested.

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reader said:
i don't have e-mail but i think th library should buy more Sweet Valley(S.V High or S.V University their are many different sweet vally type books) books and Fearless series books both these series are by francine pascal
Code94 said:
Ok well the last day of school isnt never my faveorite, so i dont know who said that Ahhhh the first day of school thing but HA! is laugh at them
Miranda said:
I love the first day of school. I get to see all my friends that i missed lots over the summer. I also get to wear all my new clothes. I also don't like the first day because it means i have to get up early and not sleeping in!!!!!!!!!!
keera said:
this is the fun stuff here
Kaleigh & Lindy said:
It rocks!-Kaleigh
I hope we do some kind of crafts like when you painted the bookshelves last year.-Lindy
Well I hope we go to Barnes & Noble. It's my third favorite place.-Kaleigh
We hope this will be lots of ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Kaleigh and Lindy
Emma said:
i hope we go to barnes& nobel too!! it would be so fun also get to decorate the carts too!!
Emma said:
i went last night and it was crazy!!! it was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
dncr12 said:
The teen advisory board is sooooo fun! You make lots of friends and do lots of fun stuff!!

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