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January 18, 2008 by Karrie


Tomorrow I am leaving on vacation.  I am flying out to California for a week.  I will be spending time in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  It's gonna be at least 55 degrees the whole time I am there!

Where's the best vacation you have ever taken?  Let's all think about warm places we could be, while it's only 10 degrees here!

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Lindy said:
My best vacation was to Maui, Hawaii! The weather was beautiful every day. We went with my aunt and her daughter (my cousin). We went to the beach across the street from our condo to go boogie boarding, went on the road to Hauna,(very sickeningly and curvy, on a mountain!) and down to the pool which felt like bath water the weather was so warm. I could go on and on but I'll stop here.
Lindy said:
My aunt and cousin live in San Fransico! (Mind you WE had to fly in a plane that the seats only go back 3/4ths of an inch for 9 hours! They only had to fly for about 3 or 4. AND we flew to Chicago then to Maui. Next time I think we'll pay the higher price and get there two hours sooner. That is if we ever go again. I'll stop again!)
sillyme said:
Louisiana and Alabama are tied.
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Karrie S. said:
It rained almost every day I was there! Some days it just sprinkled, but other days it poured!!!
Guess I'll have to go back sometime when the sun is out.

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