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April 03, 2009 by Karrie

Summer's coming - time to Volunteer!
Check with your local branch or your school library to get the forms you need to fill out to become a Summer Reading Volunteer...or print from here: We'll be starting the signup on April 15th.

In celebration of Volunteers, be sure to watch for the "Continuing Adventures of Library Girl & Volunteer Boy" which is coming soon to the LCL Teen Page. The movie will have a very different look this it is being filmed entirely by members of the Teen Advisory Board. That's right, we're a bit less 'professional' this year, and a bit more 'youtube-esque'. But the script is a hoot, and the outtakes are even funnier.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO BE AN EXTRA IN THE FILM ... show up at Gere Branch Library (2400 So. 56th St.) on Saturday, April 4th at 2:00 and ask for Sarah or Diane. You'll need a parent to sign a permission slip for you to be filmed, and you can join the ARMY OF ZOMBIES!! Snacks and goofy fun are planned. Hope to see you there!!

-- Sarah

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