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Wanna be a Volunteer this Summer?

April 17, 2008 by Karrie

Hey middle-schoolers:

If you are going into grades 6-8 next fall, and you're interested in helping out at the library during the summer, then the library needs you.

We're looking for Summer Reading Volunteers.  You know: the teens who help hand out the stickers to the little kids.  The ones who listen to them tell jokes, and help sign everyone up for the program in the first place.  Sometimes there are other tasks the librarians have you do, but it's all about helping with the Summer Reading Program.

To sign up you'll want to go to the branch at which you want to volunteer to sign up for a time slot.  You'll have to fill out an application (and get your parents to sign it).  You will also need to attend a training session, but they'll explain all that when you sign up. 

Ask if you have any questions, and if you've been a volunteer in the past and want to say what a cool experience it was: post it here!!

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Lindy said:
*I thought it was really fun. The kids who are like four are really cute.
*I had to ride my bike so the ac in the building is really nice.
*One suggestion - after the first three weeks there started to be less people coming and I sat there for my two hours, just sitting. On the laptop you should have some kind of entertainment like games or something. :) ! (:
its fun said said:
it is fun,but it is kinda boring, so my suggestion is sign up for the teen summer reading program and then you can either bring a book, or you can get one before your shift, then you could get more pages on your log.

it is fun to have the cute little kids tell you not really funny jokes and have them sing "itsy bitsy spider too."
a random girl said:
the little kids are so cute they are like the cutest and I think the doing this is a
lot of fun and im glad we have the laptop!
Lindsay said:
Its fun to be a volunteer because it gives you something to do, you get rewarded if you've done a good job, it gives you expierence, and you get to meet new people! Give it a try Im sure you'll like it!!

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