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Who's going to see Twilight

November 20, 2008 by Karrie

Who is going to see Twilight???? Are you going to the midnight screening? (I'm going Saturday!)

Once you've seen it - we'd love to see your thoughts/reviews here - was it worth the hype?

And most crucially...are you Team Jacob? or Team Edward?

-- Sarah

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Kate Cookston said:
OMG!!!!! I am SUPER excited to see Twiligh I have read all the books and i'm totally obsessed!!!!! I am going on friday night!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
kendra said:
I absolutely loved all of the books and the movie. I saw the movie opening night at midnight I think that it made the movie feel more twilightish, I don't know who I liked more, Edward or Jake. I really can't wait until New Moon comes out!!!!!
catherine! said:
omg it was suuuuch a good movie!! i've seen it 5 times and plan on watching it again!! it was amazing and im definetly on team edward!
hes hot too!
Marie said:
omg i went so many times i have lost track. And i am on team edward and JACOB hotties =]
Kaitlyn said:
I saw it twice in the same week!!! Yes it was awesome except there were a lot of freeze frame type stuff. i was team Edward before i saw the movie now i could care less. My favorite dude is James!!!!
Crytal said:
Twilight is awsome!!!!!!!!! i've seen the movie. And I can't wait until the New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn come out!!!!!!!!!
Grace said:
I haven't seen the movie. o . o I've heard from a lottt of people that the movie is both good and bad. You now those movies they show in school that are kinda cheesy and weird? Someone I know said that thattt was what it was like. But I am allll for team Edward! :]

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