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Winter Break!!!

December 23, 2007 by Karrie

Winter Break might just be the best time of year!!!  You probably all get at least a week off of school, some of you might get two whole weeks off.  There is snow on the ground if you want to go sledding, the lakes are frozen over if you're the ice-skating type.  And the weather is going to be pretty swell the next week (swell for Nebraska in winter I mean).  How lucky are you?!?  How are you going to spend your winter break?

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Jen said:
Now that all my relatives have left town, I am planning on hanging out with my friends and reading magazines at the library!
Mike said:
playing with my new Guitar Hero!!!!
Lindy said:
I'm saying what I did after break was over. I stayed home a lot and I didn't really go any where. I did get an I-Pod Shuffle from my aunt and a gift certificate for I-Tunes from my other aunt. It was really nice to not go to school for a while though. Happy Belated Christmas!
Lindy said:
I love ice skating! I skate at the ice box because 1)the outside is waaaay toooooo cold and 2)there's no other place to skate. But they are (the city) planing to build a TWO RINK ice rink with an out side one as well. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL 2009! That's when it's suppose to be done.
Crytal said:
Spend my time with the Twilight book.

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