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Inspired by Each Other

May 28, 2009 by PatLeach

At this week's Management Team meeting, we began by sharing stories of when we'd been recently inspired by something that happened at the library.

I was struck by how many of the events that people mentioned were exchanges between internal customers.  Two people pointed to the good work of our Virtual Services department, responded quickly and courteously to their requests for help.  Others mentioned the good work of the Grubb & Ellis staff person assigned to their locations.  Our new contact at the City Law department also drew kudos.

These stories underscore the impact of treating each other well at work.   The motivation and inspiration that we provide for each other not only makes our days brighter, but I'm pretty sure that it helps us get more done.  I recognize that we're providing more and more service, with fewer and fewer staff.  Providing excellent service to our internal customers, to each other, allows us to do that with grace.

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