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About the Winter Reading Challenge

Winter Reading Challenge
Billionaire investor and “Shark Tank” personality Mark Cuban has announced his sponsorship of the inaugural Beanstack Winter Reading Challenge in support of local libraries. Cuban has challenged close to 100 libraries all over the country to meet a collective goal of reading at least 1.3 million minutes and 55,000 books during the month of January. If achieved, Cuban pledges to donate $25,000 to First Book, a nonprofit that provides new books, learning materials, and other essentials to children in need. He will also give $10,000 for top-performing libraries to use for their community programs or donate to nonprofit organizations in their area.

Lincoln often lands on top 10 lists in various categories. Can Lincoln be one of the cities with the highest “reading rate” in the country?

After reaching our original 100,000 minutes logged in the first FOUR days of the challenge, we’ve raised the bar: let’s see if we can reach 500,000 minutes read and logged during the month of January 2018! Start your New Year’s reading resolution by enrolling in the Winter Reading Challenge and help Lincoln win the title for most minutes read!

If Lincoln wins the challenge, the $10,000 will support the Begin with Books program which provides free, high quality books to young, low-income children.

If you already have a Beanstack account, it’s easy to enroll and start logging minutes. If not, enroll yourself by following the easy prompts at, or visit your branch library and our staff will get you started. Paper booklets for keeping track of your reading time are available. Reading time must be recorded on the Beanstack site by January 31, 2018, to qualify for the challenge.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Challenge.