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Genealogy Mysteries

genmysparchMysteries featuring specific themes have proven to be very popular in recent years. One recurring theme which has been a fan favorite is mysteries featuring a genealogical theme…either with a genealogist as the sleuth, or with the mystery story focusing on a tale involving genealogy, heirs and/or family history. The following list of titles is made up of mysteries featuring either a setting or plot with a genealogy theme, or a genealogist as the primary protagonist. 

All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department.

Robert Barnard

At Death’s Door [1988]Graveyard Position [2004]

Rita Mae Brown

Murder at Montecello, or, Old Sins [1994]Riding Shotgun [1996]

Jan Burke

Bloodlines [2005]

Jill Churchill

From Here to Paternity [1995]

Mary Daheim

Major Vices [1995]The Apline Escape [1995]

Sandra Dallas

New Mercies [2005]

Jo Dereske

Miss Zukas and the Raven’s Dance [1996]

K.J. Erickson

Dead Survivors [2002]

Anne George

Murder Runs in the Family [1997]

Martha Grimes

The Horse You Came In On [1993]

Parnell Hall

Last Puzzle and Testment [2000]

Janis Harrison

Murder Sets Seed [2000]

Carolyn G. Hart

Southern Ghost [1992]

Joan Hess

Death By the Light of the Moon [1992]Holly Jolly Murder [1997]

Jane Aiken Hodge

A Death in Two Parts [2000]

P.D. James

Innocent Blood [2001]

Brenda Joyce

The Third Heiress [1999]

Alanna Knight

Blood Line [1989]

Kathleen Kunz

Murder Once Removed [1993]

Graham Landrum

The Famous DAR Murder Mystery [1992]The Historical Society Murder Mystery [1996]

E.L. Larkin

Hear My Cry [1997]Die and Die [1998]Hear Me Die [1998]Dead Men Die [1998]

Chris Larsgaard

The Heir Hunter [2005]

Elizabeth Lowell

Always Time to Die [2005]

Rett MacPherson

Family Skeletons [1997]A Veiled Antiquity [1998]A Comedy of Heirs [1999]A Misty Mourning [2000]Killing Cousins [2002]Blood Relations [2003]In Sheep’s Clothing [2004]Thicker Than Water [2005]Dead Man Running [2006]Died in the Wool [2007]The Blood Ballad [2008]

Lee Martin

Inherited Murder [1994]Genealogy of Murder [1996]

Sharyn McCrumb

Sick of Shadows [1984]Highland Laddie Gone [1986]Paying the Piper [1988]The Windsor Knot [1990]Missing Susan [1991]MacPherson’s Lament [1992]If I’d Killed Him When I Met Him [1995]The PMS Outlaws [2000]

Ralph McInerny

Heirs and Parents [2000]Blood Ties [2005]

Fiona Mountain

Pale as the Dead [2002]Bloodline [2006]

Elisabeth Ogilvie

The Silent Ones [1981]

Charles Palliser

The Quincunx [1989]

Deanna Raybourn

Silent in the Grave [2007]

Jose Saramago

All the Names [2000]

Dorothy Sayers

Unnatural Death (a.k.a. The Dawson Pedigree) [1955]

Patricia Sprinkle

Death on the Family Tree [2005]

Sarah Stewart Taylor

O’ Artful Death [2003]Mansions of the Dead [2004]Judgment of the Grave [2006]

Josephine Tey

Brat Farrar [1950]

Charles Todd

The Murder Stone [2003]

Judith Van Gieson

The Stolen Blue [2000]

Dan Waddell

The Blood Detective [2007]

Patricia Tichenor Westfall

Mother of the Bride [1998]

Eric Wright

Death on the Rocks [1999]

Laurali Wright

Mother Love [1995]

Fans of genealogical mysteries may also find titles of interest to them in our Forensic Fiction booklist, which includes sections dealing with archaeologists and other historians digging into the past to solve mysteries.

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Adapted for the Web Mar 2005 sdc — Last updated: September 2009 rs