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War Stories


Interested in adventures set during the Trojan War? Want a good novel set during the Crimean War? Do you thrill to the military adventures of soldiers, sailors and fighter pilots from any or all war-time eras? Then perhaps you’ll be interested in this extensive list of “War Stories” fiction, set from 1200 B.C. through the 2000s. The majority of the novels, short story collections or anthologies on this list focus on war-time stories involving military personnel (a.k.a. “military fiction”), with a few pure “adventure” novels thrown in. We have not included mystery novels with war-time settings in this list.

The library owns literally thousands of novels of war-time action, set during nearly every war known to man. This list merely scratches the surface…identifying some popular “War Stories” that have stood the test of time, as well as more recent fare from within the past 20 years or so. Most of the following novels are “stand alones”, while many are entries in on-going series. We’ve included a few titles in this list which are not currently owned by the Lincoln City Libraries, just to highlight some classics that may have gone out-of-print. All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department. To see lists of additional titles, do a Subject Search in our online catalog, using the name of the war followed by “– Fiction” (i.e. “Napoleonic Wars — Fiction” ). This is especially true in the categories of World War I, World War II and Vietnam War fiction.

War Stories

Use the following index links to jump straight to a particular section of this list:

The Trojan War [circa 1200 B.C.] The Russian Revolution [1917-1921] The Crusades [1096-late 1200s] The Spanish Civil War [1936-1939] The Hundred Years War [1339-1453] World War II [1939-1945] The Seven Years War [1756-1763] The Korean War [1950-1953] The American Revolutionary War [1775-1783] 
The Cold War [1950s to the 1980s] The Napoleonic Wars [1800-1815] The Vietnamese Conflict [1961-1975] The War of 1812 [1812-1815] The Persian Gulf War [1991] The Crimean War [1853-1856] The Yugoslav War [1991-1995] The American Civil War [1861-1865] The Iraq War [2003] The Franco-Prussian War [1870-1871] World War III [near future military/technothrillers] The Spanish-American War [1898] War in Science Fiction settings
The Anglo-Boer War [1899-1902] General Works involving War
World War I [1914-1918]  

The Trojan War [circa 1200 B.C.]

Charles Rowan Beye — Odysseus: A Life [2004] Marion Zimmer Bradley — The Firebrand [1987] Linda Cargill — To Follow the Goddess [1991] Sarah B. Franklin — Daughter of Troy: A Novel of History, Valor and Love [1998] Mark Merlis — An Arrow’s Flight [1998] Phillip Parotti — The Greek Generals Talk [1986] — The Trojan Generals Talk: A Memoir of the Greek War [1988] Barry Unsworth — The Songs of the Kings [2003] Virgil — The Aeneid [uncertain]

The Crusades [1096-late 1200s]

Gillian Bradshaw — The Wolf Hunt [2001] Linda Chaikin — Swords and Scimitars [1993] Evan S. Connell — Deus lo Volt! A Chronicle of the Crusades [2000] Umberto Eco — Baudolino [2002] Michael Alexander Eisner — The Crusader [2001] Cecilia Holland — Jerusalem [1996] Stephen R. Lawhead — The Iron Lance [1998] James Patterson & Andrew Gross — The Jester [2003] Stephen J. Rivelle — A Booke of Days: A Novel of the Crusades [1996] Robert Shea — The Saracen: Land of the Infidel [1989] Susan Shwartz — Cross and Crescent [1997] Judith Tarr — The Dagger and the Cross [1991] — Pride of Kings [2001] Leslie Turner White — The Winged Sword [1955] Frank Yerby — The Saracen Blade [1952]


The 100 Years War [1339-1453]

Bernard Cornwell — The Archer’s Tale [2001] — Heretic [2003] — Vagabond [2002] Arthur Conan Doyle — The White Company [1891] Hella Haasse — In a Dark Wood Wandering [1989 translation]

The Seven Years War [1756-1763]

James Fenimore Cooper — The Last of the Mohicans [1826] — The Pathfinder [1839] Harold Coyle — Savage Wilderness [1987] Robert Moss — The Firekeeper [1995] Beverly Swerling — Shadowbrook: A Novel of Love, War and the Birth of America [2004]

American Revolutionary War [1775-1783]

Harriette Simpson Arnow — The Kentucky Trace [1978] Johnny D. Bogg — The Despoilers [2002] James Boyd — Drums [1928] Christian Cameron — Washington and Caesar [2004] Jimmy Carter — The Hornet’s Nest [2003] Ron Carter — Our Sacred Honor [1998] Winston Churchill — Richard Carvel [1914] James Fenimore Cooper — Red Rover [unknown] Bernard Cornwell — Redcoat [1987] Walter D. Edmonds — Drums Along the Mohawk [1936] Earl Faine — Green Mountain Man: The Odyssey of Ethan Allen [1997] Howard Fast — April Morning [1961] — The Hessian [1972] — Seven Days in June [1994] — The Unvanquished [1942] Thomas J. Fleming — Dreams of Glory [1983] — Liberty Tavern [1976] Inglis Fletcher — Toil of the Brave [1978] Esther Forbes — Johnny Tremain [1943] Robert H. Fowler — Jeremiah Martin [1989] Janice Holt Giles — The Kentuckians [unknown] Harvey Haislip — Sea Road to Yorktown [1960] MacKinlay Kantor — Valley Forge [1975] Alexander Kent — The “Richard Bolitho” series [1975-present] Katherine Kurtz — Two Crowns for America [1996] Dewey Lambdin — The King’s Coat [1989] Bruce Lancaster — Blind Journey [1953] William Martin — Citizen Washington [1999] Van Wyck Mason — Guns for Rebellion [1977] Patrick McGrath — Martha Peake: A Novel of the Revolution [2000] Stephen Molstad — The Patriot (based on the screenplay by Robert Rodat) [2000] Kenneth Roberts — Arundel [1933] Jeff Shaara — The Glorious Cause [2002] — Rise to Rebellion [2001] Edouard Stackpole — Nantucket Rebel [1963] Beverly Swerling — City of Dreams [2001] David Taylor — Lights Across the Delaware [1954] James Alexander Thom — Long Knife [1976] Agnes Sligh Turnbull — The Day Must Dawn [1942]


Napoleonic Wars [1800-1815]

Bernard Cornwell — The “Sharpe” series
C.S. Forester — The “Horatio Hornblower” series
Alexander Kent — The “Richard Bolitho” series
Dewey Lambdin — The “Alan Lewrie” series
Patrick O’Brian — The “Aubrey-Maturin” series
Dudley Pope — The “Ramage” series
Patrick Rambaud — The Battle [1997] Rafael Sabatini — The Snare [1917] Robert Louis Stevenson — St. Ives: Being the Adventures of a French Prisoner in England [1897] William Makepeace Thackery — Vanity Fair [1890s] Leo Tolstoy — War and Peace [unknown] Barry Unsworth — Losing Nelson [1999] Richard Woodman — The “Nathaniel Drinkwater” series
Jay Worrall — Sails on the Horizon [2005]

The War of 1812 [1812-1815]

Eric Flint — The Rivers of War [2005] Robert H. Fowler — Voyage to Honor [1996] Robert Jordan — The Fallon Pride [1981] Willard Mosher Wallace — Jonathan Dearborn [1967]

Crimean War [1853-1856]

Beryl Bainbridge — Master Georgie [1998] Emma Drummond — Forget the Glory [1985] George MacDonald Fraser — Flashman at the Charge [1973] Catherine Gavin — The Fortress [1964] Gilbert Morris — God’s Handmaiden [2004] Douglas Reeman — Badge of Glory [1982] Ivan Turgenev — On the Eve [1859]


American Civil War [1861-1865]

Richard George Adams
Traveller [1988] Chris Adrian
Gob’s Grief [2000] Howard Bahr
The Year of Jubilo [2000] Kevin Baker
Paradise Alley [2002] Allen B. Ballard
Where I’m Bound [2000] John Calvin Batchelor
American Falls [1985] Fred Bean
Lorena [1996] Ambrose Bierce
Tales of Soldiers and Civilians and Other Stories [1891] James Carlos Blake
Wildwood Boys [2000] Geraldine Brooks
March [2005] Dee Brown
Conspiracy of Knaves [1986] Frederick Busch
The Night Inspector [1999] Max Byrd
Grant [2000] Winston Churchill
The Crisis [1901] Bernard Cornwell
The “Starbuck Chronicles” series
Harold Coyle
Look Away [1995] Until the End [1996] Stephen Crane
The Red Badge of Courage [unknown] Barbara Croft
Moon’s Crossing [2003] Jack Cummings
Rebels West! [1987] Jack Dann
The Silent [1998] Tom Dyja
Play for a Kingdom [1997] Berry Fleming
The Affair at Honey Hill [1981] Thomas J. Fleming
When This Cruel War is Over [2001] Shelby Foote
Shiloh [1952] William R. Forstchen
We Look Like Men of War [2001] Charles Frazier
Cold Mountain [1997] Kaye Gibbons
On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon [1998] Newt Gingrich
Grant Comes East [2004] Never Call Retreat [2005] Caroline Gordon
None Shall Look Back [1937] Allen Gurganus
The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All [1989] Nora Hague
Letters From an Age of Reason [2001] Harry Harrison
The Stars and Stripes Forever [1998] Josephine Humphreys
Nowhere Else on Earth [2000] John Jakes
North and South [1982] On Secret Service [2000] Savannah [2004] Paulette Jiles
Enemy Women [2002] William W. Johnstone
Talons of Eagles [1995] Ted Jones
Hard Road to Gettysburg [1993] MacKinlay Kantor
Andersonville [1955] If the South Had Won the Civil War [2001]
Long Remember [1934] Thomas Keneally
Confederates [1980] Benjamin King
A Bullet for Lincoln [1993] A Bullet for Stonewall [1990] Al Lacy
The “Battles of Destiny” series
Jim Lehrer
No Certain Rest [2002] Jeffrey Lent
In the Fall [2000] David Madden
Sharpshooter: A Novel of the Civil War [1996] Van Wyck Mason
Armored Giants [1980] Donald McCaig
Jacob’s Ladder: A Novel of Virginia During the War [1998] Kevin McColley
The Other Side [2000] Sharyn McCrumb
Ghost Riders [2003] Howard Means
Confederate States of America [1998] Margaret Mitchell
Gone With the Wind [1936] Gilbert Morris
The “Appomattox Saga”
Robert J. Mrazek
Unholy Fire [2003] P.G. Nagle
Galveston [2002] Owen Parry
A Faded Coat of Blue [1999] Richard Parry
That Fateful Lightning [2000] David Poyer
A Country of Our Own [2003] Fire on the Waters [2001] James Reasoner
The “Civil War Battles” series
John Reed
A Small Still Voice [2000] Marie R. Reno
When the Music Changed [1980] Douglas Savage
The Courtmartial of Robert E. Lee [1993] Jeff Shaara
Gods and Generals [1996] The Last Full Measure [1998] Michael Shaara
The Killer Angels [1974] James Sherburne
The Way to Fort Pillow [1972] Robert Skimin
Ulysses: A Biographical Novel of U.S. Grant [1994] Joseph Skvorecky
The Bride of Texas [1992] Frank Slaughter
In a Dark Garden [1946] Storm Haven [1954] James Howell Street
Captain Little Ax [1956] Elswyth Thane
Yankee Stranger [1944] William R. Trotter
The Sands of Pride [2002] Harry S. Turtledove
The Guns of the South [1992] Bert Underwood
The Privilege of Darkness [1985] Robert Penn Warren
Wilderness [1961] Richard S. Wheeler
The Exile [2003] Tom Wicker
Unto This Hour [1984] Ben Ames Williams
House Divided [1947] Connie Willis
Lincoln’s Dreams [1987] Frank Yerby
McKenzie’s Hundred [1985] James D. Yoder
Sarah of the Border Wars [1993] Marly Youmans
The Wolf Pit [2001]

Franco-Prussian War [1870-1871]

Emile Zola
The Debacle [unknown]

Spanish-American War [1898]

Douglas C. Jones
Remember Santiago [1988] Elmore Leonard
Cuba Libre [1998]

Anglo-Boer War [1899-1902]

John Kenny Crane
The Legacy of Ladysmith [1986] Emma Drummond
A Distant Hero [1997] Giles Foden
Ladysmith [2000] Philip McCutchan
Halfhyde Goes to War [1986] Christopher Nicole
The Regiment [1988] Joanna Trollope
The Steps of the Sun [1983]


World War I [1914-1918]

The Lincoln City Libraries own more than 190 novels or short story collections set during the era of World War I, of which the following are a representative sampling. To see more, search in our on-line catalog under the Subject heading — “World War — 1914-1918 — Fiction” or its various subheadings.

Patricia Anthony
Flanders [1998] Pat Barker
Regeneration [1991] John Biggins
The Emperor’s Coloured Coat [1992] Martin Booth
Islands of Silence [2003] William Boyd
An Ice-Cream War [1983] Gloria Broder
Remember This Time [1983] John Buchan
Greenmantle [1916] The Thirty-Nine Steps [1915] David Butler
Lusitania [1982] Taylor Caldwell
The Balance Wheel [1951] James Carroll
Supply of Heroes [1986] Willa Cather
One of Ours [unknown] Linda Chaikin
Arabian Winds [1997] e.e. cummings
The Enormous Room [1922] Elizabeth Darrell
At the Going Down of the Sun [1984] Louis DeBernieres
Birds Without Wings [2004] John Dos Passos
Chosen Country [1951] Three Soldiers [1921] Clive Egleton
A Falcon for the Hawks [1982] Carol Emshwiller
Leaping Man Hill [1999] Louise Erdrich
The Master Butcher’s Singing Club [2003] William Fairchild
No Man’s Land [1988] William Faulkner
A Fable [1954] Sebastian Faulks
Birdsong [1993] Timothy Findley
The Wars [1977] Thomas Flanagan
The End of the Hunt [1994] Thomas J. Fleming
Over There [1992] Ken Follett
The Man From St. Petersburg [1982] Ford Madox Ford
The Good Soldier [1915] No Enemy [1929] John Galsworthy
The Burning Spear [1923] Ernest K. Gann
In the Company of Eagles [1966] Mark Goodman
Hurrah For the Next Man Who Dies [1985] Jaroslav Hasek
The Good Soldier: Schweik (Svejk) [1930] Michael Hastings
The Devil’s Spy [1988] Mark Helprin
A Soldier of the Great War [1991] Ernest Hemingway
A Farewell to Arms [1929] Max Hennessy
The Bright Blue Sky [1983] Jonathan Hull
Losing Julia [2000] Evan Hunter
Sons [1969] Frances Itani
Deafening [2003] Donald Jack
The “Bandy Papers” series
Sebastian Japrisot
A Very Long Engagement [1991] Guy Johnson
Standing at the Scratch Line [1998] Malcolm Macdonald
His Father’s Son [1989] Joe Maggio
Company Man [1972] Van Wyck Mason
American Men at Arms [1964] John Masters
Now, God Be Thanked [1979] W. Somerset Maugham
Ashenden; or The British Agent [1941] Liam O’Flaherty
Return of the Brute [1998] William Patrick
Blood Winter [1990] Anne Perry
No Graves as Yet [2003] Shoulder the Sky [2004] Robert H. Pilpel
To the Honor of the Fleet [1979] Peter Pouncey
Rules For Old Men Waiting [2005] Piers Paul Reid
Alice in Exile [2001] Erich Maria Remarque
All Quiet on the Western Front [1928] Derek Robinson
War Story [1988] Kate Saunders
Night Shall Overtake Us [1994] Jeff Shaara
To the Last Man [2004] C.L. Skelton
Beloved Soldiers [1984] Helen Zenna Smith
Not So Quiet: Stepdaughters of War [1930] Wilbur Smith
The Burning Shore [1985] Alexander Solzhenitsyn
August 1914 [1971] William Stanley
Bomber Patrol [1973] Dalton Trumbo
Johnny Got His Gun [1939] Jane Urquhart
The Stone Carvers [2002] Edith Wharton
A Son at the Front [1923] Tom Willard
The Sable Doughboys [1997] Jonathan Wilson
A Palestine Affair [2003] Jacqueline Winspear
Maisie Dobbs [2003] Donald Zochert
Yellow Dogs [1989] Arnold Zweig
The Case of Sergeant Grischa [1927]


Russian Revolution [1917-1921]

Nathasha Borovsky
A Daughter of the Nobility [1985] Elizabeth Darrell
The Gathering Wolves [1980] Carol J. Kane
Blood and Sable [1988] Arthur Koestler
Darkness at Noon [1941] Robert Littell
The Revolutionist [1988] Boris Pasternak
Dr. Zhivago [1958] Ayn Rand
We the Living [1936] Victor Serge
Midnight in the Century [1981] Mikhail Alexsandrovch Sholokhov
Quiet Flows the Don [1996] R.T. Stevens
The Summer Day is Done [1976]

Spanish Civil War [1936-1939]

Jose Maria Gironella
The Cypresses Believe in God [1955] Ernest Hemingway
For Whom the Bell Tolls [1940] Stephen Hunter
Tapestry of Spies [1985] Andre Malraux
Man’s Hope [1938] Bruce Palmer
They Shall Not Pass [1971] Milton Wolff
Another Hill [1994]


World War II [1939-1945]

The Lincoln City Libraries own more than 700 novels or short story collections set during the era of World War II, of which the following are a representative sampling. To see more, search in our on-line catalog under the Subject heading — “World War — 1939-1945 — Fiction” or its various subheadings.

Maynard Allington
The Fox in the Field: A World War II novel in India [1994] John Altman
A Gathering of Spies [2000] Elliott Arnold
Proving Ground [1973] Sholem Asch
Tales of My People [1948] J.G. Ballard
Empire of the Sun [1984] Giorgio Bassani
The Garden of the Finzi Continis [1977] Edward L. Beach
Cold is the Sea [1978] Run Silent, Run Deep [1953] George Bernau
Black Phoenix [1994] Heinrich Boll
Absent Without Leave [1965] A Soldier’s Legacy [1985] Jenna Blum
Those Who Save Us [2004] Tadeusz Borowski
This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen [1967] Pierra Boulle
The Bridge Over the River Kwai [1954] Walter J. Boyne
Eagles At War [1991] James Brady
Warning of War: A Novel of the North China Marines [2002] Harry Peter M’Nab Brown
A Walk in the Sun [1970] L. Buchheim
The Boat (Das Boot) [1975] Bartle Bull
A Cafe on the Nile [1998] Italo Calvino
The Path to the Spiders’ Nests [1947] Agatha Christie
N or M? [1941] Tom Clancy
The Cardinal of the Kremlin [1988] James Clavell
King Rat [1962] Jon Cleary
A Very Private War [1980] Larry Collins
Fall From Grace [1985] Max Allan Collins
Windtalkers [2001] [movie novelization] James Gould Cozzens
Guard of Honor [1948] John Creasey
Dangerous Journey [1974] Robert Crichton
The Secret of Santa Vittoria [1966] Robert Daley
The Innocents Within [1999] Jan De Hartog
The Trail of the Serpent [1983] Len Deighton
Goodbye Mickey Mouse [1982] SS-GB [1979] Robert Denny
Night Run [1992] William Diehl
27 [1990] John Dunning
Two O’Clock, Eastern Wartime [2001] Clive Egleton
The Bormann Brief [1974] Leslie Epstein
King of the Jews [1979] J.G. Farrell
The Singapore Grip [1979] Thomas J. Fleming
Loyalties [1994] Ken Follett
The Eye of the Needle [1978] Hornet Flight [2002] Jackdaws [2001] Triple [1979] Colin Forbes
The Leader and the Damned [1984] Frederick Forsyth
The Odessa File [1972] David Fraser
The Blitz [1979] Fortunes of War [1985] George MacDonald Fraser
The General Danced at Dawn [1970] Ladislav Fuks
The Cremator [1984] Alan Furst
Dark Voyage [2004] The Polish Officer [1995] Sarah Gainham
Night Falls on the City [1967] To the Opera Ball [1975] Paul Gallico
The Snow Goose [1940] Thomas Gifford
The Man From Lisbon [1977] J.D. Gilman & John Clive
KG 200 [1977] John J. Gobbell
The Last Lieutenant [1995] Gerald Green
Holocaust [1978] Roger Grenier
Another November = Le Pierrot Noir [1998] W.E.B. Griffin
Battleground [1991] and many, many more!
Robert Harris
Enigma [1995] John Hawkesworth
Danger UXB [1978] TV miniseries available on DVD
Thomas Heggen
Mister Roberts [1946] Joseph Heller
Catch-22 [1955] John Hersey
The War Lover [1959] Jack Higgins
Cold Harbour [1990] The Eagle Has Flown [1991] The Eagle Has Landed [1975] Night of the Fox [1987] Reginald Hill
The Collaborators [1989] Yoel Hoffmann
Bernhard [1998] Harry Homewood
O God of Battles [1983] John Hooker
The Bush Soldiers [1984] Richard Hough
Wings Against the Sky [1979] Jack D. Hunter
The Blood Order [1979] The Potsdam Bluff [1991] Masuye Ibuse
Black Rain [1969] Greg Iles
Black Cross [1995] Stuart Jackman
A Game of Soldiers [1981] Robert Jackson
Hurricane Squadron [1984] Haynes Johnson
The Landing [1986] James Jones
From Here to Eternity [1951] The Thin Red Line [1962] Whistle [1978] Tristan Jones
Dutch Treat [1978] Joseph Kanon
The Good German [2001] Thomas Keneally
Schindler’s List [1982] Hans Hellmut Kirst
Forward, Gunner Asch! [1956] Last Stop Camp 7 [1969] The Nights of the Long Knives [1976] Jerzy Kosinksi
The Painted Bird [1965] Agota Kristof
The Notebook [1988] W.S. Kuniczak
The March [1979] The Thousand Hour Day [1966] Anatolii Kuznetsov
Babi Yar [1967] Derek Lambert
The Golden Express [1984] The Judas Code [1984] David Leavitt
While England Sleeps [1993] Primo Levi
If Not Now, When? [1985] Richard Llewellyn
None But the Lonely Heart [1943] Robert Ludlum
The Rhinemann Exchange [1974] Arnost Lustig
A Prayer for Katerina Horovitzova [1973] Alistair MacLean
The Guns of Navarone [1957] Where Eagles Dare [1967] Norman Mailer
The Naked and the Dead [1948] Andre Malraux
The Walnut Trees of Altenburg [1989] Olivia Manning
The Balkan Trilogy
The Levant Trilogy
Stephen Marlowe
The Valkyrie Encounter [1978] Margaret Mayhew
Our Yanks [2001] Philip McCutchan
The “Cameron” series
The “Halfhyde” series
William P. McGivern
Soldiers of ’44 [1979] Milena McGraw
After Dunkirk [1998] Ib Melchior
Eva [1984] Charles E. Mercer
Pacific [1981] James Michener
Tales of the South Pacific [1947] Nicholas Monsarrat
The Cruel Sea [1951] Elsa Morante
History [1977] Walter F. Murphy
The Roman Enigma [1981] Anton Myrer
Once an Eagle [1958] E.M. Nathanson
The Dirty Dozen [1965] Richard L. Newhafer
The Last Tallyho [1964] Frederick W. Nolan
Wolf Trap [1983] Janos Nyiri
Battlefields and Playgrounds [1995] Michael Ondaatje
The English Patient [1992] Julie Otsuka
When the Emperor Was Divine [2002] Donn Pearce
Nobody Comes Back: A Novel of the Battle of the Bulge [2005] Theodor Plievier
Stalingrad [1948] J.C. Pollock
Goering’s List [1993] Dudley Pope
Decoy [1985] Anthony Powell
A Dance to the Music of Time: Third Movement [1968] Tim Powers
Declare [2001] Bill Pronzini, ed.
A Treasury of World War II Stories [1985] [813.08 Tre] Thomas Pynchon
Gravity’s Rainbow [1973] James Reasoner
Battle Lines: The Last Good War [2001] Douglas Reeman
His Majesty’s U-Boat [1973] Torpedo Run [1981] Christopher Reich
The Runner [2000] Erich Maria Remarque
Arch of Triumph [1945] David L. Robbins
The End of War: A Novel of the Race for Berlin [2000] Liberation Road: A Novel of World War II and the Redball Express [2005] Anatoli Rybakov
The “Children of Arbat” trilogy
Robert St. John
The Man Who Played God [1962] Ferrol Sams
When All the World Was Young [1991] Thomas Sanchez
Day of the Bees [2000] Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
Anya [1974] Chris Scott
Hitler’s Bomb [1985] Douglas Scott
Eagle’s Blood [1985] Henry Searls
Kataki [1987] Steve Shagan
The Formula [1979] Irwin Shaw
The Young Lions [1982] Stephen Sheppard
Monte Carlo [1983] Daniel Silva
The Unlikely Spy [1996] Claude Simon
The Flanders Road [1985] Robert Skimin
Renegade Lightning [1992] Ian Slater
MacArthur Must Die [1994] David R. Slavitt
Ringer [1982] Martin Cruz Smith
December 6 [2002] Stallion Gate [1986] Wilbur Smith
Power of the Sword [1986] James Spencer
The Pilots [2003] Dorothy Stroup
In the Autumn Wind [1987] J.N. Stroyar
The Children’s War [2001] Janet Tanner
Women at War [1987] Andrew Taylor
Second Midnight [1987] Fred Taylor
Walking Shadows [1984] Lawrence Thornton
Under the Gypsy Moon [1990] Hendrik Tikkanen
The 30 Years’ War [1987] Barrett Tillman
Hellcats: A Novel of War in the Pacific [1996] John Toland
Gods of War [1985] William R. Trotter
Winter Fire [1993] Patrick Turnbull
The Claws of the Gryphon [1986] Leon Uris
Battle Cry [1953] Exodus [1958] QB VII [1970] Laurens Vanderpost
The Seed and the Sower (a.k.a. “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”) [1963] Philippe Vanrjndt
Last Message to Berlin [1984] The Trial of Adolph Hitler [1978] Nina Vida
Return From Darkness [1986] Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughterhouse Five; or The Children’s Crusade [1969] Tom Wakefield
War Paint [1993] Ken Wales
Sea of Glory: A Novel [2001] Irving Wallace
The Seventh Secret [1985] Randall Wallace
Pearl Harbor [2001] [movie novelization] Paul Watkins
Night Over Day Over Night [1988] Evelyn Waugh
Men at Arms [1952] Mary Wesley
The Camomile Lawn [1984] David Westheimer
Lighter Than a Feather [1972] Song of the Young Sentry [1968] Von Ryan’s Express [1964] Jeane Eddy Westin
Love and Glory [1985] Theodore H. White
The Mountain Road [1958] Elie Wiesel
Dawn [1985] The Oath [1973] Richard Wiley
Soldiers in Hiding [1986] F. Paul Wilson
Black Wind [1988] Robert Wilson
The Company of Strangers [2001] Walter Winward
Hammerstrike [1979] 7 Minutes Past Midnight [1980] Herman Wouk
The Caine Mutiny [1979] The Winds of War [1971] War and Remembrance [1971]


Korean War [1950-1953]

Junghyo Ahn
Silver Stallion [1990] Larry Bond
Red Phoenix [1996] James Brady
The Marines of Autumn [2000] C.D.B. Bryan
P.S. Wilkinson [1965] Frederick Busch
War Babies [1989] John Campbell
Raid on Truman [1991] Pat Frank
Hold Back the Night [1952] Dorothy Gilman
Incident at Badamya [1990] W.E.B. Griffin
The Captains [1983] Under Fire [2002] James Hickey
Chrysanthemum in the Snow [1990] John Hooker
Standing Orders [1987] Richard Hooker
M*A*S*H [1968] Ha Jin
War Trash [2004] James Michener
The Bridges at Toko-Ri [1953] Willie Morris
Taps [2001] Joe Porcelli
The Photograph [1995] Chaim Potok
I Am the Clay [1992] Ed Ruggero
38 North Yankee [1990] Edwin H. Simmons
Dog Company Six [2000] Mark Spragg
An Unfinished Life [2004]

Cold War [1950s to the 1980s]

William F. Buckley
The Redhunter: A Novel Based on the Life of Senator Joseph McCarthy [1999] Eugene Burdick
Fail-Safe [1962] James Carroll
Secret Father [2003] Tom Clancy
The Hunt for Red October [1984] Richard Condon
The Manchurian Candidate [1959] John Crowley
The Translator [2002] Len Deighton
The “Harry Palmer” series
Clive Egleton
In the Red [1990] Adam Hall
The “Quiller” series
Michael Hetzer
The Forbidden Zone [1999] Noel Hynd
Truman’s Spy [1990] Jack Higgins
Year of the Tiger [1996] James Leasor
Passport to Oblivion [1965] John LeCarre
The Secret Pilgrim [1990] Roderick MacLeish
Crossing at Ivalo [1990] Ian McEwan
The Innocent [1990] Tim Powers
Declare [2001] H. Jay Riker
The Silent Service: Grayback Class [2000] S.K. Wolf
The Harbinger Effect [1989]


Vietnamese Conflict [1961-1975]

The Lincoln City Libraries own more than 220 novels or short story collections set during the era of the Vietnam War, of which the following are a representative sampling. To see more, search in our on-line catalog under the Subject heading — “Vietnamese Conflict — 1961-1975 — Fiction” or its various subheadings.

James Amos
The Memorial [1989] Kent Anderson
Sympathy For the Devil [1987] Kenneth Waymon Baker
Alone in the Valley [1992] Vivian Vie Balfour [ed.] The Perimeter of Light: Short Fiction and Other Writing About the Vietnam War [813.08 Bal] [1992] Mark Berent
Rolling Thunder [1989] Donald Bodey
F.N.G. [1985] Martyn Burke
Laughing War [1980] Robert Olen Butler
A Good Scent From a Strange Mountain: Stories [2001] Tom Campbell
The Old Man’s Trail [1995] Gerry Carroll
North SAR: A Novel of Navy Combat Pilots in Vietnam [1991] Tom Clancy
Without Remorse [1993] Stephen Coonts
Flight of the Intruder [1986] The Intruders [1993] William Crapser
Remains [1988] John M. Delvecchio
The 13th Valley [1982] Nelson Demille
Up Country [2002] Word of Honor [1985] P.T. Deuterman
The Edge of Honor [1994] Ed Dodge
Dau [1984] Thu Huong Duong
Novel Without a Name [1995] Dale Dye
Platoon (based on the screen play by Oliver Stone) [1986] [movie novelization] Joseph Ferradino
Firefight [1987] Donald A Gazzaniga
A Few Good Men [1989] Allan Glick
Winters Coming, Winters Gone [1984] Beverly Gologorsky
The Things We Do to Make It Home [1999] Zalin Grant
Over the Beach [1986] W.E.B. Griffin
The Aviators [1989] The Berets [1995] and many, many more…
David Grinstead
Promises of Freedom [1991] Winston Groom
Better Times Than These [1978] David H. Hackworth
The Price of Honor [1999] David Halberstam
One Very Hot Day [1968] Joe Haldeman
1968 [1995] Gustav Hasford
The Phantom Blooper [1990] Larry Heinemann
Paco’s Story [1986] G.C. Hendricks
The Second War [1990] John Irving
A Prayer for Owen Meany [1989] John Jacob
Long Ride Back [1988] Philip Jennings
Nam-a-Rama [2005] Wayne Karlin, ed. [813.01 Kar] Free Fire Zone: Short Stories by Vietnam Veterans [1973] Stephen King
Hearts in Atlantis [1999] George LaFountaine
The Long Walk [1986] Franklin Allen Leib
Fire Dream [1989] Valley of the Shadow [1991] Chuck Logan
The Price of Blood [1997] Tim Mahoney
We’re Not Here [1988] Karl Marlantes
The Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War [2010] Ron Martin
To Be Free! [1988] Bobbie Ann Mason
In Country [1986] John P. McAfee
A Slow Walk in a Sad Rain [1993] Gene D. Moore
The Killing at Ngo Tho [1967] Tim O’Brien
Going After Cacciato [1978] The Things They Carried [1990] Stewart O’Nan
The Names of the Dead [1996] Michael Peterson
A Bitter Peace [1996] A Time of War [1990] Donald Pfarrer
The Fearless Man [2004] Reynolds Price
Noble Norfleet [2002] Thomas Richards
Zero Tolerance [1997] Elizabeth Scarborough
The Healer’s War [1988] Leonard B. Scott
Charlie Mike [1985] Solemn Duty [1997] Danielle Steel
Message From Nam [1990] Donald Tate
Bravo Burning [1986] Lucian K. Truscott
Army Blue [1989] James H. Webb
Fields of Fire [1978] Joe Weber
Rules of Engagement [1991]

Morris West
The Ambassador [1965] Ralph Wetterhahn
Shadowmakers [2002] Stephen Wright
Meditations in Green [1983]


Persian Gulf War [1991]

David Alkman
When the Almond Tree Blossoms [1993] Dale Brown
Chains of Command [1993] Fatal Terrain [1997] Plan of Attack [2004] Shadows of Steel [1996] Phillip Caputo
Exiles: Three Short Novels [1997] Ward Carroll
Punk’s War [2001] William Christie
Warriors of God [1992] Patrick Steane Duncan
Courage Under Fire [1996] James Ferro
Death Wish [2002] Fort Apache [2000] Sean Flannery
Kilo Option [1996] Vince Flynn
Executive Power [2003] Separation of Power [2001] Frederick Forsyth
The Fist of God [1994] Jo Franklin
Wing of the Falcon [1995] George Galdorisis
For Duty and Honor [2004] Jack Higgins
Eye of the Storm [1992] Charles Jaco
Dead Air [1998] Gordon Kent
Rules of Engagement [1999] Chuck Logan
After the Rain [2004] Ian McEwan
Saturday [2005] John J. Nance
Scorpion Strike [1992] Tom Paine
Pearl of Kuwait [2003] R.J. Pinero
Retribution [1995] Ultimatum [1994] David Poyer
Black Storm [2002] The Gulf [1990] Timothy Rizzi
Phalanx Dragon [1994] Patrick Rogers
Target Zone [1993] Roger L. Simon
Director’s Cut [2005] Michael Skinner
First Air [1991] Grant Sutherland
The Consignment [2003] Robin White
Angle of Attack [1992]

The Yugoslav War [1991-1995]

Tom Foley
This Way to Heaven [2000]


Iraq War [2003]

Vince Flynn
Executive Power [2003] Separation of Power [2001] Dee Henderson
True Valor [2001] Ian McEwan
Saturday [2005] David Poyer
Black Storm [2002] Roger L. Simon
Director’s Cut [2005]

World War III [near future contemporary]

Jimmie H. Butler
The Iskra Incident [1990] Harold Coyne
Team Yankee [1987] General Sir John Hackworth
The Third World War, August 1985 [1978] [355.48 Hac] The Third World War, the Untold Story [1982] [355.48 Hac]


War in Science Fiction [various time period settings]

Kevin J. Anderson
The “Saga of the Seven Suns” series
Karel Capek
War With the Newts [1937] Orson Scott Card
Ender’s Game [1985] Tony Daniel
Metaplanetary: A Novel of Instellar Civil War [2001] David Drake
Hammer’s Slammers [1993] and many, many more…
Joe Haldeman
The Forever War [1974] Robert A. Heinlein
Starship Troopers [1959] George Lucas
Star Wars (A New Hope) [1977] Sean McMullen
The Miocene Arrow [2000] Walter M. Miller
A Canticle for Leibowitz [1959] Elizabeth Moon
The “Serrano Suiza” series
Frederick Pohl
The Cool War [1980] Alistair Reynolds
Absolution Gap [2004] John Ringo
The “Posleen War” series
Fred Saberhagen
The “Berserker” series
David Sherman & Dan Cragg
The “Starfist” series
A.E. VanVogt
The War Against the Rull [1959] David Weber
The “Honor Harrington” series
and many more…
H.G. Wells
The War of the Worlds [1898] 813.08 Com
Combat S.F. [1975] 813.08 Faw
The Far Stars War [1990] 813.08 Sch
War and Peace: Possible Futures from Analog [1983]

General Works [various time period settings]

Robert Asprin
The Cold Cash War [1977] Alan Furst
Night Soldiers [1988] Van Wyck Mason
American Men at Arms [1968] Ralph Peters
Red Army [1989] Quentin J. Reynolds
Known But to God [1960] 813.08 Jen
Soldiers and Civilians: Americans At War and At Home [1986]

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