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Christy Awards Medallion

The Christy Awards
for the best in Christian Fiction

In 1999, nearly a dozen publishers of Christian fiction, in an effort to recognize the writers and readers of this increasingly large genre of publishing, established The Christy Award. The award is named after the well-known novel by Catherine Marshall, and in honor of Marshall's long-term contribution to the growth of the field of Christian fiction.

The awards have been presented every year from 2000 onwards, in a variety of categories. Those categories have seen some tweaking as the years have progressed -- please note that some categories have been folded into other categories in more recent years. You can read more about this award, its history and background, at the Official Christy Awards Web site. NOTE: All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department.

Category descriptions below come directly from the official 2006 nomination guidelines.


Best General/Contemporary Fiction
Stand-alone, full-length novels whose characters, settings and issues are within the context of the present time period (1950- ). [Became Best Contemporary (Standalone) in 2007]

2009  Book Cover  Marlo Shalesky
Beyond the Night
2008  Book Cover  Charles Martin
Chasing Fireflies
2007  Book Cover  Jamie Langston Turner
Winter Birds
Book Cover  W. Dale Cramer
Levi's Will
[Available as an uncataloged paperback or an unabridged book-on-CD only]
Book Cover  Vanessa Del Fabbro
The Road to Home
2005  Book Cover  W. Dale Cramer
Bad Ground
[This item available only in unabridged audio format.]
2004  Book Cover  Lisa Samson
2003  Book Cover  Ann Tatlock
All the Way Home
2002  Book Cover  Jamie Langston Turner
A Garden to Keep
[This item available only in unabridged audio format.]
Book Cover  Philip Gulley
Home to Harmony
Book Cover  Robert Whitlow
The Trial
2000  Book Cover  Jan Karon
A New Song

Best Contemporary Romance Fiction
Fiction whose characters and controlling theme focuses on a romantic drama in a contemporary setting.

2013  Book Cover  Kristen Heitzmann
The Breath of Dawn
2012  Book Cover  Ronie Kendig
2011  Book Cover  DiAnn Mills
Sworn to Protect
2010  Book Cover  Julie Klassen
The Silent Governess

Best Contemporary (Series, Sequels and Novellas)
In 2007, this category first appeared, as a spin-off from the Best Contemporary. [Note: Splits off from the traditional Contemporary category.]

2013  Book Cover  Susan May Warren
You Don't Know Me
2012  Book Cover  Mindie Starnes Clark and Leslie Gould
The Amish Wife
2011  Book Cover  Nancy Rue
The Reluctant Prophet
2010  Book Cover  Neta Jackson
Who Do I Talk To?
2009  Book Cover  Tracy V. Bateman
You Had Me at Good-Bye
2008  Book Cover  Jan Karon
Home to Holly Springs
2007  Book Cover  Beverly Lewis
The Brethren

Best Contemporary (Standalones)
In 2009, this category first appeared, separate from Best Contemporary (Series, Sequels and Novellas)

2013  Book Cover  Chris Fabry
Not in the Heart
2012  Book Cover  Ann Tatlock
Promises to Keep
2011 Book Cover  Chris Fabry
Almost Heaven
2010  Book Cover  Lisa Samson
The Passion of Mary-Margaret
2009  Book Cover  Chris Fabry

Best Historical Fiction
Fiction that weaves stories about characters in historical epochs or settings. Includes Biblical, Biographical and Western fiction. [Note: This categories incorporates the previous categories of International Historical, North American Historical and Western.]

2013  Book Cover  Tracy Groot
Flame of Resistance
2012  Book Cover  Lynn Austin
Wonderland Creek
2011  Book Cover  Lynn Austin
While We're Far Apart
2010  Book Cover  Lynn Austin
Though Waters Roar
2008  Book Cover  Lynn Austin
Until We Reach Home
2008  Book Cover  Lynn Austin
A Proper Pursuit
2007  Book Cover  Tracy Groot
2006  Book Cover  Liz Curtis Higgs
Whence Came a Prince
2005  Book Cover  Jan Beazely and Thom Lemmons
King's Ransom
2004  Book Cover  Lynn Austin
Fire By Night

Best Historical Romance Fiction
Fiction whose characters and controlling theme focuses on a romantic drama in a historical setting.

2013  Book Cover  Elizabeth Camden
Against the Tide
2012  Book Cover  Julie Klassenby
The Maid of Fairbourne Hall
2011  Book Cover  Julie Klassen
The Girl in the Gatehouse
2010  Book Cover  Julie Klassen
The Silent Governess

Best Suspense Fiction
Fiction that often focuses on a strange, frightening or thrilling set of events. Includes Mystery (fiction where the element of mystery of terror plays a controlling part, often a tale of crime).

2013  Book Cover  T. Davis Bunn
Rare Earth
2012  Book Cover  Steven James
The Queen
2011  Book Cover  Steven James
The Bishop
2010  Book Cover  Athol Dickson
The Lost Mission
2009  Book Cover  Steven James
The Rook
2008  Book Cover  Athol Dickson
The Cure
2007  Book Cover  Tim Downs
Plague Maker
2006  Book Cover  Athol Dickson
River Rising
2005  Book Cover  Debbie Wilson
Tiger in the Shadows
2004  Book Cover  Ted Dekker
2003  Book Cover  Randy Singer
Directed Verdict
2002  Book Cover  T. Davis Bunn
Drummer in the Dark
2001  Book Cover  T. Davis Bunn
The Great Divide
2000  Book Cover  James Scott Bell
Final Witness

Best Visionary Fiction
Imaginative fiction including Allegory (fiction in the form of extended metaphor in which objects, person and actions are equated with meanings that lie outside the narrative itself), Fantasy (fiction that contains a conscious breaking free from reality in which the work takes place in a nonexistent and unreal world or concerns incredible or unreal characters), Futuristic (fiction whose action, plot, and characters occur in a future period of time), and Science Fiction (fiction in which scientific facts or hypotheses form the basis of adventures, often in the future, on other planets, or in other dimensions of time). [Note: Incorporates several previous categories.]

2013  Book Cover  James L. Rubart
Soul's Gate
2011  Book Cover  Anne Elizabeth Stengl
Veiled Rose
2011  Book Cover  Jill Williamson
To Darkness Fled
2010  Book Cover  Jill Williamson
By Darkness Hid
2009  Book Cover  Tom Pawlik
2008  Book Cover  Stephen R. Lawhead
2006  Book Cover  Karen Hancock
Shadow Over Kiriath
2005  Book Cover  Karen Hancock
The Shadow Within

Best First Novel
This novel may represent any genre above written by a first-time novelist who has not published commercially any book-length work of fiction. Author may have published fiction in magazines, journals, or other periodicals. NOTE: A book that qualifies for this category may also be entered in the genre category which it represents.

2013  Book Cover  Julie Cantrell
Into the Free
2012  Book Cover  Ginny Yttrup
2011  Book Cover  Anne Elizabeth Stengl
2010  Book Cover  Jennifer Erin Valent
Fireflies in December
2009  Book Cover  Joy Jordan-Lake
Blue Holme Back Home
2008  Book Cover  Sibella Giorello
The Stones Cry Out
2007  Book Cover  Karen Harter
Where Mercy Flows
2006  Book Cover  Nicole Mazzarella
This Heavy Silence
2005  Book Cover  Cliff Coon
The Mending String
2004  Book Cover  Brad Whittington
Welcome to Fred
2003  Book Cover  Michael Morris
A Place Called Wiregrass
2002  Book Cover  David Ryan Long
Ezekiel's Shadow
2001  Book Cover  Sharon Ewell Foster
Passing By Samaria

Best Young Adult
This category first appeared in 2007, focusing of books for teens and/or young adults.

2013  Book Cover  Marilyn Sue Shank
Child of the Mountains
2012  Book Cover  Lisa T. Bergren
2011  Book Cover  Nancy Rue
Motorcycles, Sushi and One Strange Book
2010  Book Cover  Andrew Petersen
North, or Be Eaten!
2009  Book Cover  Cathy Gohlke
I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires
2008  Book Cover  Lisa Samson
Hollywood Nobody
2007  Book Cover  Cathy Gohlke
William Henry is a Fine Name


Best Lits
This category first appeared in 2007, focusing on popular "chick lit" and/or general fiction.

2008  Book Cover  Shelly Beach
Hallie's Heart
2007  Book Cover  Robin Jones Gunn
Sisterchicks in Gondolas

Best Romance Fiction
Fiction whose characters and controlling theme focuses on a romantic drama in a historical or current setting. This category was split into Best Contemporary Romance and Best Historical Romance in 2010.

2009  Book Cover  Tamera Alexander
From a Distance
2008  Book Cover  Tamera Alexander
2007  Book Cover  Deeanne Gist
Measure of a Lady
2006  Book Cover  Deeanne Gist
A Bride Most Begrudging
2005  Book Cover  Kristen Heitzmann
2004  Book Cover  Hannah Alexander
2003  Book Cover  Dee Henderson
True Honor (Uncommon Heroes Series, Book 3)
2002  Book Cover  Dee Henderson
The Guardian
2001  Book Cover  Catherine Palmer
A Touch of Betrayal
2000  Book Cover  Robin Lee Hatcher
Whispers From Yesterday

Best Futuristic Fiction

2004  Book Cover  Jerry Jenkins
Soon: The Beginning of the End
2003  Book Cover  Nancy Moser
Time Lottery
2002  Book Cover  Randall Ingermanson and John Olson
2001  Book Cover  Randall Ingermanson
2000  Book Cover  Grant R. Jeffrey and Angela Hunt
By Dawn's Early Light

Best International Historical Fiction

2003  Book Cover  Jack Cavanaugh
His Watchful Eye
2002  Book Cover  Jack Cavanaugh
While Mortals Sleep
2001  Book Cover  Francine Rivers
2000  Book Cover  Anne de Graaf
Out of the Red Shadow

Best North American Historical Fiction

2003  Book Cover  Lynn Austin
Candle in the Darkness
2002  Book Cover  Lynn Austin
Hidden Places
2001  Book Cover  Gilbert Morris
Edge of Honor
2001  Book Cover  Rosey Dow
Reaping the Whirlwind
[This title available only in unabridged audiotape format]
2000  Book Cover  Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn
The Meeting Place

Best Western Fiction

2003  Book Cover  R. William Rogers
Toward a New Beginning
2002  Book Cover  Stephen Bly
The Long Trail Home

Best Fantasy Fiction

2004  Book Cover  Karen Hancock
The Light of Eidon

Best Allegory Fiction

2003  Book Cover  Karen Hancock
[This item exists only as an uncataloged "paperback spinner rack" copy]

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