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The Nebraska Book Awards

This list features Nebraska Authors!

The Nebraska Book Awards are sponsored by the Nebraska Center for the Book, and honor books that are written by Nebraska authors, published by Nebraska publishers, are set in Nebraska, or have Nebraska as their subject matter. Winners are presented each year at the annual Nebraska Book Festival. You can also visit the NCB's own Nebraska Book Award page.


Anthology edited by Tom Lynch and Susan N. Maher Artifacts & Illuminations: Critical Essays on Loren Eiseley [Biography Eiseley]
Cover/Design/Illustration L. Robert Puschendorf Nebraska's Post Office Murals: Born of the Depression, Fostered by the New Deal [751.73 Pus]
Cover/Design/Illustration Book Arts Award Don Welch, Design, Illustration and Production: Elysia Mann In Times of Considerable Wars and Interludes [Heritage 811 Wel]
Fiction Joy Castro Hell or High Water [Castro]
Fiction Honor Book Sean Doolittle Lake Country: A Novel [Doolittle]
Non-Fiction -- Autobiography Ron Hull Backstage: Stories From My Life in Television [Biography Hull]
Non-Fiction -- Autobiography Warren K. Urbom and William Jay Riley Called to Justice: The Life of a Federal Trial Judge (Law in the American West) [Biography Hull]
Non-Fiction -- Biography Tekla Agbala Ali Johnson and Quintard Taylor Free Radical: Ernest Chambers, Black Power, and the Politics of Race [Biography Chambers]
Non-Fiction -- Essay Lisa Knopp What the River Carries: Encounters with the Mississippi, Missouri, and Platte [917.8 Kno]
Non-Fiction -- History James E. Potter Standing Firmly by the Flag: Nebraska Territory and the Civil War, 1861-1867 [978.2 Pot]
Non-Fiction -- Nebraska as Place L. Robert Puschendorf Nebraska's Post Office Murals: Born of the Depression, Fostered by the New Deal [751.73 Pus]
Poetry Hal Sirowitz Stray Cat Blues [813.08 Han]
Young Adult Fiction Emily M. Danforth The Miseducation of Cameron Post [YA Danforth]
Young Adult Non-Fiction Nancy Plain Light on the Prairie: Solomon D. Butcher, Photographer of Nebraska's Pioneer Days [Biography Butcher]


Anthology edited by Christopher Buckley and Christopher Howell Aspects of Robinson: Homage to Weldon Kees
Anthology Honor edited by Renee Laegreid and Sandra K. Mathews Women on the North American Plains [978 Laei]
Cover/Design/Illustration Dennis Mihelic and James E. Potter First Telegraph Line Across the Continent: Charles Brown's 1861 Diary
Cover/Design/Illustration Honor Book Jeff Lacey, artwork by Calvin Banks Flushed During Play: 51 Pet Rodent Deaths
Fiction Tom McNeal To Be Sung Underwater [McNeal]
Fiction Honor Book Dan O'Brien Stolen Horses [O'Brien]
Non-Fiction -- Biography Brent Spencer Rattlesnake Daddy: A Son's Search for His Father [Biography Spencer]
Non-Fiction -- History Brent Spencer The Ryhthm Boys of Omaha Central: High School Basketball at the '68 Racial Divide [796.323 Mar]
Non-Fiction -- Nebraska as Place Richard Schilling Portraits Of The Prairie: The Land That Inspired Willa Catherr [158 Buf]
Non-Fiction -- Reference Jon Farrar Field guide to wildflowers of Nebraska and the Great Plains [158 Buf]
Poetry Twyla M. Hansen and Linda M. Hasselstrom Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet - Poems [813.08 Han]


Cover/Design/Illustration N.L. Sharp The Flower Girl/The Ring Bear [jP Sharp]
Cover/Design/Illustration Honor Book Ann Fuller Belle Boy
Fiction Robert Vivian Lamb Bright Saviors [Vivian]
Fiction Honor Book Dan O'Brien Stolen Horses [O'Brien]
Non-Fiction Peter Buffet Life is What You Make It [158 Buf]
Non-Fiction Honor Book Stephen S. Witte and Marsha V. Gallagher, Editors North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied: Volume 2, April-September 1833
Poetry Sarah McKinstry-Brown Cradling Monsoons
Young Adult Fiction Christina Diaz Gonzalez The Red Umbrella [YA Gonzalez]
Young Adult Non-Fiction David L. Bristow Sky Sailors: True Stories of the Balloon Era [j797.51 Bri]


Anthology Bruce A. Glasrud and Charles A. Brainthwaite, editors African Americans on the Great Plains: An Anthology [305.8 AfrYg]
Anthology Honor Book The Loren Eiseley Society, editors The Loren Eiseley Reader [818 EisYl]
Cover/Design/Illustration Mari Sandoz and Kimberli A. Lee "I Do Not Apologize for the Length of This Letter": The Mari Sandoz Letters on Native American Rights, 1940-1965 [970.48 San]
Cover/Design/Illustration Honor Book Michael Forsberg Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild [917.8 qFor]
Fiction Ladette Randolph A Sandhills Ballad [Randolph]
Non-Fiction Joe Starita "I Am a Man": Chief Standing Bear's Journey for Justice [Biography Standing]
Non-Fiction Honor Book Robert Cochran Louise Pound: Scholar, Athlete, Feminist Pioneer [Biography Pound]
Poetry Dwaine Spieker Garden of Stars
Young Adult Chloe Neill Some Girls Bite


Cover/Design/Illustration Suzanne Smith Arney BVH Architects: Forty Years [720.978 BahYs]
Cover/Design/Illustration Honor Book Stew Magnuson The Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder [978.292 Mag]
Fiction Ron Hansen Exiles [Hansen]
Non-Fiction Stew Magnuson The Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder [978.292 Mag]
Non-Fiction Honor Book Keith Terry Nebraska's Cowboy Trail
Poetry James Magorian Geographia [Heritage 811 Mag]


Anthology Ladette Randolph and Nina Shevchuk-Murray The Big Empty: Contemporary Nebraska Non-Fiction Writers [810.098 Ran]
Anthology Honor Book Greg Kosmicki and Mary K. Stillwell Nebraska Presence: An Anthology of Poetry [811.08 Kos]
Cover/Design/Illustration Rajean Luebs Shepherd, Illustrated by Sandy Appleoff Husker Numbers: A Nebraska Number Book [j917.82 She]
Fiction Harley Jane Kozak Dead Ex [Kozak]
Non-Fiction Pete Letheby 150: A Commemoration fo the Sesquicentennial of Hall County, Nebraska
Non-Fiction Honor Book Betty Levitov Africa on Six Wheels: A Semester on Safari [916.8 Lev]
Poetry JV Brummels Book of Grass


Children/Young Adult Dianne E. Gray (writer);
Stephanie Cooper (illustrator)
Tomorrow the River [j Gray]
Cover/Design/Illustration Matt Mason Things We Don't Know We Don't Know [811 Mas]
Fiction Pamela Carter Joern The Floor of the Sky [Joern]
Fiction Honor Book Sean Doolittle The Cleanup [Doolittle]
Non-Fiction Francis Moul The National Grasslands: A Guide to America's Undiscovered Treasures [577.4 Mou]
Non-Fiction Honor Book Junior League of Omaha Toast to Omaha: A Cookbook [641.505 Jun]
Poetry Matt Mason Things We Don't Know We Don't Know [811 Mas]


Anthology J.M. Huscher, Matt Mason, Dan Leaman [eds.] Slamma Lamma Ding Dong: An Anthology of Nebraska's Slam Poets [811.08 Hus]
Children/Young Adult Jean A. Lukesh
Jerome Lagarrigue (illustrator)
The Nebraska Adventure [j 978.2 Luk]
Cover/Design/Illustration Jim Reese These Trespasses [Heritage 811 Ree]
Fiction Ladette Randolph This is Not the Tropics [Randolph]
Non-Fiction Honor Book Michael Forsberg Rainmakers: A Photographic Story of Center Pivots [598.32 qFor]
Poetry Aaron Anstett No Accident


Anthology Ladette Randolph [ed.] A Different Plain: Contemporary Nebraska Fiction Writers [813.08 Ran]
Children/Young Adult Janice N. Harrington
Jerome Lagarrigue (illustrator)
Going North [jP Harrington]
Children/Young Adult Honor Book Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan Effie's Image [Heritage Sharp]
Cover/Design/Illustration Michael Forsberg, Michael Forsberg Photography On Ancient Wings: The Sandhill Cranes of North America [598.32 qFor]
Cover/Design/Illustration Honor Book: Karen Kunc and Jukka Partanen Mirror of the Wood 
Fiction Harley Jane Kozak Dating Dead Men [Kozak]
Fiction Honor Book Gerald Shapiro Little Men: Novellas and Stories [Shapiro]
Non-Fiction Roger Welsch A Life With Dogs [636.7 Wel]
Non-Fiction Honor Book Michael Forsberg On Ancient Wings: The Sandhill Cranes of North America [598.32 qFor]
Poetry Barbara Schmitz How Much Our Dancing Has Improved [Heritage 811 Sch]


Anthology Shelly Clark, Marjorie Saiser [eds.] Road Trip: Conversations With Writers [808.02 Cla]
Children/Young Adult N.L. Sharp
Michael T. Hassler, Jr. (illustrator)
The Ring Bear [jP Sharp]
Children/Young Adult Honor Book Ruth Foreman Free to Drink the Wind [jPB]
Cover/Design/Illustration Shelly Clark, Marjorie Saiser [eds.], Randy Barger [photography], Chris Bristol [cover design] Road Trip: Conversations With Writers [808.02 Cla]
Fiction Jonis Agee Acts of Love on Indigo Road: New and Selected Stories [Agee]
Non-Fiction William Kloefkorn Restoring the Burnt Child: A Primer [B K69]
Poetry Twyla Hansen Potato Soup [811 Han]


Children/Young Adult Dianne E. Gray Together Apart [j Gray]
Children/Young Adult Honor Book Bonnie Geisert Prairie Summer 
Cover Design/Illustration Marjorie Saiser, Greg Kosmicki, Lisa Sandlin [eds.] Times of Sorrow, Times of Grace: Writing by Women of the Great Plains/High Plains [CALL]
Cover Design/Illustration Book Arts Production Honor Book Oliver B. Pollak A Year at the Sorbonne: A Proustian Life 
Fiction Timothy Schaffert The Phantom Limbs of the Rollow Sisters [Schaffert]
Fiction Short Story Collection Honor Book Karen Gettert Shoemaker Night Sounds and Other Stories [Shoemaker]
Non-Fiction Ted Kooser Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps [917.823 Koo]
Poetry Suzan Aizenberg Muse 
Poetry Honor Book Women of the Great Plains, Marjorie Saiser, Greg Kosmicki, Lisa Sandlin [eds.] Times of Sorrow, Times of Grace [81082 Sai]


Fiction Julia Alvarez, Belkis Ramirez and Bill Eichner A Cafecito Story: El Cuento Del Cafecito [Alvarez]
Non-Fiction Robert Vivian Cold Snap as Yearning [814 Viv]
Non-Fiction Honor Book Paul A. Johnsgard The Nature of Nebraska [508.782 Joh]
Poetry Ted Genoways Bullroarer: A Sequence 
Poetry Honor Book Marjorie Saiser Lost in Seward County [811 sai]
Poetry Honor Book Hilda Raz Trans [811 Raz]
Cover/Design/Illustration Charles E. Hunt, Daryl Poulin All the Horses That He'd Rode 


Fiction John McNally Troublemakers 
Non-Fiction Marion Bahensky and Ron Sack Entering Howard County: A History of the People and the Land of Howard County, Nebraska 
Non-Fiction Honor Book Esther Black Elk DeSersa, Hilda Neihardt, Lori Utecht [eds.] Black Elk Lives: Conversations With the Black Elk Family [970.3 DakYb]
Poetry Ted Kooser Winter Morning Walks: One Hundred Postcards to Jim Harrison [811 Koo]
Children/Young Adult Susan Buckley, Elspeth Leacock and Randya Jones Places in Time: A New Atlas of American History [j973.5 Lea]
Cover/Design/Illustration Robert Richter Homefield: Sonata in Rural Voice [Richter]


Fiction Jonis Agee The Weight of Dreams [Agee]
Non-Fiction Michael L. Tate The Frontier Army and the Settlement of the West [978 Tat]
Non-Fiction Honor Book James Potter and Robert Puschendorf Spans in Time: A History of Nebraska Bridges [624.2 qPot]
Poetry Marjorie Saiser Bones of a Very Fine Hand [811 Sai]
Cover/Design/Illustrations Larry D. Underwood Abilene Lawmen: The Smith-Hickok Years: 1870-1871 [978.103 Und]

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