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New in AprilShift
by Jennifer Bradbury [j Bradbury]

Shift is a excellent quick read. It is under 300 pages so it is fast and makes for a great story. The characters show a deep friendship that must be changed in order to grow and it makes you reflect on your own life. The humor and truth to the story is compelling and keeps you hooked because of the mysteries that lie within. Recently making the transition to college from high school my self, I can relate on many levels and it very accurately portrays many of the struggles that comes with moving on and keeping your existing friends. The greatest strength of this book is it doesn't waste any time getting into the story. You're moving as soon as you hit page 2. I highly recommend this title to anyone looking to not get into a new series and have a quick read, especially for young adults getting ready, making, or have recently made the transition to college.

Score - 10
reviewed by Alex A.
customer of the Gere Branch Library
April 7, 2014

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