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This is a list of books used during a past Book Talk at one of the libraries

Susan's Selections - November 2009
Bethany Branch, November 20, 2009
Susan S. [Eiseley Branch]
book cover Reality Check
by Peter Abrahams [YA]

book cover Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austen

book cover The Strain
by Guillermo DelToro and Chuck Hogan

book cover Little Brother
by Cory Doctorow [YA]

book cover Finding Nouf
by Zoe Ferraris

book cover King of the Screwups
by K.L. Going [YA]

The Magic Cup
by Andrew Greeley

Not currently owned by the Lincoln City Libraries.

book cover The Magicians
by Lev Grossman

book cover Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs
by Molly Harper

book cover Mudbound
by Hillary Jordan

book cover Sandman Slim
by Richard Kadrey

book cover The Speed of Dark
by Elizabeth Moon

book cover Beggars in Spain
by Nancy Kress

book cover Short Girls
by Bich Minh Nguyen

book cover Stealing Buddha's Dinner
by Bich Minh Nguyen [Biography Nguyen]

book cover Three Girls and Their Brother
by Theresa Rebeck

book cover Living Dead Girl
by Elizabeth Scott

book cover Resistance
by Owen Sheers

book cover Flygirl
by Sherri L. Smith [j]