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This is a combined collection of fiction and non-fiction titles in which the primary title of each item is a number (with no additional words), using only numeric characters or "spelled out." Many, if not most, of the titles listed here have much longer subtitles that provide a more detailed description of each book's topic. For the sake of the theme of this booklist, titles have been reduced to just the "number." This list was inspired by a topic thread on the Fiction_L discussion list for librarians and booksellers, but has been expanded for use here on the BookGuide Web site.

All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department.


01-01-00 R.J. Pineiro
.44 Jimmy Breslin and Dick Schaap
5/5/2000 Richard William Noone [NF]
6:02 Mark Clements
6/10/05 Richard Lamm
7B Stella Cameron
8.4 Peter Hernon
9-11 Noam Chomsky [NF]
10 Geoff Andres
13 James Howe
13 Nathaniel Lechenmeyer
14-18 Stephanie Audoin-Rouzeau and Annette Becker
17 Liz Rosenburg
17F Donald McCormick [NF]
18/44 Etienne Leroux
21 Jeremy Iverson
21 Patrick O'Brian
24/7 Joanna Brady
24/7 Jim Brown
26A Diana Evans
27 William Diehl
30 Stephen Dixon
44 H.A. DeRosso
44 Peter Sheridan [NF]
'44 Charles Whiting [NF]
The '45 Christopher Duffy
47 Walter Mosley
'48 James Herbert
50 Avery Corman
50 in 50 Harry Harrison
54 Wu Ming
'59 Bob Vanderberg
62 Julio Cortazar
69 Ryu Murakami
69 A.D. Gwyn Morgan
98.4 Christopher Hodder-Williams
98.6 Ronald Sukenick
221B Vincent Starrett, ed. [NF]
253 Geoff Ryman
300 Frank Miller
334 Thomas Disch
480 Eugene Burdick
666 Jay Anson
1066 Andrew Bridgeford
1066 Denis Butler [NF]
1066 David Howarth [NF]
1066 Peter Marren
1215 Danny Danziger [NF]
1408 Stephen King [audio only]
1421 Gavin Menzies [NF]
1453 Roger Crowley
1491 Charles G. Mann [NF]
1492 Homero Aridjis
1492 Newton Frohlich
1492 Barnet Litvinoff
1492 Deborah Manley, ed. [NF]
1602 Neil Gaiman
1603 Christopher Lee
1632 Eric Flint
1633 David Weber and Eric Flint
1634: The Baltic War Eric Flint
1634: The Bavarian Crisis Eric Flint
1634: The Galileo Affair Eric Flint
1634: The Ram Rebellion Eric Flint
1635: The Cannon Law Eric Flint
1634: The Dreeson Incident Eric Flint
1676 Stephen Saunders Webb
1688 John E. Wills, Jr.
1688 Henri Van Der Zee
1700 Maureen Waller
1745 Stuart Reid
1759 Frank McLynn
1775 Ivor Noel Hume [NF]
1776 Sherman Edwards [NF]
1776 Thomas J. Fleming [NF]
1776 David McCullough [NF]
1776 George Sanderlin [NF]
1777 John S. Pancake [NF]
1787 Clinton Lawrence Rossiter [NF]
1791 H.C. Robbins-Landon [NF]
1794 Dave R. Palmer
1797 Colin White
1812 Paul Britten Austin
1812 Walter R. Borneman
1812 David Nevin
1812 Richard K. Riehn [NF]
1831 Louis P. Masur [NF]
1848 David Ward
1863 Joseph E. Stevens [NF]
1876 Gore Vidal
1877 Robert V. Bruce
1898 David Traxel [NF]
1900 Robert Rosenblum [NF]
1901 Robert Conroy
1905 Leon Trotsky [NF]
1912 James Chace [NF]
1913 Virginia Cowles [NF]
1914 Lyn Macdonald [NF]
1914 Edward Owen [NF]
1915 Adele Heller [NF]
1915 Roger McDonald
1916 Morgan Llewelyn
1918 Joseph Carter [NF]
1918 Gregor Dallas
1919 John Dos Passos
1919 William K. Klingaman [NF]
1919 David J. Mitchell
1921 Morgan Llewelyn
1927 Gerald Leinwand [NF]
1929 Warren Sloat
1929 William K. Klingaman [NF]
1929 Frederick Turner
1933 Philip Metcalfe [NF]
1934 Alberto Moravia
1939 Talmadge Boston [NF]
1939 Michael Jabara Carley [NF]
1939 David Gelernter
1939 Robert Kee [NF]
1939 Angela Lambert [NF]
1940 Richard Collier
1940 Clive Ponting
1941 William K. Klingaman [NF]
1942 Henry Hitch Adams [NF]
1942 Winston Groom [NF]
1943 John Grigg [NF]
1945 Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen
1945 John Lukacs [NF]
1947 Red Barber
1949 Morgan Llewelyn
1956 Milton Lessing
1959 Thulani Davis
1963 Robert MacNeil [NF]
1968 Tariq Ali and Susan Watkins
1968 Ronald Fraser [NF]
1968 Louis L. Gould [NF]
1968 Joe Haldeman
1968 Mark Kurlansky [NF]
1968 Wayne Robins [NF]
1972 Morgan Llewelyn
1974 David Peace
1984 George Orwell
1985 Anthony Burgess
1985 Gyorgy Dalos
1988 Richard Lamm and Arnold Grossman
1996 Gloria Naylor
1998 Richard Turner and William Osborne
1999 Stanley C. Baldwin
1999 Philip Caveney
1999 Richard M. Nixon
2000 National Geographic Society [video]
2001 Arthur C. Clarke
2001 John Zukowsky [NF]
2010 Arthur C. Clarke
2061 Arthur C. Clarke
2095 Jon Scieszka [youth]
3001 Arthur C. Clarke

And a few with titles spelled out...

Billions Ian Martin
The Eight Katherine Neville
Eighteen Jan Burke
Fifteen Ameena Hussein
Fourteen D.C. Measham
Fourteen Marilyn Sachs
Infinity Lillian Lieber
Minus 3 Gene W. Mason
Nine Jan Burke
Nineteen Aleksandr Fadeev
One Richard Bach
One David Karp
Pi Alfred S. Posamentier
Seven Richard Dyer
Seven of Nine Christie Golden
Seven Six One  G.F. Borden
Seventeen Soya
Seventeen Booth Tarkington
Sixty-Six Barry Levinson
Three Maxim Gorki
Three Lillian Hellman
Three Alan Watts
Thr3e Ted Dekker
Trillions Nicolas Fisk
The Twelve Howard and Susan Kaminsky
Twelve Nick McDonnell
Twenty-One Ward Just
Zero Masutake Okumiya [NF]
Zero Eric VanLustbader
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Last updated December 2008 sdc

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