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Were you an avid reader of the Wagons West! series of the 1980s? Were you glued to the television for the lavish miniseries Poldark or The Forsyte Saga? Did you ever enjoy one of the Whiteoak Chronicles novels by Mazo DelaRoche and wonder...what happened next ? Have you thrilled to the centuries-spanning sagas of The Kent Family Chronicles or The Australians, or have you gotten hooked on more recent series such as The Berrybender Chronicles or the descendents of A Woman of Substance? Then perhaps you'd like to sample more of the numerous Family Sagas shown in this extensive booklist.

Some of the following novels are "stand alones", while many are entries in popular series. In the cases of stand-alone novels, individual titles are in alphabetical order following the author's name. In the case of series, the novels are arranged in "series order" following the name of the series. We've included a number of titles in this list which are not currently owned by the Lincoln City Libraries. These appear here for the sake of providing complete series listings, or to identify classic Family Sagas which may be out-of-print, but may still be worth pursuing. All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department.

Keep it in the Family:
Multi-Generational Family Sagas

Alice Adams Caroline's Daughters
Richard Adams The Outlandish Knight
Elizabeth Adler Fortune is a Woman
Bess Streeter Aldrich A Lantern in Her Hand
Isabel Allende The House of the Spirits
Evelyn Anthony The House of Vandekar
Jeffrey Archer As the Crow Flies
Louis Auchincloss The Winthrop Covenant
Lynn Austin Though Waters Roar
Tilly BagshaweSidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game
James Baldwin Go Tell It On the Mountain
Clive Barker Galilee: A Romance
Lois Battle Southern Women
Wendell BerryHannah Coulter
Stephen Birmingham The Auerbach Will
Carriage Trade
The LeBaron Secret
Those Harper Women
Leona Blair A World of Difference
Vicente Blasco Ibanez The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Janine Boissard The Moreau Family
A Matter of Feeling
Christmas Lessons
A Time to Choose
Heinrich Boll Billiards at Half-Past Nine
Malcolm Bosse The Warlord
T. Coraghessen Boyle World's End
Barbara Taylor Bradford Woman of Substance series
A Woman of Substance
Hold the Dream
To Be the Best
Emma's Secret
Unexpected Blessings

Just Rewards
The House of Deravenal series
The Ravenscar Dynasty
The Heir
Being Elizabeth
Dionne Brand At the Full and Change of the Moon
Matthew Braun The Kincaids
Jimmy Breslin Table Money
Andre P. Brink Imaginings of Sand
Jacqueline Briskin The VanVliet Family
Rich Friends
The Onyx
Gwen Bristow The Plantation trilogy
Deep Summer
The Handsome Road
This Side of Glory
Louis Bromfield The Farm
Mrs. Parkington
Dee Brown Creek Mary's Blood
Sandra Brown White Hot
Samuel Butler The Way of All Flesh
Beverly Byrne The Flames of Vengeance
The Firebirds
Taylor Caldwell Barber and Bouchard families trilogy
Dynasty of Death
The Eagles Gather
The Final Hour
Philip Caputo The Voyage
Gladys Hasty Carroll Dunnybrook
Sing Out the Glory
Angela Carter Wise Children
Jack Cavanaugh American Family Portrait
The Patriots
The Adversaries
The Pioneers
The Peacemakers
John Cheever The Wapshot Family
The Wapshot Chronicle
The Wapshot Scandal
Lars Saabye Christensen The Half Brother
Winston Churchill The Carvels
Richard Carvel
The Crisis
Jonathan Coe The Rain Before It Falls
William Laurence Coleman ("Lonnie") The Beulah Land trilogy
Beulah Land
The Legacy of Beulah Land
Look Away, Beulah Land
Catherine Cookson The Bannaman Legacy
The Desert Crop
The Maltese Angel

The Mallen trilogy
The Mallen Streak
The Mallen Girl
The Mallen Lot
J. California Cooper The Wake of the Wind
Michael Cunningham Flesh and Blood
David Davidar The House of Blue Mangoes
Robertson Davies The Manticore
Murther and Walking Spirits
Celeste De Blasis The Proud Breed
The Swan Saga
The Wild Swan
Swan's Chance
A Season for Swans
Mazo DelaRoche The Whiteoak Chronicles
The Building of Jalna
Morning at Jalna
Mary Wakefield
Young Renny
Whiteoak Heritage
The Whiteoak Brothers
Whiteoaks of Jalna
Finch's Fortune
Master of Jalna
Whiteoak Harvest
Wakefield's Course
Return to Jalna
Renny's Daughter
Variable Winds at Jalna
Centenary at Jalna
R. F. Delderfield The Craddock Family
A Horseman Riding By
The Green Gauntlet

The Swann Trilogy
God is an Englishman
Theirs Was the Kingdom
Give Us This Day
Ivan Doig Bucking the Sun
Elsie Burch Donald Nashborough
Sara Donati Fire Along the Sky
Queen of Swords
Michael Dorris The Cloud Chamber
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water
Emma Drummond A Distant Hero
Joan M. Drury Those Jordan Girls
Dame Daphne DuMaurier Hungry Hill
Dominic Dunne A Season in Purgatory
Dorothy Dunnett Niccolo Rising
Race of Scorpions
The Spring of the Ram
Alan EbertTraditions
Dorothy Eden The Salamanca Drum
John Ehle The Wright Family
Lion on the Hearth
The Land Breakers
The Road
Time of Drums
Winter People
Last One Home
The Journey of August King
Robert S. Elegant Dynasty
Julie Ellis The Hampton Saga
The Hampton Heritage
The Hampton Women
Louise Erdrich The Antelope Wife
Nomi Eve The Family Orchard
Howard Fast The Lavette Chronicles
The Immigrants
Second Generation
The Establishment
The Legacy
The Immigrant's Daughter
William Faulkner Flags in the Dust
Edna Ferber Show Boat
Lolita Files Child of God
Thomas J. Fleming The Stapleton Family
Liberty Tavern
Promises to Keep
The Spoils of War
The Wages of Fame
When This Cruel War is Over
Ken Follett A Dangerous Fortune
Dorothea Benton Frank Return to Sullivan's Island
Marianne Fredriksson Hanna's Daughters
Margaret Gaan The Red Barbarian Saga
Red Barbarian
White Poppy
Blue Mountain
James Galsworthy The Forsyte Saga
A Man of Property
In Chancery
To Let
The Forsyte Saga [1-3]
The White Monkey
The Silver Spoon
Swan Song
A Modern Comedy [4-6]
Maid in Waiting
Flowering Wilderness
One More River
End of the Chapter [7-9]
On Forsyte 'Change
The Forsyte Saga
 [2002 miniseries DVD - 3 discs]
The Forsyte Saga, Series 2 [2003 miniseries DVD - 2 discs]
The Forsyte Saga - The Complete Saga [2002 and 2003 miniseries DVD - 7 discs]
Cristina Garcia The Aguero Sisters
Dreaming in Cuban
Gabriel Garcia Marquez One Hundred Years of Solitude
John E. Gardner The Secret Generations trilogy
The Secret Generations
The Secret Houses
The Secret Families
Catherine Gaskin The Ambassador's Women
The Charmed Circle
Catherine Gavin The Sunset Dream
Anne George This One and Magic Life
Kaye Gibbons Charms for the Easy Life
Janice Holt Giles American West saga
The Kentuckians
Hannah Fowler
The Land Beyond the Mountains
The Believers
Johnny Osage
Voyage to Santa Fe
The Great Adventure
Six-Horse Hitch
Gloria Goldreich Leah Goldfeder saga
Leah's Journey
Leah's Children
Elizabeth Goudge Eliot Family
Bird in the Tree
Pilgrim's Inn
Heart of the Family
Winston Graham The Poldark saga
Ross Poldark (a.k.a. The Renegade)
Jeremy Poldark
The Black Moon
The Four Swans
The Angry Tide
The Stranger From the Sea
The Miller's Dance
The Loving Cup
The Twisted Sword
Bella Poldark
 [1975 miniseries VHS - 6 tapes]
Poldark II [1977 miniseries VHS - 6 tapes]
Poldark [1995 movie VHS - 1 tape]
Shirley Ann Grau The Condor Passes
The Keepers of the House
Andrew M. Greeley The Lord of the Dance
Lauren Groff The Monsters of Templeton
Joel Gross The Books of Rachel
The Lives of Rachel
Home of the Brave
Alex Haley Mama Flora's Family
Marek Halter The Book of Abraham
Karen Harper The Wings of Morning
Marilyn Harris The Eden Saga
This Other Eden
Prince of Eden
The Eden Passion
The Women of Eden
Eden Rising
American Eden
Eden and Honor
Jim Harrison The Road Home
Sarah Harrison Tennant Family Saga
Flowers of the Field
A Flower That's Free
Nathaniel Hawthorne The House of the Seven Gables
Constance Heaven The Kuragin Trilogy
The House of Kuragin
The Astrov Legacy
Heir to Kuragin

The Ravensley series
Lord of Ravensley
The Ravensley Touch
Ursula Hegi Sacred Time
Max Hennessy 19th Lancers Trilogy
Soldier of the Queen
Blunted Lance
The Iron Stallions
Eleanor Hibbert
 (a.k.a. Philippa Carr)
Knave of Hearts trilogy [see also Philippa Carr]
Knave of Hearts
Voices in a Haunted Room
The Return of the Gypsy
Oscar Hijuelos The Fourteen Sisters of Emilio Montez O'Brien
Deborah Hill Merrick Family Trilogy
This is the House
The House of Kingsley Merrick
Pamela Hill The House of Cray
Ruth Beebe Hill Hanta Yo
Jane Aiken Hodge The Purchis Saga
Savannah Purchase
Judas Flowering
Wide is the Water
Peter Hoeg The History of Danish Dreams
Elizabeth Jane Howard The Cazalet Chronicle
Light Years
Marking Time
The Cazalets
 [2001 miniseries VHS - 3 tapes]
Susan Howatch Cashelmara
The Wheel of Fortune

VanZale Saga
The Rich are Different
Sins of the Fathers
William Humphrey The Ordways
Evan Hunter Sons
The Chisholms
Susan Isaacs Almost Paradise
Red, White and Blue
Rona Jaffe Family Secrets
The Road Taken
John Jakes Charleston
The Kent Family Chronicles
The Bastard
The Rebels
The Seekers
The Furies
The Titans
The Warriors
The Lawless
The Americans

Civil War Trilogy
North and South
Love and War
Heaven and Hell
North and South
 [1985 miniseries DVD - 5 discs]
The Crown Family Saga
American Dreams
Pamela Jekel Deep Water
Gary Jennings Aztec
Ruth Prawar Jhabvala Shards of Memory
Douglas C. Jones Arkansas Trilogy
Winding Stair
Elkhorn Tavern
Weedy Rough
Rose Jourdain Those the Sun Has Loved
Mary Pat Kelly Galway Bay
William Kennedy Very Old Bones
Ken Kesey Sometimes a Great Notion
Judith Krantz Mistral's Daughter
Rosalind Laker To Dance With Kings
Warwycks of Easthampton
Warwyck's Women
Claudine's Daughter
Warwyck's Choice
Louis L'Amour The Sacketts
Sackett's Land
To the Far Blue Mountains
The Warrior's Path
Jubal Sackett
Ride the River
The Daybreakers
Mojave Crossing
The Sackett Brand
The Lonely Men
Treasure Mountain
Mustang Man
The Sky-Liners
The Man From the Broken Hills
Ride the Dark Trail
Lonely on the Mountain
The Sackett Companion
 [a Guidebook to the series]
Syrell Rogovin Leahy Wolfe Family Saga
Family Ties
Family Truths
Ella Leffland Breath and Shadows
Bem LeHunte The Seduction of Silence
Madeleine L'Engle Certain Women
Jeffrey Lent In the Fall
Penelope Lively Consequences
Norah Lofts The Haunting of Gad's Hall
William Stuart Long The Australians
The Exiles
The Settlers
The Traitors
The Explorers
The Adventurers
The Colonists
The Goldseekers
The Gallant
The Empire Builders
The Seafarers
The Nationalists
The Imperialists
Stephen Longstreet The Pedlocks
The Pedlocks: The Story of a Family
God and Sarah Pedlock
Pedlock & Sons
Pedlock Saint, Pedlock Sinner
The Pedlock Inheritance
The Pedlocks in Love

The Fiores
All or Nothing
Our Father's House
Sons and Daughters
Bette Lord Golden Hill
Spring Moon
Malcolm Macdonald For They Shall Inherit
The Stevenson Chronicles
The World From Rough Stones
The Rich Are With You Always
Sons of Fortune
Mary Mackey A Grand Passion
Naguib Mahfouz The Cairo Trilogy
Palace of Desire
Palace Walk
Sugar Street
Thomas Mann Buddenbrooks
John P. Marquand The Late George Apley
William Martin Annapolis
Cape Cod
Roger Martin du Gard Thibaults Saga
The Thibaults
Summer 1914
John Masters The Savage Family
The Deceivers
Nightrunners of Bengal
The Lotus and the Wind
Far, Far the Mountain Peak
Bhowani Junction
To the Coral Strand
Donald McCaig Jacob's Ladder
Colleen McCullough The Thorn Birds
The Touch
Tamara McKinley Jacaranda Vines
Larry McMurtry The Berrybender Narratives
Sin Killer
The Wandering Hill
By Sorrow's River
Folly and Glory
Marijane Meaker Hometown
Anne Melville The Lorimer Saga
The Lorimer Line
Family Fortunes
Fern Michaels Vegas Heat
James Michener Chesapeake
Sue Miller Family Pictures
Ruth Moore Speak to the Winds
Marcel Moring In Babylon
Gilbert Morris The House of Winslow
The Honorable Imposter
The Captive Bride
The Indentured Heart
The Gentle Rebel
The Saintly Buccaneer
The Holy Warrior
The Reluctant Bridegroom
The Last Confederate
The Dixie Widow
The Wounded Yankee
The Union Belle
The Final Adversary
The Crossed Sabres
The Valiant Gunman
The Gallant Outlaw
The Jeweled Spur
The Yukon Queen
The Rough Rider
The Iron Lady
The Silver Star
The Shadow Portrait
The White Hunter
The Flying Cavalier
The Glorious Prodigal
The Amazon Quest
The Golden Angel
The Heavenly Fugitive
The Fiery Ring
The Pilgrim Song
The Beloved Enemy
The Shining Badge
The Royal Handmaid
The Silent Harp
The Virtuous Woman
The Gypsy Moon
The Unlikely Allies
The High Calling
The Hesitant Hero
The Widow's Choice
The White Knight
Wright Morris Plains Song for Female Voices
Toni Morrison Song of Solomon
Sallyann J. Murphey Metcalfe Family Album: Six Generations of Traditions and Memories
Vladimir Nabakov Ada
Gloria Naylor Linden Hills
Fae Myenne Ng Bone
Joyce Carol Oates Bellefleur
My Heart Laid Bare
Elizabeth Ogilvie The Bennett Island series
High Tide at Noon
Storm Tide
Ebbing Tide
How Wide the Heart
An Answer in the Tide
The Summer of the Osprey
Robert B. Parker All Our Yesterdays
Mary Emily Pearce Apple Tree Lean Down
The Land Endures
Jane Peart American Quilt
The Pattern
The Pledge
The Promise
Richard Peck This Family of Women
Michael Phillips The Stonewycke Legacy
Stranger at Stonewycke
Shadows Over Stonewycke
Treasure of Stonewycke
Marge Piercy Three Women
Rosamunde Pilcher September
The Shell Seekers
Belva Plain Harvest
Random Winds
Sight of the Stars

The Evergreen Saga
The Golden Cup
David Plante The Francouer Family
The Family
The Woods
The Foreigner
The Country
The Catholic
The Native
Richard Pitts Powell The Philadelphian
Eugenia Price St. Simon's Island series
The Lighthouse
New Moon Rising
The Beloved Invader

The Savannah Quartet
To See Your Face Again
Before the Darkness Falls
Stranger in Savannah

The Georgia Trilogy
Bright Captivity
Where Shadows Go
Beauty From Ashes
Reynolds Price The Great Circle
The Surface of Earth
The Source of Light
David Pryce-Jones The Afternoon Sun
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings The Sojourner
Claire Rayner The Performer Series
Gower Street
The Haymarket
Paddington Green
Soho Square
Bedford Row
Covent Garden
Charing Cross
The Strand
Chelsea Reach
Shaftesbury Avenue
Mordecai Richler Solomon Gursky Was Here
Conrad Richter The Awakening Land trilogy
The Trees
The Fields
The Town
Jean Rikhoff The Timble Family
Dear Ones All
Voyage In, Voyage Out
Rites of Passage

The Butte Family
Butte's Landing
One of the Raymonds
Alexandra Ripley The Tradds and the Ansons
On Leaving Charleston
Dana Fuller Ross Wagons West
New Mexico!

The Holts
Oregon Legacy
Oklahoma Pride
Carolina Courage
California Glory
Hawaii Heritage
Sierra Triumph
Yukon Justice
Pacific Destiny

The Holts: Frontier Trilogy

The Holts: Empire Trilogy
Salman Rushdie The Moor's Last Sigh
Edward Rutherfurd The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga
Thomas Sanchez Rabbit Boss
Winnie Crandall Saunders To Span a Continent
Sir Walter Scott The Bride of Lammermoor
Harriet Segal The Skylark's Song
Vikram A. Seth A Suitable Boy
Anya Seton The Hearth and Eagle
Ntozake Shange Betsey Brown
Irwin Shaw Beggarman, Thief
Rich Man, Poor Man
Voices of a Summer Day
Sidney Sheldon Master of the Game
Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game (as by Tilly Bagshawe)
Susan Richrds Shreve Daughters of the New World
Anne Rivers Siddons Colony
Mona Simpson Anywhere But Here
Katherine Sinclair A Distant Dawn
Isaac Bashevis Singer The Family Moskat
Katie Singer The Wholeness of a Broken Heart
Robert Skimin Chikara! A Sweeping Novel of Japan and America from 1907 to 1983
Connie Lynne Smith Vanished Glory: A Family in America
Lee Smith The Devil's Dream
Family Linen
Oral History
Wilbur A. Smith The Ballantyne Family Saga
Flight of the Falcon
Men of Men
The Angels Weep
Cathy Cash Spellman So Many Partings
Leonard St. Clair The Seadon Fortune
Hilda Stahl The White Pine Chronicles
The Inheritance
Danielle Steel Thurston House
Wallace Stegner Angle of Repose
John Steinbeck East of Eden
Richard Martin Stern Brood of Eagles
Robert Louis Stevenson The Master of Ballantrae
Fred Mustard Stewart The Glitter and the Gold
The Savage Family
The Young Savages
The Naked Savages
The Savages in Love and War
Jessica Stirling The Stalkers
Call Home the Heart

The Beckman Family Saga
The Drums of Time
The Blue Evening Gone
The Gates of Midnight

The Cochrans
Treasures on Earth
Creature Comforts
Hearts of Gold
Clark Stuart Walks Far Woman
Jean Stubbs The Howarth Family Saga
By Our Beginnings
An Imperfect Joy
Vivian Inheritance
The Northern Coorespondent, 1831-1851
Frank Swinnerton A Tigress in the Village
Reay Tannahill Return of the Stranger
Booth Tarkington The Magnificent Ambersons
William Makepeace Thackery The Virginians
Elswyth Thane Dawn's Early Light
Ever After
Kissing Kin
The Light Heart
This Was Tomorrow
Yankee Stranger
Bodie Thoene Galway Chronicles
Only the River Runs Free
Of Men and Angels
All Rivers to the Sea
Michael M. Thomas Hanover Place
Lynda Trent Everlasting
Adriana Trigiani The Queen of the Big Time
Henri Troyat The Seed and the Fruit
Amelie in Love
Amelie and Pierre
Tender and Violent Elizabeth
The Encounter

The Danov Family
My Father's House
The Red and the White
Strangers on Earth
Thomas Tryon In the Fire of Spring
The Wings of the Morning
Anne Tyler Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
Searching for Caleb
Dorothy Uhnak Law and Order
Sigrid Undset Kristin Lavransdatter
John Updike In the Beauty of the Lilies
Leon Uris Trinity
Jane Urquhart Away
Robert Vaughn American Chronicles
The Lost Generation
Over There
Penny Vincenzi No Angel
Something Dangerous
Hugh Walpole The Herries family series
Bright Pavilions
Rogue Herries
Judith Paris
The Fortress
Jan Webster The Glasglow saga
Colliers Row
Saturday City
Beggerman's Country
Jerome Weidman A Family Fortune
Paul Wellman The Wedge family trilogy
Walls of Jericho
The Chain
Jericho's Daughters
Eudora Welty Losing Battles
Kate Wenner Setting Fires
Rebecca West The Aubrey family series
The Fountain Overflows
This Real Night
Cousin Rosamund
Glenway Wescott The Grandmothers: A Family Portrait
Dorothy West The Wedding
Ben Ames Williams The Currain Family
House Divided
The Unconquered
Daoma Winston A Story of the Fall River Line, 1847 to 1937
Larry Woiwode The Neumiller family
Beyond the Bedroom Wall
Born Brothers
Barbara Wood Green City in the Sun
Virginia Woolf The Years
Nancy L. Zaroulis Massachusetts
Norman Zollinger Riders to Cibola

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