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Throughout the history of American fiction, many authors have featured fictionalized versions of actual U.S. Presidents in their novels and short stories. The following is a list of prominent novels featuring actual Presidents and their families in fictional tales. The Presidents and their First Ladies about whom Lincoln City Libraries owns adult fiction books are listed here in order of their terms of office.

George Washington [1789-1797]
Christian Cameron Washington and Caesar
Mary Higgins Clark  Aspire to the Heavens [a.k.a. Mount Vernon Love Story]
Howard Fast The Unvanquished
David Garland Valley Forge
Newt Gingrich To Try Men's Souls
Zane Grey George Washington, Frontiersman
Katherine Kurtz Two Crowns for America  This is a science fiction or fantasy novel
William Martin Citizen Washington
Nancy Moser Washington's Lady

John Adams [1797-1801]
Irving Stone  Those Who Love

Thomas Jefferson [1801-1809]
Ron Burns Enslaved: A Mystery  This is a mystery novel
Max Byrd Jefferson
Barbara Chase-Riboud  The President's Daughter
Barbara Chase-Riboud Sally Hemings
Roberta Grimes My Thomas
Jane Langton Murder at Monticello  This is a mystery novel
William Safire Scandalmonger

Washington and Caesar book cover    Two Crowns for America book cover    Murder at Monticello book cover    Scandalmonger book cover   

James Madison [1809-1817]
Connie Briscoe A Long Way From Home
David Nevin Eagle's Cry
David Nevin Treason
Dorothy Clarke Wilson  Queen Dolley: The Life and Times of Dolley Madison

Andrew Jackson [1829-1837]
Max Byrd Jackson
Alfred L. Crabb Home to the Hermitage
Eric Flint The Rivers of War
Noel Gerson Old Hickory
David Nevin Eagle's Cry
Irving Stone The President's Lady
Paul I. Wellman  Magnificent Destiny

James Knox Polk [1845-1849]
Noel Gerson  The Slender Reed

James Buchanan [1857-1861]
John Updike  Memories of the Ford Administration

Abraham Lincoln [1861-1865]
Benjamin King A Bullet for Lincoln
Christopher Leppek The Surrogate Assassin  This is a mystery novel
Thomas Mallon Henry and Clara
Helen Topping Miller Christmas for Tad
Honore Morrow Great Captain: The Lincoln Trilogy
David Robertson Booth
William Safire Freedom
Richard Slotkin Abe
Philip Van Doren Stern  The Man Who Killed Lincoln
Irving Stone Love is Eternal
Gore Vidal Lincoln
Connie Willis Lincoln's Dreams  This is a science fiction or fantasy novel

Eagle's Cry book cover    Jackson book cover    The Surrogate Assassin book cover    Lincoln's Dreams book cover   

Andrew Johnson [1865-1869]
Noel Gerson  The Yankee From Tennessee

Ulysses Simpson Grant [1869-1877]
Max Byrd Grant
Newt Gingrich Grant Comes East
Newt Gingrich Never Call Retreat
Ted Jones Grant's War
Ann Parker Iron Ties
Richard Parry That Fateful Lightning
Jeff Shaara The Last Full Measure
Robert Skimin  Ulysses

Theodore Roosevelt [1901-1909]
Lawrence Alexander  Speak Softly: A Theodore Roosevelt Mystery  This is a mystery novel
Matt Braun  Dakota  This is a western novel
Brian Garfield Manifest Destiny  This is a western novel
Noel Gerson TR

Warren Gamaliel Harding [1921-1923]
Martin Blinder Fluke
Glen David Gold  Carter Beats the Devil

Calvin Coolidge [1923-1929]
John Derbyshire  Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream

Franklin Delano Roosevelt [1933-1945]
Ellen Feldman Lucy
Rhoda Lerman Eleanor
The Sands of Sakkara
David Poyer The Only Thing to Fear
Elliott Roosevelt  New Deal For Death  This is a mystery novel
Elliott Roosevelt The President's Man  This is a mystery novel

Harry S. Truman [1945-1953]
Thomas Mallon  Dewey Defeats Truman

That Fateful Lightning book cover    Carter Beats the Devil book cover    Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream book cover    Dewey Defeats Truman book cover   

John Fitzgerald Kennedy [1961-1963]
Don DeLillo Libra
Don DeLillo The Names
Stephen Frey The Legacy
William Harrington Columbo: The Grassy Knoll
Homer H. Hickam The Ambassador's Son
Robert Mayer I, JFK
Mel McKinney Where There's Smoke
Jed Mercurio American Adulterer
David Poyer The Only Thing to Fear
Mario Puzo The Fourth K
Marly Swick Paper Wings
Robert Tannenbaum  Corruption of Blood
D.M. Thomas Flying in to Love

Richard Milhous Nixon [1969-1974]
John Ehrlichman  The China Card
Homer H. Hickam The Ambassador's Son
Jonathan Lowy Elvis and Nixon  This is a science fiction or fantasy novel

Gerald Rudolph Ford [1974-1977]
John Updike  Memories of the Ford Administration

Ronald Wilson Reagan [1981-1989]
Peter Delacorte  Time on My Hands

George Bush [1989-1993]
Lydia Millet  George Bush, Dark Prince of Love

William Jefferson Clinton [1993-2000]
Joe Eszterhas  American Rhapsody
R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. and "Anonymous"  The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton: A Political Docu-Drama

Columbo: The Grassy Knoll book cover    Elvis and Nixon book cover    Memories of the Ford Administration book cover    Time On My Hands book cover   

Imaginary Presidents

These adult fiction books do not have actual U.S. Presidents as the main subject, but rather feature fictional Presidents.

[anonymous] Primary Colors
John Calvin Batchelor   Father's Day
Roy Blount First Hubby
Sophy Burnham The President's Angel
Stephen J. Cannell The Plan
Caleb Carr Killing Time  This is a mystery novel
Zeev Chafets The Project
William Christie The Warriors of God
David Corn Deep Background
Peter David One Knight Only  This is a science fiction or fantasy novel
Joseph Flynn The Next President
Tim Green The Fourth Perimeter
Jack Higgins The President's Daughter
James Houston Marine One
Franklin Allen Leib Behold a Pale Horse
Roderick MacLeish A City on the River
Jamie Malanowski Mr. Stupid Goes to Washington
John J. Nance Headwind
Michael Palmer The First Patient
David Poyer The Threat
Patrick Robinson To the Death
Philip Roth The Plot Against America
Erik Tarloff Face-time
Brad Thor State of the Union
Casper Weinberger Chain of Command
Donald Westlake Put a Lid on It
Jack Womack Going, Going, Gone  This is a science fiction or fantasy novel

The Plan book cover    One Knight Only book cover    Face Time book cover    Going, Going, Gone book cover   

Many more novels about the U.S. Civil War and World War II feature Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt prominently. You can see lists of these by doing a subject search under either United States -- History -- 1861-1865 (Civil War) -- Fiction or World War -- 1939-1945 -- Fiction.

This is a mystery novel indicates mystery title
This is a science fiction or fantasy novel indicates science fiction or fantasy title
This is a western novel indicates western title

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