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The Sleuth Said Woof!

Dogs or Dog-Lovers as Sleuths

Man's Best Friend can sometimes be a detective's best assistant -- why let the cats have all the fun?! Check out these authors with ongoing mystery series starring, or prominently featuring, canines as part of their casts of characters.

All series in this list of which one or more volumes are currently owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. Some series not owned by the libraries are included in this list due to their classic or popular nature. If you see a series on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department.

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Ellery Adams
Books by the Bay series [2010-present]

Starring Olivia Limoges and Captain Haviland, her Standard Poodle, who solve mysteries with the help of a writing club.
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Lydia Adamson
Deirdre Quinn Nightingale [1994-2001]

This series, featuring a veterinarian, frequently involves dogs in the book plots.
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Donna Ball
Raine Stockton series [2006-2007]

Raine Stockton, a dog trainer and the ex-wife of a deputy sheriff had stopped volunteering for Search and Rescue work after a tragic loss, but now she reluctantly returns to active duty -- along with a young and inexperienced Golden Retriever named Cisco.
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Cynthia Baxter
Reigning Cats and Dogs Series [2004-present]

Dr. Jessica Popper is a rural veterinarian, who makes house calls. Lou is her one-eyed Dalmatian, and Max is her tailless Westie, and they often help her stumble across murder mysteries.
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Carol Lea Benjamin
Rachel Alexander and Dash [1996-2006]

P.I. Rachel Alexander is accompanied by her formidable canine partner, Dash, on cases throughout the New York City area.
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Laurien Berenson
Melanie Travis series [1995-2008]

Dog trainer and amateur detective Melanie Travis interacts with numerous dogs throughout this series.
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Michael Bond
Monsieur Pamplemousse [1983-present]

Prominently featured is Pamplemousse's dog, Pommes Frites.
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Rita Mae Brown
Jane Arnold series [2000-2008]

The Jane Arnold foxhunting series has dogs galore.
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Rita Mae Brown
Mrs. Murphy Series [1990-present]

Tucker the Corgi is a regular feature of this series.
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Nancy Bush
Jane Kelly Mystery Series [2005-2007]

Jane's sidekick is her Pug, Binks.
book cover
Ann Campbell
The Annie O'Hare Series [2000-2002]

Annie's beloved Siberian Huskey/German Shepherd mix, Claudius is a regular character in this series.
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Melissa Cleary
Dog Lovers Mystery Series [1992-2000]

Film teacher Jackie Walsh is the sleuth, and rescued ex-police dog Jake (a German Shepherd) is her canine companion, in this series of amateur detective novels.
book cover
Blaize Clement
Dixie Hemingway Cat-Sitter series [2005-present]

Dixie Hemingway happens to be a pet sitter, who's also an ex-cop. Trying to leave the world of law enforcement behind, Dixie sometimes can't ignore the mysteries her furry clients uncover.
book cover
Susan Conant
Holly Winter Series [1989-present]

Holly is a dog trainer, and writes for a dog-related magazine, so is constantly surrounded by dogs.
book cover
Evelyn David
Sullivan Investigations series [2007-present]

Mackenzie Sullivan is a recently retired Irish cop from D.C. Whiskey is his fast-food-loving Irish Wolfhound. Sullivan is settling into his new role as a private eye, after years on the force.
book cover
J.F. Englert
Bull Moose Dog Run series [2007-2009]

Randolph, a plump, poetry-loving black Labrador Retriever, is the sleuth in this series set in Manhattan. Harry is Randolph's hapless human owner...whom Randolph has to train to help him solve the mysteries that his superior canine intellect frequently encounters!
book cover
Christy Evans
Georgiana Neverall series [2009-present]

Plumbing apprentice Georgiana Neverall solves mysteries with her two Airedales, Daisy and Buddha.
book cover
Patricia Guiver
The Delilah Doolittle/Pet Detective series [1997-2003]

British transplant Delilah Doolittle solves mysteries in Southern California with her trusty Doberman, Watson.
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Gerald Hammond
Three Oaks series [1989-2001]

John Cunningham is the owner and manager of Three Oaks Kennels, and a dog-lover in his own life. These Scotland-set mysteries are classic amateur detective tales.
book cover
David Handler
Stewart Hoag and Lulu series [1988-1997]

Lulu the Basset Hound often accompanies Stewart "Hoagy" Hoag, writer, ghostwriter and private eye, as he tours Hollywood solving crimes.
book cover
Sue Henry
Jessie Arnold/Alaska Mystery series [1991-present]

Jessie Arnold is a dog-sled racer in Alaska, and her mysteries invariably involve her beloved Alaskan sled dogs.
book cover
Sue Henry
Maxie and Stretch [2004-2009]

Sue Henry's second series features Maxie McNabb, a feisty retiree touring the country (and stumbling into mysteries) with her Mini Dachshund, "Stretch."
book cover
Gabriella Herkert
Animal Instinct Mystery Series [2007-2009]

Legal investigator Sara Townley's cases invariably seem to
book cover
Marion Moore Hill
Scrappy Librarian series [2001-2008]

Okalahoma librarian Juanita Wills solves mysteries in her small town with the assistance of Collie/mongrel dog, Rip.
book cover
Suzette A. Hill
Reverend Francis Oughterard series [2005-present]

Maurice, a cynical cat, and Bouncer, a shaggy dog, assist bumbling Reverend Francis Oughterard in extricating himself from the mysteries in which he invariably finds himself a suspect!
book cover
Linda O. Johnston
Pet Rescue series [2011-present]

Lauren Vancouver is the head of a Los Angeles "no-kill" animal shelter, and rescued dogs are often a focal point in the mysteries she solves.
book cover
Lee Charles Kelley
Jack and Jamie series [2003-2007]

Jack Fielder is a dog trainer, ex-cop, and behavioral specialist. Medical Examiner Jamie Cuttler is his "main squeeze." And his cases usually involved dogs -- either his own or his clients'.
book cover
Virginia Lanier
The Bloodhound series [1995-2006]

Jo Beth Sidden breeds and trains bloodhounds for police work. Sometimes she gets a little close to her work subjects.
book cover
Judi McCoy
Ellie Engleman, Dog Walker series [2008-present]

Dog walker Ellie Engleman has an unusual ability -- she can read the minds of her canine clientel. Which comes in handy, since the dogs under her care seem to sniff out a variety of crimes!
book cover
Leslie O'Kane
Allie Babcock series [1998-2002]

Allie Babcock is an intrepid dog therapist, with a knack for sleuthing. And her doggie patients usually have owners who are hip-deep in crises and crimes.
book cover
Spencer Quinn
Chet and Bernie series [2009-present]

Bernie's the human -- a private eye, and Chet's the dog - a mixed-breed mongrel. Chet's also the narrator for us, the audience, told with a dog's typical short-term attention span. Hilarious and heart-warming, and solid mysteries!
book cover
Cynthia Robinson
Max Bravo series [2010-present]

Opera singer Max Bravo stars in this new series, set in San Francisco, which has thus far featured dogs prominently in the plots!
book cover
David Rosenfelt
Andy Carpenter series [2002-present]

Defense attorney Andy Carpenter has a lot of uncertainty and unpredictability in his life. One source of stability for him is his beloved Golden Retriever, Tara.
book cover
Dana Stabenow
Kate Shugak series [1992-present]

The Kate Shugak series is set in Alaska, and among Kate's large cast of regular supporting characters is Mutt, a half-wolf/half-Husky, who serves as part of Kate's emotional safety blanket.
book cover
Peggy Webb
Southern Cousins series [2008-present]

Elvis is a basset hound who's convinced he's the reincarnation of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, guarding the Eternal Rest Funeral Home and Callie Valentine Jones, his human mistress with a penchant for trouble.
book cover
Karen Ann Wilson
Samantha Holt series [1994-1997]

Another short-lived series focusing on a veterinary clinic worker, whose mysteries frequently involved dogs.
book cover
Stuart Woods
Holly Barker series [1992-present]

Facing tragedy and scandal in her own life, ex-Army major Holly Barker takes a job as the deputy chief of police (and ultimately the Chief) in rural Orchid Beach, Florida, where she and her trusty Doberman, Daisy, become caught up in webs of crime and conspiracy.
book cover
Nina Wright
Whiskey Mattimoe series [2005-2009]

Whiskey Mattimoe is a recently-widowed realtor, trying to adjust to the single person's life in her mid-thirties. Abra is her adorable, yet kleptomaniac, Afghan Hound. Let the humorous mystery-solving begin!
book cover
Sue Owens Wright
Beanie and Cruiser [2001-2009]

Elsie "Beanie" McBean is an investigative reporter in Lake Tahoe, and Cruiser is her beloved companion, a Basset Hound. It's amazing the kind of trouble a reporter can get into!


book cover
Jeffrey Marks
Canine Christmas [1999]
book cover
Jill M. Morgan
Creature Cozies [2005]

Compiled July 2011 sdc

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