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Star Trek: The Reading List

This is a comprehensive listing of professionally published Star Trek fiction -- novels and short-story collections. Most likely, the earliest forms of Star Trek fiction many fans may recall being exposed to are the numbered Star Trek books adapted by James Blish from the original scripts to 77 of the 79 classic Star Trek episodes (later rereleased in collected hardbacks as The Star Trek Readers) -- and the Star Trek Log books, adapted by Alan Dean Foster from the scripts to the 22 Animated Star Trek episodes. These two book sets have been in-and-out of print ever since their first releases. The Blish books have been gathered, twice, into more convenient form. Once, in the early 1970s, the stories in Star Trek 1-10 were compiled into four hardbound volumes called Star Trek Readers; and in 1991, to celebrate Star Trek's 25th Anniversary, 77 of the 79 episodes were compiled into a three-volume paperback set entitled Star Trek -- The Classic Episodes.

Star Trek 12 was co-written by Blish's wife, J.A. Lawrence following his death. The remaining two classic Star Trek episodes, both featuring the character Harry Mudd, were combined with an original story by Lawrence into Mudd's Angels in 1978.

The remainder of this listing of Star Trek fiction is divided into multiple sections, each with their own introduction below. As with all of the booklists on the Lincoln City Libraries Web site, titles owned by the library as part of our permanent collection have hotlinks into our our library catalog -- so that you may check on their current availability. Additional titles from this list may be available on the paperback racks at various branches -- if a title is not hotlinked from this list, we recommend doing a catalog search in the blue bar at left by either author or title. For titles not owned by the Lincoln City Libraries, please consider requesting them through our Interlibrary Loan service.

Novels Based on The Original Series

Novelizations (by James Blish) of 77 of the 79 original live-action series [1966-69] episodes, 12 volumes.  Novelizations (by Alan Dean Foster) of all 22 animated series [73-74] episodes, in 10 volumes.
Star Trek 1 Star Trek Log 1
Star Trek 2 Star Trek Log 2
Star Trek 3 Star Trek Log 3
Star Trek 4 Star Trek Log 4
Star Trek 5 Star Trek Log 5
Star Trek 6 Star Trek Log 6
Star Trek 7 Star Trek Log 7
Star Trek 8 Star Trek Log 8
Star Trek 9 Star Trek Log 9
Star Trek 10 Star Trek Log 10
Star Trek 11  
Star Trek 12  
Star Trek Reader  
Star Trek Reader II  
Star Trek Reader III  
Star Trek Reader IV  
 [see also: Mudd's Angels, below]  

Early pre-"Pocket" Star Trek fiction: 1968-1984

The original Star Trek aired from 1966-1969 on the NBC television network. Following mediocre ratings, it was cancelled after its second season, then saved by one of the first-ever write-in campaigns by fans. Following a third, poorly-rated season, NBC cancelled it again. The 79 existing episodes began airing as syndicated repeats in the early 1970s and gradually built a massive following. NBC returned the show to the air as a Saturday-morning animated series from 1973 to 1974, featuring the voices of most of the original cast members.

The following section includes the books released by a variety of publishers (primarily Bantam) between 1968 and 1984, before Pocket Books became the exclusive publisher of Star Trek novels. All of these books feature the characters from Classic Star Trek (a.k.a. The Original Series [TOS] -- Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. Leonard McCoy, and the supporting cast of Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, Scotty and others. The dates listed are for the original, first printings of these titles, although many of these books (again, the Bantam releases) have been reprinted multiple times.

Mission to Horatius HB [1968]Mack Reynolds
Spock Must Die [1970]James Blish
Star Trek: The New Voyages [1976]Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath [eds]
Spock Messiah [1976]Theodore Cogswell & Charles Spano
Price of the Phoenix [1977]Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath
Planet of Judgement [1977]Joe Haldeman
The Prisoner of Vega HB [1977]
Sharon Lerner & Christopher Cerf
The Truth Machine HB [1977]
Christopher Cerf & Sharon Lerner
Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 [1978]Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath [eds]
Vulcan [1978]Kathleen Sky
Mudd's Angels [1978]
(includes adaptations of the two "Harry Mudd" episodes)
J.A. Lawrence
Starless World [1978]Gordon Eklund
Devil World [1978]Gordon Eklund
The Fate of the Phoenix [1979]Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath
Trek to Madworld [1979]Stephen Golkin
World Without End [1979]Joe Haldeman
Perry's Planet [1980]Joe Haldeman II
The Galactic Whirlpool [1980]David Gerrold
Death's Angel [1981]Kathleen Sky
Star Trek II Short Stories [1982]William Rotsler
Star Trek III Short Stories [1984]William Rotsler

The "Pocket Books" era: 1981-present

In 1979, Star Trek: The Motion Picture premiered in theaters around the country, introducing a new era for the much-loved characters on-screen and in-print. In theaters, a total of six motion pictures were ultimately released from 1979 to 1992, featuring the Classic characters. In the area of novels, Pocket Books became the exclusive publisher of Star Trek fiction. New novels were released regularly, in numbered sequence, starting in 1981. Larger, "special" novels were occasionally also printed, but were not part of the normal numbering sequence. In 1988, the first hardback Star Trek book was released. Following volume #97 in 2002, Pocket Books finally abandoned their sequential numbering system.

#1 Star Trek: The Motion Picture [1979]Gene Roddenberry
#2 The Entropy Effect [1981]Vonda N. McIntyre
#3 The Klingon Gambit [1981]Robert Vardeman
#4 The Covenant of the Crown [1981]Howard Weinstein
#5 The Prometheus Design [1982]Sondra Marshak &
Myrna Culbreath
#6 The Abode of Life [1982]Lee Correy
#7 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [1982]Vonda N. McIntyre
#8 Black Fire [1982]Sonni Cooper
#9 Triangle [1983]Sondra Marshak &
Myrna Culbreath
#10 Web of the Romulans [1983]M[elinda] S. Murdock
(Nebraska Author!)
#11 Yesterday's Son [1983]A[nn] C. Crispin
#12 Mutiny on the Enterprise [1983]Robert Vardeman
#13 The Wounded Sky [1983]Diane Duane
#14 The Trellisane Confrontation [1984]David Dvorkin
#15 Corona [1984]Greg Bear
#16 The Final Reflection [1984]John M. Ford
#17 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock [1984]Vonda N. McIntyre
#18 Rihannsu, Book 1: My Enemy, My Ally [1984]Diane Duane
#19 Tears of the singers [1984]Melinda Snodgrass
#20 The Vulcan Academy Murders [1984]Jean Lorrah
#21 Uhura's Song [1985]Janet Kagan
#22 Shadow Lord [1985]Lawrence Yep
#23 Ishmael [1985]Barbara Hambly
#24 Killing Time [1985]Della VanHise
#25 Dwellers in the Crucible [1985]Margaret Wander Bonanno
#26 Pawns and Symbols [1985]Majliss Larson
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home [1986]Vonda N. McIntyre
#27 Mindshadow [1986]Jeanne M. Dillard
#28 Crisis on Centaurus [1986]Brad Ferguson
#29 Dreadnought! [1986]Diane Carey
Enterprise, the First Adventure [1986]Vonda N. McIntyre
#30 Demons [1986]J.M. Dillard
#31 Battlestations! [1986]Diane Carey
#32 Chain of Attack [1987]Gene DeWeese
#33 Deep Domain [1987]Howard Weinstein
#34 Dreams of the Raven [1987]Carmen Carter
Strangers From the Sky [1987]Margaret Wander Bonanno
#35 Rihannsu, Book 2: The Romulan Way [1987]Diane Duane &
Peter Morwood
#36 How Much For Just the Planet? [1987]John M. Ford
#37 Bloodthirst [1987]J.M. Dillard
Final Frontier [1988]Diane Carey
Spock's World HB [1988]Diane Duane
#38 The IDIC Epidemic [1988]Jean Lorrah
#39 Time for Yesterday [1988]Ann C. Crispin
#40 Timetrap [1988]David Dvorkin
#41 The Three-Minute Universe [1988]Barbara Paul
#42 Memory Prime [1988]Garfield Reeves-Stevens
#43 The Final Nexus [1988]Gene DeWeese
#44 Vulcan's Glory [1989]D.C. Fontana
The Lost Years HB [1989]J.M. Dillard
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier [1989]J.M. Dillard
#45 Double, Double [1989]Michael Jan Friedman
#46 The Cry of the Onlies [1989]Judy Klass
#47 The Kobayashi Maru [1989]Julia Ecklar
Prime Directive HB [1990]Garfield Reeves-Stevens &
Judith Reeves-Stevens
#48 Rules of Engagement [1990]Peter Morwood
#49 The Pandora Principle [1990]Carolyn Clowes
#50 Doctor's Orders [1990]Diane Duane
#51 Enemy Unseen [1990]V.E. Mitchell
#52 Home is the Hunter [1990]Dana Kramer-Rolls
#53 Ghost Walker [1991]Barbara Hambly
#54 A Flag Full of Stars [1991]
[The Lost Years Saga]
Brad Ferguson
#55 Renegade [1991]Gene DeWeese
#56 Legacy [1991]Michael Jan Friedman
#57 The Rift [1991]Peter David
Probe HB [1992]Margaret Wander Bonanno
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country [1992]J.M. Dillard
#58 Faces of Fire [1992]Michael Jan Friedman
#59 The Disinherited [1992]Peter David
#60 Ice Trap [1992]L.A. Graf
#61 Sanctuary [1992]John Vornholt
#62 Death Count [1992]L.A. Graf
Best Destiny HB [1992]Diane Carey
#63 Shell Game [1993]Melissa Crandall
#64 The Starship Trap [1993]Mel Gilden
#65 Windows on a Lost World [1993]V.E. Mitchell
#66 From the Depths [1993]Victor Milan
Shadows on the Sun HB [1993]Michael Jan Friedman
#67 The Great Starship Race [1993]Diane Carey
#68 Firestorm [1994]L.A. Graf
#69 The Patrian Transgression [1994]Simon Hawke
Transformations [audio only] [1994]
  [a Captain Sulu adventure on audio only]
Dave Stern
Sarek HB [1994]A.C. Crispin
#70 Traitor Winds [1994]
[The Lost Years Saga]
L.A. Graf
#71 Crossroad [1994]Barbara Hambly
Federation HB [1994]Garfield Reeves-Stevens &
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Cacophony [audio only] [1994]
  [a Captain Sulu adventure on audio only]
J.J. Molloy
#72 The Better Man [1994]Howard Weinstein
#73 Recovery [1995]J.M. Dillard
#74 The Fearful Summons [1995]Denny Martin Flinn
The Ashes of Eden HB [1995]William Shatner,
Garfield Reeves-Stevens &
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Envoy [audio only] [1995]
  [a Captain Sulu adventure on audio only]
L.A. Graf
#75 The First Frontier [1995]Diane Carey
#76 The Captain's Daughter [1995]Peter David
Crossover HB [1995]Michael Jan Friedman
#77 Twilight's End [1996]Jerry Oltion
The Return HB [1996] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Garfield Reeves-Stevens &
Judith Reeves-Stevens
#78 The Rings of Tautee [1996]Dean Wesley Smith
#79 Invasion, Book 1: First Strike [1996]Diane Carey
#80 The Joy Machine [1996]James Gunn
[story by Theodore Sturgeon]
#81 Mudd in Your Eye [1997]Jerry Oltion
Avenger HB [1997] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
#82 Mind Meld [1997]John Vornholt
Vulcan's Forge HB [1997]Josepha Sherman &
Susan Schwartz
Day of Honor, vol 4: Treaty's Law [1997]Dean Wesley Smith &
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
#83 Heart of the Sun [1997]Pamela Sargent &
George Zebrowski
#84 Assignment: Eternity [1998]Greg Cox
Spectre HB [1998] [TOS/TNG/VOY]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Captain's Table, vol 1: War Dragons [1998]L.A. Graf
The Captain's Table, vol 6: Where Sea Meets Sky [1998]Jerry Oltion
#85 My Brother's Keeper, vol 1: Republic [1998]Michael Jan Friedman
#86 My Brother's Keeper, vol 2: Constitution [1998]Michael Jan Friedman
#87 My Brother's Keeper, vol 3: Enterprise [1999]Michael Jan Friedman
Dark Victory HB [1999] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Vulcan's Heart HB [1999]Josepha Sherman &
Susan Schwartz
#88 Across the Universe [1999]Pamela Sargent &
George Zebrowski
#89 New Earth, vol 1: Wagon Train to the Stars [2000]Diane Carey
#90 New Earth, vol 2: Belle Terre [2000]Dean Wesley Smith &
Diane Carey
Preserver HB [2000] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
#91 New Earth, vol 3: Rough Trails [2000]L.A. Graf
#92 New Earth, vol 4: The Flaming Arrow [2000]Kathy & Jerry Oltion
#93 New Earth, vol 5: Thin Air [2000]Kristine Kathryn Rusch &
Dean Wesley Smith
#94 New Earth, vol 6: Challenger [2000]Diane Carey
#95 Rihannsu, Book 3: Swordhunt [2000]Diane Duane
#96 Rihannsu, Book 4: Honor Blade [2000]Diane Duane
Section 31: Cloak [2001]S.D. Perry
The Eugenics Wars:
The Rise of Khan Noonien Singh, Vol 1
 HB [2001]
Greg Cox
Gateways Book One: One Small Step [2001]Susan Wright
Gateways Book Two: Chainmail [2001]Diane Carey
#97 In the Name of Honor [2002]Dayton Ward
The Eugenics Wars:
The Rise of Khan Noonien Singh, Vol 2
 HB [2002]
Greg Cox
The Janus Gate #1 Present Tense [2002]L.A. Graf
The Janus Gate #2 Future Imperfect [2002]L.A. Graf
The Janus Gate #3 Past Prologue [2002]L.A. Graf
The Last Roundup HB [2002]Christie Golden
Errand of Vengeance #1 The Edge of the Sword [2002]Kevin Ryan
Errand of Vengeance #2 Killing Blow [2002]Kevin Ryan
Errand of Vengeance #3 River of Blood [2002]Kevin Ryan
The Captain's Peril HB [2002] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Brave and the Bold #1 [2002]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Gemini [2003]Mike W. Barr
Garth of Izar [2003]Pamela Sargent &
George Zebrowski
Worlds in Collision TPB [2003]
(Signature Series - compilation of Memory Prime and Prime Directive)
Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens
Captain's Blood HB [2003] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Case of the Colonist's Corpse [2004]Tony Isabella &
Bob Ingersoll
Vulcan's Soul Trilogy, Book 1: Exodus HB [2004]Josepha Sherman &
Susan Shwartz
Ex Machina [2004]Christopher L. Bennett
Errand of Fury, Book 1: Seeds of Rage [2005]Kevin Ryan
The Eugenics Wars: To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonian Singh [2005]Greg Cox
Vanguard, Book 1: Harbinger [2005]David Mack
Vulcan's Soul Trilogy, Book 2: Exile HB [2006]Josepha Sherman &
Susan Shwartz
Burning Dreams [2006]Margaret Wander Bonanno
Captain's Glory [2006]William Shatner, Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens
Mere Anarchy:  Things Fall Apart [2006] eBookDayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore
Crucible:  McCoy: Provenance of Shadows [2006]David R. George III
Constellations [2006] TPBshort story collection edited by Marco Palmieri
Mere Anarchy:  The Centre Cannot Hold [2006] eBookMike W. Barr
Crucible:  Spock: The Fire and the Rose [2006]David R. George III
Mere Anarchy:  Shadows of the Indignant [2006] eBookDave Galanter
Crucible:  Kirk: The Star to Every Wandering [2006]David R. George III
Rihannsu, Book 5:  The Empty Chair [2006]Diane Duane
Vanguard, Book 2: Summon the Thunder [2006]Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore
Mere Anarchy:  The Darkness Drops Again [2007] eBookChristopher L. Bennett
The Mirror Universe, Part 1:  Glass Empires [2007]David Mack, Greg Cox, Mike Sussman, Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore
The Mirror Universe, Part 2:  Obsidian Alliances [2007]Peter David, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Sarah Shaw
Mere Anarchy:  The Blood-Dimmed Tide [2006] eBookHoward Weinstein
Mere Anarchy:  Its Hour Come Round [2006] eBookMargaret Wander Bonanno
Vulcan's Soul Trilogy, Book 3: Epiphany HB [2007]Josepha Sherman &
Susan Shwartz
The Academy: Collision Course HB [2007]William Shatner, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Excelsior:  Forged in Fire [2008]Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
Errand of Fury, Book 3: Sacrifices of War [2008]Kevin J. Ryan
Klingon Empire:  A Burning House [2008]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Mere Anarchy [2009]Margaret Wander Bonanno, Christopher L. Bennett and others
Compilation of 6 shorter works originally published as eBooks.
Star Trek TPB [2009] [film novelization]Alan Dean Foster
Troublesome Minds [2009]Dave Galanter
Mirror Universe:  The Sorrows of Empire [2009]David Mack
Inception [2010]S.D. Perry
Unspoken Truth [2010]Margaret Wander Bonanno
The Children of Kings [2010]Dave Stern
A Choice of Catastrophes [2011]Steve Mollman and Michael Schuster
Cast No Shadow [2011]James Swallow
The Rings of Time [2012]Greg Cox
That Which Divides [2012]Dayton Ward

Novels Based on Star Trek the Next Generation

In 1987, Star Trek: The Next Generation [STNG or TNG] premiered in syndication, and went on to enjoy seven years of high ratings as one of the most successful "made-for-syndication" tv series in history. In addition, since it went off the air in 1994, the STNG cast have reunited for four feature films, beginning with Star Trek Generations. Generations also tied Classic Trek in to STNG, by teaming up Captain Kirk and Captain Picard for the first time on screen (although an aged Admiral McCoy had appeared in the STNG pilot episode, and both Spock and Scotty made STNG appearances as well). Pocket Books launched the first of their original STNG novels in 1988, again using a numbering sequence. Larger, "special" books broke out of the numbering sequence occasionally, starting in 1990, and the first STNG hardback appeared in 1991. Pocket published five adaptations of key STNG episodes, also not part of the normal numbering sequence. In 2001, Pocket abandoned the concept of numbering the STNG novels. Most STNG novels focused on the primary cast of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander Riker, Geordi LaForge, Data, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Lt. Worf, Deanna Troi and in earlier novels Lt. Tasha Yar and boy-genius Wesley Crusher. Numerous recurring characters (such as the omniscient prankster Q, or the "Auntie Mame" of Trek, Lwaxanna Troi) also appear in the novels.

Encounter at Farpoint [1987] *
[novelization of pilot episode]
David Gerrold
#1 Ghost Ship [1988]Diane Carey
#2 Peacekeepers [1988]Gene DeWeese
#3 The Children of Hamlin [1988]Carmen Carter
#4 Survivors [1989]Jean Lorrah
#5 Strike Zone [1989]Peter David
#6 Power Hungry [1989]Howard Weinstein
#7 Masks [1989]John Vornholt
#8 The Captain's Honor [1989]David Dvorkin
#9 A Call to Darkness [1989]Michael Jan Friedman
#10 A Rock and a Hard Place [1990]Peter David
Metamorphosis [1990]Jean Lorrah
#11 Gulliver's Fugitives [1990]Keith Sharee
#12 Doomsday World [1990]Carmen Carter,
Peter David,
Michael Jan Friedman &
Robert Greenberger
#13 The Eyes of the Beholders [1990]A.C. Crispin
#14 Exiles [1990]Howard Weinstein
#15 Fortune's Light [1991]Michael Jan Friedman
Vendetta [1991]Peter David
Reunion HB [1991]Michael Jan Friedman
#16 Contamination [1991]John Vornholt
#17 Boogeymen [1991]Mel Gilden
#18 Q-in-Law [1991]Peter David
#19 Perchance to Dream [1991]Howard Weinstein
Unification [1991] *Jeri Taylor
#20 Spartacus [1992]T.L. Mancour
Imzadi HB [1992]Peter David
#21 Chains of Command [1992]Bill McCay & Eloise Flood
#22 Imbalance [1992]V.E. Mitchell
#23 War Drums [1992]John Vornholt
Relics [1992] *Michael Jan Friedman
#24 Nightshade [1992]Laurell Hamilton
#25 Grounded [1993]David Bischoff
The Devil's Heart HB [1993]Carmen Carter
#26 The Romulan Prize [1993]Simon Hawke
#27 Guises of the Mind [1993]Rebecca Neason
Descent [1993] *Diane Carey
#28 Here There Be Dragons [1993]John Peel
Dark Mirror HB [1993]Diane Duane
#29 Sins of Commission [1994]Susan Wright
#30 Debtor's Planet [1994]W.R. Thompson
All Good Things... HB [1994] *Michael Jan Friedman
Q-Squared HB [1994]Peter David
#31 Foreign Foes [1994]Dave Galanter
#32 Requiem [1994]Michael Jan Friedman
Federation HB [1994]Garfield Reeves-Stevens &
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Star Trek: Generations HB [1994]J.M. Dillard
#33 Balance of Power [1995]Dafydd ab Hugh
#34 Blaze of Glory [1995]Simon Hawke
#35 The Romulan Stratagem [1995]Robert Greenberger
#36 Into the Nebula [1995]Gene DeWeese
#37 The Last Stand [1995]Brad Ferguson
Crossover HB [1995]Michael Jan Friedman
#38 Dragon's Honor [1996]Kij Johnson
#39 Rogue Saucer [1996]John Vornholt
The Return [year]William Shatner,
Garfield Reeves-Stevens &
Judith Reeves-Stevens
Star Trek: Klingon [1996]Dean Wesley Smith &
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
#40 Possession [1996]J.M. Dillard
Kahless HB [1996]Michael Jan Friedman
#41 Invasion, Book 2: The Soldiers of Fear [1996]Dean Wesley Smith
#42 Infiltrator [1996]W.R. Thompson
Star Trek: First Contact HB [1996]J.M. Dillard
#43 A Fury Scorned [1996]Pamela Sargent &
George Zebrowski
#44 The Death of Princes [1997]John Peel
#45 Intellivore [1997]Diane Duane
Avenger HB [1997] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Starfleet Academy [1997]Diane Carey
Day of Honor #1: Ancient Blood [1997] [TNG]Diane Carey
Ship of the Line HB [1997]Diane Carey
#46 To Storm Heaven [1997]Esther Friesner
The Best and the Brightest [1998]Susan Wright
X-Men: Planet X [1998]Michael Jan Friedman
Spectre HB [1998] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Captain's Table #2: Dujonian's Hoard [1998]Michael Jan Friedman
Star Trek: Insurrection HB [1998]J.M. Dillard
#47 The Q Continuum: Q-Space [1998]Greg Cox
#48 The Q Continuum: Q-Zone [1998]Greg Cox
#49 The Q Continuum: Q-Strike [1998]Greg Cox
Triangle: Imzadi II HB [1998]Peter David
The Dominion War #1: Behind Enemy Lines [1998]John Vornholt
The Dominion War #3: Tunnel Through the Stars [1998]John Vornholt
#50 Dyson Sphere [1999]Charles Pellegrino &
George Zebrowski
Dark Victory HB [1999] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
#51 Double Helix #1: Infection [1999]John Gregory Betancourt
#52 Double Helix #2: Vectors [1999]Dean Wesley Smith &
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
#53 Double Helix #3: Red Sector [1999]Diane Carey
#54 Double Helix #4: Quarantine [1999]John Vornholt
#55 Double Helix #5: Double or Nothing [1999]Peter David
#56 Double Helix #6: The First Virtue [1999]Michael Jan Friedman &
Christie Golden
Double Helix -- Omnibus TPB [2002](various)
#57 The Forgotten War [1999]William R. Forstchen
I, Q HB [1999]John de Lancie &
Peter David
#58 Gemworld #1 [2000]John Vornholt
#59 Gemworld #2 [2000]John Vornholt
Preserver HB [2000] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Genesis Wave, Book One HB [2000]John Vornholt
#60 Tooth and Claw [2001]Doranna Durgin
#61 Diplomatic Implausibility [2001]Keith R.A. DeCandido
#62 Maximum Warp: Dead Zone [2001]Dave Galanter &
Greg Brodeur
#63 Maximum Warp: Forever Dark [2001]Dave Galanter &
Greg Brodeur
The Genesis Wave, Book Two [2001]John Vornholt
The Valiant HB [2001]Michael Jan Friedman
Section 31: Rogue [2001]Andy Mangels &
Michael A. Martin
Gateways Book Three: Doors Into Chaos [2001]Robert Greenberger
The Genesis Wave, Book Three [2002]John Vornholt
Immortal Coil [2002]Jeffrey Lang
A Hard Rain [2002]Dean Wesley Smith
The Battle of Betazed [2002]Charlotte Douglas &
Susan Kearney
The Captain's Peril HB [2002] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Brave and the Bold #2 [2002]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Star Trek: Nemesis [2002]J.M. Dillard
Genesis Force [2003]John Vornholt
Do Comets Dream? [2003]S.P. Somtow
The Q Continuum TPB [2003]
(Signature Series - compilation of the Q Continuum trilogy above)
Greg Cox
Pantheon TPB [2003]
(Signature Series - compilation of Reunion and The Valiant)
Michael Jan Friedman
Captain's Blood HB [2003] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
A Time to Be Born [2004]John Vornholt
A Time to Die [2004]John Vornholt
A Time to Sow [2004]Dayton Ward & Kevin Gilmore
A Time to Harvest [2004]Dayton Ward & Kevin Gilmore
A Time to Love [2004]Robert Greenberger
A Time to Hate [2004]Robert Greenberger
A Time to Kill [2004]David Mack
A Time to Heal [2004]David Mack
A Time for War, A Time for Peace [2004]Keith R.A. DeCandido
The Hand of Kahless [2004]John M. Ford and Michael Jan Friedman
Engines of Destiny [2005]Gene DeWeese
Titan, Book 1: Taking Wing [2005]Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
Death in Winter HB [2005]Michael Jan Friedman
Titan, Book 2: The Red King [2005]Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
Titan, Book 3: Orion's Hounds [2006]Christopher L. Bennett
 Captain's Glory [2006]William Shatner, Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens
Errand of Fury, Book 2: Demands of Honor [2007]Kevin Ryan
Resisistance [2007]J.M. Dillard
The Buried Age [2007]Christopher L. Bennett
 Q & A [2007]Keith R.A. DeCandido
The Sky's the Limit: All New Tales TPB [2007]edited by Marco Palmieri
Before Dishonor [2007]Peter David
Titan, Book 4: The Sword of Damocles [2007]Geoffrey Thorne
Greater Than the Sum [2008]Christopher L. Bennett
Gods of Night [2008]David Mack
Mere Mortals [2008]David Mack
Klingon Empire:  A Burning House [2008]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Lost Souls [2008]David Mack
Titan, Book 5: Over a Torrent Sea [2009]Christopher L. Bennett
A Singular Destiny [2009]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Losing the Peace [2009]William Leisner
Titan, Book 5: Synthesis [2009]James Swallow
Typhon Pact, Book 2: Seize the Fire [2010]Michael A. Martin
Typhon Pact, Book 4: Paths of Disharmony [2011]Dayton Ward
Indistinguishable From Magic [2011]David A. McIntee
Typhon Pact, Book 6: Plagues of Night [2012]David R. George III
Typhon Pact, Book 7: Raise the Dawn [2012]David R. George III
Typhon Pact, Book 8: Brinkmanship [2012]Una McCormack
Cold Equations, Book 1: The Persistence of Memory [2012]David Mack
Cold Equations, Book 2: Silent Weapons [forthcoming 2012]David Mack
Cold Equations, Book 3: The Body Electric [forthcoming 2013]David Mack

Novels Based on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The third Star Trek series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [DS9], premiered in 1993, again as a "made-for-syndication" series. Like STNG, DS9 also ran for 7 seasons. Unlike Classic Trek or The Next Generation, both of which featured the crew of an exploratory vessel, Deep Space Nine featured a mixed crew of uneasy allies and inscrutable not-so-neutral go-betweens -- all either the crew or residents of a battered Deep Space station on the "wild frontier" of the United Federation of Planets. The primary characters were Captain Benjamin Sisko, Jadzia Dax, Dr. Julian Bashir, engineer Miles O'Brien, shape-shifting security officer Odo, Major Kira Nerys, Jake Sisko, bar owner Quark, and STNG veteran Worf. Things weren't as neat and tidy as on previous Treks, with a lot more stories featuring complicated political and religious issues. During the last couple of seasons of DS9, the Federation was involved in a violent, extended war with The Dominion, with station Deep Space Nine often at the heart of the conflict. The series featured a lot more military combat and strategy, laced with a heavy amount of mysticism -- Captain Benjamin Sisko was regarded as a holy "prophet" by the inhabitants of the planet Bajor, which ran DS9 with the Federation.

Publication of original DS9 novels started right away in 1993, and like TOS and STNG before it, used a sequential numbering system. The first DS9 hardback came out in 1995, and by 2000 the numbering sequence had been dropped. Several novelizations of key episodes also did not follow the normal numbering sequence. The series final episode in 1999 featured major changes for most of the primary characters, and the post-2000 novels have all focused on the lives of the characters since the series ended.

#1 Emissary [1993]J.M. Dillard
#2 The Siege [1993]Peter David
#3 Bloodletter [1993]K.W. Jeter
#4 The Big Game [1993]Sandy Schofield
#5 Fallen Heroes [1994]Dafydd ab Hugh
#6 Betrayal [1994]Lois Tilton
#7 Warchild [1994]Esther M. Friesner
The Search [1994] *Diane Carey
#8 Antimatter [1994]John Vornholt
#8 Proud Helios [1995]Melissa Scott
Warped HB [1995]K.W. Jeter
#10 Valhalla [1995]Nathan Archer
#11 Devil in the Sky [1995]Greg Cox
#12 The Laertian Gamble [1995]Robert Sheckley
The Way of the Warrior [1995] *Diane Carey
#13 Station Rage [1995]Diane Carey
#14 The Long Night [1996]Dean Wesley Smith
#15 Objective: Bajor [1996]John Peel
#16 Invasion, Book Three: Time's Enemy [1996]L.A. Graf
#17 The Heart of the Warrior [1996]John Gregory Betancourt
#18 Saratoga [1996]Michael Jan Friedman
Trials and Tribble-ations [1996]Diane Carey
#19 The Tempest [1997]Susan Wright
#20 Wrath of the Prophets [1997]Peter David,
Michael Jan Friedman &
Robert Greenberger
Legends of the Ferengi [audio] [1997]Ira Steven Behr &
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Day of Honor #2: Armageddon Sky [1997]L.A. Graf
#21 Trial by Error [1997]Mark Garland
#22 Vengeance [1998]Dafydd ab Hugh
Far Beyond the Stars [1998] *Steven Barnes
The Captain's Table #3: The Mist [1998]Dean Wesley Smith &
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Dominion War #2: Call to Arms... [1998] *Diane Carey
The Dominion War #4: ...Sacrifice of Angels [1998] *Diane Carey
#23 The 34th Rule [1999]Armin Shimerman &
David R. George III
#24 Rebels: The Conquered [1999]Dafydd ab Hugh
#25 Rebels: The Courageous [1999]Dafydd ab Hugh
#26 Rebels: The Liberated [1999]Dafydd ab Hugh
What You Leave Behind [1999] *Diane Carey
The Lives of Dax [1999]Marco Palmiere, ed.
Millennium: The Fall of Terok Nor [2000]Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Millennium: The War of the Prophets [2000]Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Millennium: Inferno [2000]Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Millennium -- Omnibus TPB [2002]Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
A Stitch in Time [2000]Andrew J. Robinson
Avatar, Book One [2001]S.D. Perry
Avatar, Book Two [2001]S.D. Perry
Section 31: Abyss [2001]David Weddle &
Jeffrey Lang
Gateways #4: Demons of Air and Darkness [2001]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Gateways #7: What Lay Beyond: "Horn and Ivory" [2002]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Mission Gamma #1: Twilight [2002]David R. George III
Mission Gamma #2: This Gray Spirit [2002]Heather Jarman
Mission Gamma #3: Cathedral [2002]Michael A. Martin &
Andy Mangels
Mission Gamma #4: Lesser Evil [2002]Robert Simpson
Rising Son [2002]S.D. Perry
The Left Hand of Destiny, book one [2003]J.G. Hertzler & Jeffrey Lang
The Left Hand of Destiny, book two [2003]J.G. Hertzler & Jeffrey Lang
Prophecy and Change TPB [2003]Marco Palmieri, ed. [813.08 Pal]
Unity HB [2003]S.D. Perry
The Worlds of Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Cardassia and Andor [2004]Una McCormack and Heather Jarman
The Worlds of Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Trill and Bajor [2004]Andy Mangels, Michael Martin & J. Noah Kym
The Worlds of Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Dominion and Ferenginar [2005]Keith R.A. DeCandido & David R. George III
Hollow Men [2005]Una McCormack
Warpath [2006]David Mack
Twist of Faith [2007]S.D. Perry, Weddle David, Jeffrey Lang and Keith R.A. DeCandido
Terek Nor: Day of the Vipers [2008]James Swallow
Terek Nor: Night of the Wolves [2008]S.D. Perry
Terek Nor: Dawn of the Eagles [2008]S.D. Perry
These Haunted Seas TPB [2008]David R. George III and Heather Jarman
Fearful Symmetry [2008]Olivia Woods
Gods of Night [2008]David Mack
Mere Mortals [2008]David Mack
Klingon Empire:  A Burning House [2008]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Lost Souls [2008]David Mack
A Singular Destiny [2009]Keith R.A. DeCandido
The Soul Key [2009]Olivia Woods
The Neverending Sacrifice [2009]Una McCormack
Typhon Pact, Book 1: Zero Sum Game [2010]David Mack
Typhon Pact, Book 3: Rough Beasts of Empire [2010]David R. George III
Typhon Pact, Book 6: Plagues of Night [2012]David R. George III
Typhon Pact, Book 7: Raise the Dawn [2012]David R. George III
Typhon Pact, Book 8: Brinkmanship [2012]Una McCormack

Novels Based on Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager [VOY] premiered on the new UPN television network in 1995, and like STNG and DS9, ran for seven seasons. Although this series returned to the concept of the adventures of the crew of an exploratory vessel, it put a twist on that formula in two ways. First, the crew was a mixture of straight-laced "Federation"-types and rebellious "Maquis" resistance fighters; and second, in the pilot episode the ship was flung to the other end of the galaxy...forcing the antagonists to team together to survive in hostile space. Together, this mixed crew attempted to make their way back to known space (supposedly a 70+ year voyage), trying to avoid getting involved with the hostile alien races they encountered on the way.

Although they occassionally made use of alien technologies that shortened the length of their journey, they also gained a formidable enemy in the form of The Borg, a cybernetic hive culture originally introduced on The Next Generation 10 years earlier. In fact, one of Voyager's most popular characters was Seven of Nine, a human rescued from enslavement by the Borg, but whose personality and mental processes were still very machine-like. In addition to Seven of Nine, the other primary characters were: Captain Kathryn Janeway, Commander Chakotay, Lt. B'Elanna Torres, Lt. Tom Paris, Lt. Tuvok, Ensign Harry Kim, Neelix, Kes and the ship's holographic Doctor.

The novels started appearing in 1995, again following the numbering system used by TOS, STNG and DS9 previously. The first Voyager hardback arrived in 1996, and numerous episode novelizations were also printed. The numbering system disappeared in 2000, and since Voyager did successfully return to Federation space in the series finale in 2001, it will be interesting to see whether future Voyager novels will chronicle only the adventures of the crew during their seven-year journey, or whether the stories will tell of events following the series' end.

#1 Caretaker [1995] *L.A. Graf
#2 The Escape [1995]Dean Wesley Smith
#3 Ragnarok [1995]Nathan Archer
#4 Violations [1995]Susan Wright
#5 Incident at Arbuk [1995]John Gregory Betancourt
#6 The Murdered Sun [1996]Christie Golden
#7 Ghost of a Chance [1996]Mark A. Garland
#8 Cybersong [1996]S.N. Lewitt
#9 Invasion, Book 4: The Final Fury [1996]Dafydd ab Hugh
Mosaic HB [1996]Jeri Taylor
Flashback [1996] *Diane Carey
#10 Bless the Beasts [1996]Karen Haber
#11 The Garden [1997]Melissa Scott
#12 Chrysalis [1997]David Niall Wilson
#13 The Black Shore [1997]Greg Cox
Day of Honor [1997] *Michael Jan Friedman
Day of Honor #3: Her Klingon Soul [1997]Michael Jan Friedman
#14 Marooned [1997]Christie Golden
#15 Echoes [1998]Dean Wesley Smith,
Kristine Kathryn Rusch &
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
The Captain's Table #4: Fire Ship [1998]Diane Carey
Spectre HB [1998] [TOS/TNG/VOY]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Pathways HB [1998]Jeri Taylor
#16 Seven of Nine [1998]Christie Golden
#17 Death of a Neutron Star [1999]Eric Kotani
#18 Battle Lines [1999]Dave Galanter &
Greg Brodeur
Equinox [1999]Diane Carey
Captain Proton: Defender of the Earth [1999] *D.W. "Prof" Smith
#19 Dark Matters: Cloak and Dagger [2000]Christie Golden
#20 Dark Matters: Ghost Dance [2000]Christie Golden
#21 Dark Matters: Shadow of Heaven [2000]Christie Golden
Section 31: Shadow [2001]Dean Wesley Smith &
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Endgame [2001] *Diane Carey &
Christie Golden
Gateways, Book Five: No Man's Land [2001]Christie Golden
The Nanotech War [2002]Steve Piziks
Homecoming [1 of 2] [2003]Christie Golden
The Farther Shore [2 of 2] [2003]Christie Golden
Spirt Walk, Book One: Old Wounds [1 of 2] [2004]Christie Golden
Spirit Walk, Book Two: Enemy of My Enemy [2 of 2] [2004]Christie Golden
String Theory, Book One: Cohesion [1 of 3] [2005]Jeffrey Lang
String Theory, Book Two: Fusion [2 of 3] [2005]Kirsten Beyer
Distant Shores [2005]Marco Palmieri
String Theory, Book Three: Evolution [3 of 3] [2006]Heather Jarman
Full Circle [2009]Kirsten Beyer
Unworthy [2009]Kirsten Beyer
Children of the Storm [2011]Kirsten Beyer
The Eternal Tide [2012]Kirsten Beyer

Novels Based on Enterprise

Following the demise of Star Trek: Voyager in the spring of 2001, Enterprise premiered later that fall, also on the UPN network. This time, the producers chose to try a different take on Star Trek -- a prequel series. Enterprise was set in the days before the founding of the Federation...pre-dating Captain Kirk's adventures. In its first two seasons, the crew of Earth's first exploratory vessel, including Captain Jonathan Archer, Commander "Trip" Tucker, armory officer Lt. Malcolm Reed, linguist Hoshi Sato, Denobulan doctor Phlox and Vulcan science officer T'Pol, explored the galaxy, encountering numerous new races and civilization for the "first" time. By the third season, Earth was being threatened by a mysterious new race from an unknown area of space, and Enterprise was sent in to try to end the threat.

Original Enterprise novels first appeared in 2002, by which time Pocket Books had completely abandoned the concept of numbering their new book releases. Key episodes of the series were novelized, including a hardback adaptaion of the series' pilot, which (as of 2004) remains the only hardback thus far released in this series.

Broken Bow HB [2001] *Diane Carey
By the Book [2002]Dean Wesley Smith &
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
What Price Honor? [2002]Dave Stern
Shockwave TPB [2002] *Paul Ruditus
Surak's Soul [2003]J.M. Dillard
The Expanse TPB [2003] *J.M. Dillard
Daedalus [2003]Dave Stern
Daedalus's Children [2004]Dave Stern
A Time to Sow [2004]Dayton Ward & Kevin Gilmore
Rosetta [2006]Dave Stern
Last Full Measure [2006]Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
The Good That Men Do [2007]Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
The Kobayashi Maru [2008]Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing [2009]Michael A. Martin
The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm [2011]Michael A. Martin

Original novels set in the Star Trek universe, but featuring all-original characters and/or settings


Star Trek: New Frontier introduced the crew of the Federation starship U.S.S. Excaliber, commanded by Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. The Excaliber crew included some characters which had been introduced on The Next Generation, mixed with all-new, completely original character like Calhoun. Treated like any of the novel series that were based on actual tv shows, the adventures of the Excaliber crew charted new territory for the novels -- would readers accept stories based on characters whom they'd never seen on television before? Since the novels were written by fan-favorite writer Peter David, the answer was a resounding yes, and the New Frontier novels have proven to be very popular. The first four books, released in 1997, were a single, serialized storyline, later combined into an omnibus edition.

#1 House of Cards [1997]Peter David
#2 Into the Void [1997]Peter David
#3 The Two-Front War [1997]Peter David
#4 End Game [1997]Peter David
New Frontier -- Omnibus [1998]Peter David
#5 Martyr [1998]Peter David
#6 Fire On High [1998]Peter David
The Captain's Table #5: Once Burned [1998]Peter David
Double Helix #5: Double or Nothing [1999]Peter David
#7 The Quiet Place [1999]Peter David
#8 Dark Allies [1999]Peter David
#9 Excalibur #1: Requiem [2000]Peter David
#10 Excalibur #2: Renaissance [2000]Peter David
#11 Excalibur #3: Restoration [2000]Peter David
Gateways #6: Cold Wars [2001]Peter David
Gateways #7: What Lay Beyond: "Death After Life [2001]Peter David
#12 Being Human [2001]Peter David
No Limits TPB [2003]Peter David
Stone and Anvil HB [2003]Peter David
Gods Above [2003]Peter David
After the Fall HB [2004]Peter David
Missing in Action [2006]Peter David
Treason [2009]Peter David
Blind Man's Bluff [2011]Peter David


Following the success of three earlier, stand-alone novels (released as part of the Next Generation line) that focused on Captain Picard's early days aboard the U.S.S. Stargazer prior to his taking command of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Pocket Books launched a new series of Stargazer-based novels in 2002. The novels feature Picard and his earlier crew, with occasional references to other recognizable characters from the Star Trek the Next Generation continuity.

Reunion HB [1991]Michael Jan Friedman
Double Helix #6: The First Virtue [1999]Michael Jan Friedman &
Christie Golden
The Valiant [2001]Michael Jan Friedman
#1 Gauntlet [2002]Michael Jan Friedman
#2 Progenitor [2002]Michael Jan Friedman
#3 Three [2003]Michael Jan Friedman
#4 Oblivion [2003]Michael Jan Friedman
Pantheon TPB [2003]
(compilation of Reunion and The Valiant)
Michael Jan Friedman
#5 Enigma [2004]Michael Jan Friedman
#6 Maker [2004]Michael Jan Friedman
#7 Enigma [2011]Michael Jan Friedman


Following the success of three earlier, stand-alone novels (released as part of the Next Generation line) that focused on Will Riker's stint as Captain of the U.S.S. Titan, Pocket Books launched a new series of Titan-based novels in 2007. The novels feature Riker, his wife Counselor Deanne Troi, and his new crew, with occasional references to other recognizable characters from the Star Trek the Next Generation continuity.

Titan, Book 1: Taking Wing [2005]Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
Titan, Book 2: The Red King [2005]Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
Titan, Book 3: Orion's Hounds [2006]Christopher L. Bennett
Titan, Book 4: The Sword of Damocles [2007]Geoffrey Thorne
Destiny, Book 1: Gods of Night [2008]David Mack
Destiny, Book 2: Mere Mortals [2008]David Mack
Destiny, Book 3: Lost Souls [2008]David Mack
A Singular Destiny [2009]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Titan, Book 5: Over a Torrent Sea [2009]Christopher L. Bennett
Titan, Book 6: Synthesis [2009]James Swallow
Typhon Pact, Book 2: Seize the Fire [2010]Michael A. Martin
Fallen Gods [2012]Michael A. Martin


In 2001, Pocket started a series of e-books featuring a group of previously-unseen characters in Star Trek history -- the members of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Despite the presence of a few characters which were introduced on The Next Generation, these stories primarily feature all-new characters. The e-books have proven so popular that some of the S.C.E. stories have been reprinted in paperback editions.

#1 The Belly of the Beast [2001]Dean Wesley Smith
#2 Fatal Error [2001]Keith R.A. DeCandido
#3 Hard Crash [2001]Christie Golden
#4 Interphase, Book One [2001]Dayton Ward &
Kevin Dilmore
#5 Interphase, Book Two [2001]Dayton Ward &
Kevin Dilmore
#6 Cold Fusion [2001]Keith R.A. DeCandido
#7 Invincible, Book One [2001]Keith R.A. DeCandido &
David Mack
#8 Invincible, Book Two [2001]Keith R.A. DeCandido &
David Mack
#9 The Riddled Post [2001]Aaron Rosenberg
#10 Gateways Epilogue: Here There Be Monsters [2001]Keith R.A. DeCandido
#11 Ambush [2001]Dave Galanter &
Greg Brodeur
Have Tech, Will Travel [paperback compilation #1-4] [2002]Keith R.A. DeCandido, Kevin Dilmore, Christie Golden, Dean Wesley Smith & Dayton Ward
Miracle Workers [paperback compilation #5-8] [2002]Keith R.A. DeCandido, Kevin Gilmore, David Mack & Dayton Ward
#12 Some Assembly Required [2002]Scott Ciencin &
Dan Jolley
#13 No Surrender [2002]Jeff Mariotte
#14 Caveat Emptor [2002]Ian Edginton
#15 Past Life [2002]Robert Greenberger
#16 Oaths [2002]Glenn Hauman
#17 Foundations, Book One [2002]Dayton Ward &
Kevin Dilmore
#18 Foundations, Book Two [2002]Dayton Ward &
Kevin Dilmore
#19 Foundations, Book Three [2002]Dayton Ward &
Kevin Dilmore
#20 Enigma Ship [2002]J. Steven and Christina F. York
#21 War Stories, Book One [2002]Keith R.A. DeCandido
#22 War Stories, Book Two [2002]Keith R.A. DeCandido
#23 Wildfire, Book One [2002]David Mack
#24 Wildfire, Book Two [2002]David Mack
#25 Home Fires [2003]Dayton Ward &
Kevin Dilmore
#26 Age of Unreason [2003]Scott Ciencin
#27 Balance of Nature [2003]Heather Jarman
#28 Breakdowns [2003]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Some Assembly Required [paperback compilation #9-12] [2003]Greg Brodeur, Scott Ciencin, Dave Galenter, Dan Jolley, Aaron Rosenberg, Keith R.A. DeCandido
#29 Aftermath [2003]Christopher L. Bennett
No Surrender [paperback compilation #13-16] [2003]Mike Collins, Ian Edginton, Robert Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Jeff Mariotte
#30 Ishtar Rising, Book 1 [2003]Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels
#31 Ishtar Rising, Book 2 [2003]Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels
#32 Buying Time [2003]Robert Greenberger
#33 Collective Hindsight, Book 1 [2003]Aaron Rosenberg
#34 Collective Hindsight, Book 2 [2003]Aaron Rosenberg
#35 The Demon, Book 1 [2003]Loren L. Coleman & Randall N. Bills
#36 The Demon, Book 2 [2004]Loren L. Coleman & Randall N. Bills
Foundations [paperback compilation #17-19] [2004]Dayton Ward &
Kevin Dilmore
#37 Ring Around the Sky [2004]Allyn Gibson
#38 Orphans [2004]Ken Killiany
#39 Grand Designs [2004]Dayton Ward &
Kevin Dilmore
#40 Failsafe [2004]David Mack
#41 Bitter Medicine [2004]Dave Galanter
#42 Sargasso Sector [2004]Paul Kupperberg
#43 Paradise Interrupted [2004]John S. Drew
#44 Where Time Stands Still [2004]Dayton Ward &
Kevin Dilmore
#45 The Art of the Deal [2004]Glenn Greenberg
Wildfire [paperback compilation #20-24] [2004]David Mack, Keith R.A. DeCandido, J. Steven York & Christina F. York
#46 Spin [2004]J. Steven Kurtz and Christina F. York
#47 Creative Couplings, Book 1 [2004]Glenn Hauman and Aaron Rosenberg
#48 Creative Couplings, Book 2 [2005]Glenn Hauman and Aaron Rosenberg
#49 Small World [2005]David Mack
#50 Malefictorum [2005]Terri Osborne
#51 Lost Time [2005]Ilsa J. Bick
#52 Identity Crisis [2005]John J. Ordover
#53 Fable of the Prime Directive [2005]Cory Rushton
Breakdowns [paperback compilation #25-28] [2005]Scott Ciencin, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Kevin Dilmore, Heather Jarman and Dayton Ward
#54 Security [2005]Keith R.A. DeCandido
#55 Wounds, Book 1 [2005]Ilsa J. Bick
#56 Wounds, Book 2 [2005]Ilsa J. Bick
#57 Out of the Cocoon [2005]William Leisner
#58 Honor [2005]Kevin Killiany
#59 Blackout [2005]Phaedra Weldon
#60 The Cleanup [2006]Robert T. Jeschonek
#61 Progress [2006]Terri Osborne
#62 The Future Begins [2006]Michael Schuster and Steve Mollman
#63 Echoes of Coventry [2006]Richard C. White
#64 Distant Early Warning [2006]Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore
10 is Better Than 01 [2006]Heather Jarman
Turn the Page [2006]Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore
Troubleshooting [2006]Robert Greenberger
Aftermath [paperback compilation #29-36] [2006]Christopher L. Bennett, Michael A. Martin, Andy Mangels, Robert Greenberger, Aaron Rosenberg, Loren L. Coleman, Randall N. Bills
The Art of the Comeback [2007]Glenn Greenberg
Signs From Heaven [2007]Phaedra M. Weldon
Grand Designs [paperback compilation #37-42] [2007]Allyn Gibson, Kevin Killiany, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, David Mack, Dave Galanter, Paul Kupperberg
Ghost [2007]Ilsa J. Bick
Remembrance of Things Past: Book One [2007]Terri Osborne
Creative Couplings [paperback compilation #43-49] [2007]John S. Drew, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Glenn Greenberg, J. Steven Kurtz, Christina F. York, Glenn Hauman, Aaron Rosenberg, David Mack
Remembrance of Things Past: Book Two [2007]Terri Osborne
Wounds [paperback compilation #??-??] [2008]Ilsa J. Bick, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Terri Osborne, Cory Rushton

Miscellaneous mini-series of novels + etc.

Beginning in 1996, Pocket Books began to focus on releasing "special event" books in the various Star Trek series lines. There had already been some multi-novel stories, or novels that tied in to each others' continuities, but with the introduction of Invasion!, Pocket was actively producing cross-over volumes that tied the various generations of Star Trek together in a tangible fashion.


The novels in the Lost Years Saga were all part of the Classic Trek line, featuring stories that were set in the time period between the end of the Starship Enterprise's first five-year mission and the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The Lost Years HB [1989]J.M. Dillard
TOS #54 A Flag Full of Stars [1991]Brad Ferguson
TOS #70 Traitor Winds [1994]L.A. Graf
TOS #73 Recovery [1995]J.M. Dillard
STNG The Buried Age [2007]Christopher L. Bennett


Back in the second season of the original Star Trek, the episode "Mirror, Mirror" introduced fans to The Mirror Universe, in which a parallel universe existed featuring versions of the popular Trek characters with opposite personalities -- a world where avarice and assassination were the means to an Admiralcy. Deep Space Nine picked up that concept and expanded it further, presuming that the Mirror Universe featured a tyrannical union of Cardassians, Bajorans and Klingons ruling human slaves with an iron fist. Dark Mirror is a standalone novel featuring the Mirror versions of the Next Generation characters. William Shatner's Mirror Universe Trilogy features Kirk living in the era of STNG, and looks at the Next Gen era of the Mirror Universe. Dark Passions is set in the DS9 form of the Mirror Universe, prior to the Deep Space Nine episodes that visited that terrain. Both the Shatner trilogy and the Dark Passions two-parter focus on the machinations and power plays of the Mirror versions of several key TOS, STNG, DS9 and Voyager characters.

Dark Mirror HB [1993] [TNG]Diane Duane
Mirror Universe Trilogy 
   Spectre HB [1998] [TOS/TNG/VOY]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
   Dark Victory HB [1999] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
   Preserver HB [2000] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Dark Passions, Book One [2002] [TNG/DS9/VOY]Susan Wright
Dark Passions, Book Two [2002] [TNG/DS9/VOY]Susan Wright
Shards and Shadows [2009] [TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY]Marco Palmieri and Margaret Clark
The Sorrows of Empire [forthcoming 2010] [TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY]David Alan Mack
Rise Like Lions [forthcoming 2011] [TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY]David Alan Mack


Most of the Starfleet Academy novels are trade paperback-sized books for Young Adults, featuring the adventures of the well-known Star Trek characters when they were students studying at Starfleet Academy -- long before those characters appeared on their respective series. Only two books in the adult Star Trek lines have focused on Starfleet Academy. The first, in 1997, was based on a Star Trek computer game, while the second, in 1998, focused on an up-and-coming crop of cadets.

Starfleet Academy: The Original Series
#1 Crisis on Vulcan [1996]Brad and Barbara Strickland
#2 Aftershock [1996]John Vornholt
#3 Cadet Kirk [1996]Diane Carey
Starfleet Academy: The Next Generation
#1 Worf's First Adventure [1993]Peter David
#2 Line of Fire [1993]Peter David
#3 Survival [1993]Peter David
#4 Capture the Flag [1994]John Vornholt
#5 Atlantis Station [1994]V.E. Mitchell
#6 Mystery of the Missing Crew [1995]Michael Jan Friedman
#7 Secret of the Lizard People [1995]Michael Jan Friedman
#8 Starfall [1995]Brad and Barbara Strickland
#9 Nova Command [1995]Brad and Barbara Strickland
#10 Loyalties [1996]John Vornholt
#11 Crossfire [1996]Patricia Barnes-Svarney
#12 Breakaway [1996]Bobbi J.G. Weiss & David Cody Weiss
#13 The Haunted Starship [1997]Brad Ferguson
#14 Deceptions [1997]Bobbi J.G. Weiss & David Cody Weiss
Starfleet Academy: Deep Space Nine
#1 The Star Ghost [1994]Brad Strickland
#2 Stowaways [1994]Brad Strickland
#3 Prisoners of Peace [1994]John Peel
#4 The Pet [1994]Mel Gilden & Ted Pedersen
#5 Arcade [1995]Diana S. Gallagher
#6 Field Trip [1995]John Peel
#7 Gypsy World [1996]Ted Pedersen
#8 Highest Score [1996]Kem Antilles
#9 Cardassian Imps [1997]Mel Gilden
#10 Space Camp [1997]Ted Pedersen
#11 Day of Honor: Honor Bound [1997]Diana S. Gallagher
#12 Trapped in Time [1997]Ted Pedersen
Starfleet Academy: Voyager
#1 Lifeline [1997]Bobbi J.G. Weiss & David Cody Weiss
#2 The Chance Factor [1997]Diana S. Gallagher & Martin R. Burke
#3 Quarantine [1997]Patricia Barnes-Svarney
Starfleet Academy [1997]Diane Carey
The Best and the Brightest [1998]Susan Wright
The Delta Anomaly [2010]Rick Barba
The Edge [2010]Rudy Josephs
The Gemini Agent [2011]Rick Barba
The Assassination Game [2012]Alan Gratz


Invasion! marked the first broad-scale multi-generational cross-over series in Star Trek's publishing history. Over the course of four books, the characters of Classic Trek, Next Gen, Deep Space Nine and Voyager all encountered the Furies, a violent alien race intent on "retaking" the space they claim as their own -- that which is currently occupied by the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire.

#1 First Strike [1996] [TOS]Diane Carey
#2 The Soldiers of Fear [1996] [TNG]Dean Wesley Smith &
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
#3 Time's Enemy [1996] [DS9]L.A. Graf
#4 Final Fury [1996] [VOY]Dafydd ab Hugh
Invasion -- Omnibus TPB [1998](various)


This mini-series, inspired by events in an episode of Star Trek Voyager, is Klingon-themed. As the blurb on the book says -- "To true Klingon warriors, no occasion is more sacred than the Day of Honor, when they pay homage to all that makes them Klingon. But honor demands its price...". Although the four volumes in this mini-series are not directly linked to each other, they do each focus on a major Klingon character from each of the four series to have aired up to 1997. The fifth, unnumbered, volume is the novelization of the Voyager episode that inspired the mini-series.

#1 Ancient Blood [1997] [TNG]Diane Carey
#2 Armageddon Sky [1997] [DS9]L.A. Graf
#3 Her Klingon Soul [1997] [VOY]Michael Jan Friedman
#4 Treaty's Law [1997] [TOS]Dean Wesley Smith &
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Voyager Television Episode Day of Honor [1997]Michael Jan Friedman
Day of Honor -- Omnibus TPB [1999](various)


This six-volume mini-series ties together Classic Trek, Next Gen, DS9 and Voyager and also includes a volume focused on Mackenzie Calhoun of the New Frontiers novels, and one on Captain Christopher Pike -- James T. Kirk's predecessor as Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the original Star Trek pilot episode. The crossover throughout this mini-series is more thematic than physical, as evidenced by the blurb on the back of the books: "There's a bar called 'The Captain's Table', where those who have commanded mighty vessels of every shape and era can meet, relax, and share a friendly drink or two with others of their calling. Sometimes a brawl may break out but it's all in the family, more or less. Just remember, the first round of drinks is always paid for with a story..."

#1 War Dragons [1998] [TOS/Kirk]L.A. Graf
#2 Dujonian's Hoard [1998] [TNG]Michael Jan Friedman
#3 The Mist [1998] [DS9]Dean Wesley Smith &
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
#4 Fire Ship [1998] [VOY]Diane Carey
#5 Once Burned [1998] [NF]Peter David
#6 Where Sea Meets Sky [1998] [TOS/Pike]Jerry Oltion
The Captain's Table -- Omnibus TPB [2000](various)


This four-book mini-series focuses on the events in the final two seasons of Deep Space Nine, when the Federation and Klingon Empire went to war against the forces of The Dominion and the Cardassian Empire. Volumes two and four are novelizations of seven key DS9 episodes dealing with the Dominion War. Volumes one and three are original Star Trek the Next Generation novels dealing with what Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E was doing during the Dominion War.

#1 Behind Enemy Lines [1998]John Vornholt
#2 Call to Arms... [1998] *Diane Carey
#3 Tunnel Through the Stars [1998]John Vornholt
#4 ...Sacrifice of Angels [1998] *Diane Carey


During the run of Deep Space Nine, it was established that a shadow intelligence organization has existed within Starfleet since before the founding of the Federation -- a group called Section 31, chartered with detecting, investigating and eliminating potential threats to Federation security from within. This series of four novels, in Classic Trek, TNG, DS9 and Voyager, explores the actions of Section 31 agents and operations.

#1 Rogue [2001] [TNG]Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin
#2 Shadow [2001] [VOY]Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch
#3 Cloak [2001] [TOS]S.D. Perry
#4 Abyss [2001] [DS9]David Weddle & Jeffrey Lang


Starting from a STNG episode in which an ancient technological artifact -- an Iconian "gateway" to other worlds -- was discovered, this series of interconnected novels revolves around characters from various eras of Star Trek journeying through other newly reactivated "gateways" on missions of galactic importance. Of the first six volumes, all in paperback, four covered Classic Trek, STNG, DS9 and Voyager, while one was a New Frontier novel, and a sixth involved the crew of the U.S.S. Challenger (original characters created for a 6-part "New Earth" mini-series released as TOS #89-94). Each of these novels ended on a cliff-hanger. The seventh and final volume in the Gateways mini-series was a hardback, featuring a short story or novella concluding each of the stories begun in the first six volumes. Volume #7 also includes a 50-page internal chronology of all the Star Trek novels and short stories published by Pocket Books through November 2001. The epilogue was a Starfleet Corps of Engineers e-book.

#1 One Small Step [2001] [TOS]Susan Wright
#2 Chainmail [2001] [Challenger]Diane Carey
#3 Doors Into Chaos [2001] [TNG]Robert Greenberger
#4 Demons of Air and Darkness [2001] [DS9]Keith R.A. DeCandido
#5 No Man's Land [2001] [VOY]Christie Golden
#6 Cold Wars [2001] [NF]Peter David
#7 What Lay Beyond [2001] [various](various)
Epilogue: Here There Be Monsters [2001] [S.C.E.]Keith R.A. DeCandido


The series Deep Space Nine introduced viewers to a turbulent region of space known as The Badlands, which has been a hazard to interstellar travel, and a haven to mysterious friends and foes alike for dozens of years. In two novels, four generations of Star Trek characters all journey into The Badlands for varying reasons. Each book is comprised of two connected stories, the first featuring a Classic Trek story followed by a STNG tale, the second starting with a Captain Janeway story set before Star Trek Voyager, and concluding with a DS9 tale.

The Badlands #1 [1999] [TOS/TNG]Susan Wright
The Badlands #2 [1999] [VOY/DS9]Susan Wright


After the crew of Jonathan Archer's Enterprise discover evidence of four powerful and dangerous artifacts scattered to unknown locations in space, Federation starships are assigned to attempt to locate them. In the first of this two-parter, Captain Kirk and Commodore Will Decker (of the Classic Trek era) encounter the first artifact on a plague-ravaged colony world, then Captain Benjamin Sisko of DS9 must deal with a Bajoran terrorist who gets his hands on the second artifact. In Volume 2, on the shakedown cruise of the Starship Voyager, Captain Janeway must attempt to recover the third artifact from Maquis rebels who plan to destablize the Cardassian/Federation Demilitarized Zone. Finally, Klingon Captain Klag and the crew of the I.K.S. Gorkon must team up with Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise to prevent disaster when the final artifact is discovered.

The Brave and the Bold #1 [2002] [ENT/TOS/DS9]Keith R.A. DeCandido
The Brave and the Bold #2 [2002] [VOY/TNG/IKS]Keith R.A. DeCandido


Series of Kirk-centric novels, written by William Shatner.

The Captain's Peril HB [2002] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Captain's Blood HB [2003] [TOS/TNG]William Shatner,
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
 Captain's Glory [2006]William Shatner, Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens


This series of larger novels, which first began appearing in mid-2003, features stand-alone stories focusing on major guest characters or supporting characters from various different eras in Star Trek history. The stories are set in periods between the series or movies -- the year and major character are shown in brackets for each title.

The Sundered [2003]
  [2298 - Capt. Sulu]
Michael A Martin &
Andy Mangels
Serpents Among the Ruins [2003]
  [2311 - Capt. John Harriman]
David R. George III
The Art of the Impossible [2003]
  [2328-2346 - various characters]
Keith R.A. DeCandido
Well of Souls [2003]
  [2336 - Rachel Garrett]
Ilsa J. Bick
Deny Thy Father [2003]
  [2355-2357 - Kyle Riker/Will Riker]
Jeff Mariotte
Catalyst of Sorrows [2004]
  [2360 - Admiral Uhura]
Margaret Wander Bonanno
The Buried Age [2007]
  [2355-2364 - Jean-Luc Picard]
Christopher L. Bennett
Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers [2008]
  [2318-2328 - Dukat, pre-DS9]
James Swallow
Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves [2008]
  [2345-2357 - Kira Nerys]
S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison
Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles [2008]
  [2360-2369 - Odo]
S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison


New series featuring Captain Klag and the crew of the Imperial Klingon Starship Gorkon as they "explore strange new seek out new life and new civilizations...and conquer them for the greater glory of the Klingon Empire!".

A Good Day to Die [2003]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Honor Bound [2003]Keith R.A. DeCandido
Enemy Territory [2005]Keith R.A. DeCandido


Series of original novels, featuring all-new characters, set in the early days of the original Star Trek series. Focuses on the work of the crew of Starbase 47 and its support ships, as they provide assistance to Federation Colonists in the Taurus Reach and also study a scientific oddity in the region.

Vanguard, Book 1: Harbinger [2005]David Mack
Vanguard, Book 2: Summon the Thunder [2006]Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore
Vanguard, Book 3: Reap the Whirlwind [2007]David Mack
Vanguard, Book 4: Open Secrets [2009]David Mack
Vanguard, Book 5: Precipice [2009]David Mack
Vanguard, Book 6: Declassified [2011]various - anthology
Vanguard, Book 7: What Judgments Come [2011]Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore
Vanguard, Book 8: Storming Heaven [2012]David Mack


Alternate history tales spanning the entire Star Trek timeline, exploring the concept of "what if B had happened instead of A".

Infinity's Prism [2008]varied authors
Echoes and Refractions [2008]varied authors
Shattered Light [2010]varied authors


Set approximately 5 years after the end of Star Trek Voyager, these novels feature characters from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and other Star Trek iterations, working together in a galaxy-spanning storyline.

Gods of Night [2008]David Mack
Mere Mortals [2008]David Mack
Lost Souls [2008]David Mack
A Singular Destiny [2009]Keith R.A. DeCandido


The adventures of the agents of Department of Temporal Investigations, who monitor and try to prevent time-travel manipulations.

Watching the Clock PB [2011]Christopher L. Bennett
Forgotten History [2012]Christopher L. Bennett


The Strange New Worlds anthologies are collections of short stories, based on all of the various Star Trek series, written by "fan writers", most of whom have never been published professionally before. Adventures in Time and Space was a 1999 anthology which could best be described as a "greatest hits" collection, including short sections from many of the most popular or most important Pocket Star Trek novels from 1979 to 1999. This book also included a complete checklist of all the novels, and a chronological timeline of when all those novels were set in Star Trek continuity. The Amazing Stories compiled a series of Star Trek short stories which had originally appeared in the magazine Amazing Stories in the late 1990s.

Strange New Worlds, vol I TPB [1999]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Strange New Worlds, vol II TPB [2000]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Strange New Worlds, vol III TPB [2000]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Strange New Worlds, vol IV TPB [2001]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Strange New Worlds, vol V TPB [2002]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Strange New Worlds, vol VI TPB [2003]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Strange New Worlds, vol VII TPB [2004]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Strange New Worlds, vol VIII TPB [2005]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Strange New Worlds, vol IX TPB [2006]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Strange New Worlds, vol X TPB [2007]Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
Adventures in Time and Space TPB [1999]Mary P. Taylor, ed.
New Worlds, New Civilizations TPB [1999]Michael Jan Friedman, ed.
The Klingon Hamlet TPB [2000]Wil'yam Shex'pir
Starfleet: Year One [2002]Michael Jan Friedman
The Amazing Stories TPB [2002](various)
Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many PB [2010]Michael A. Martin and "Jake Sisko"

* - indicates novelization of an actual aired episode of the respective series
TPB - indicates an over-sized Trade Paperback edition
HB - indicates a title which originally came out in Hardback; may or may not have also been released in paperback

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