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Time is Relative booklist cover graphic This list is comprised of novels or short story collections that feature time travel as a pivotal element. A large percentage of these novels are considered Science Fiction or Fantasy tales. However, the list also includes a number of general fiction titles and "time-travel romances." If you are interested in a longer list of just "time travel romances", please consult the booklist Somewhere in Time (1998 Lincoln City Libraries), or the following Web site: Romantic Times. Although often combined with Time Travel stories, we have not attempted to include Alternate History or Alternate Universe stories on this list. If you are interested in books of this type, you can visit the Uchronia Web site for some useful suggestions.

Ackroyd, Peter The Plato Papers: A Prophecy
Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series
-- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
-- Life, the Universe and Everything
-- The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
-- So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish
-- 813 AdaYg Don't Panic: The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Companion by Neil Gaiman
Adams, Robert The Castaways in Time series
-- Of Beginnings and Endings
-- Of Chiefs and Champions
-- Of Myths and Monsters
-- Of Quests and Kings
-- The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland
Ahlgren, Paco Discipline
Aldiss, Brian Cryptozoic!
Frankenstein Unbound
Alexander, Karl Time After Time
Alexie, Sherman Flight
Allen, Roger MacBride The Depths of Time
Amis, Kingsley Time's Arrow: or, the Nature of the Offense
Anderson, Poul The Avatar
Past Times
There Will be Time
Time and the Stars
The Time Patrol series
-- Annals of the Time Patrol
-- Corridors of Time
-- The Shield of Time
-- Tau Zero
-- Year of the Ransom
Angadi, Patricia The Highly-Flavoured Ladies
Anthony, Piers Through the Ice [with Robert Kornwise]
-- Hope of Earth
-- Man From Mundania
Appel, Allen Time After Time
Till the End of Time
Twice Upon a Time
Asimov, Isaac The End of Eternity
Pebble in the Sky
The Ugly Little Boy
Aspirin, Robert The Time Scout series
The House That Jack Built
Attanasio, A.A. In Other Worlds
Baker, Kage The Mendoza series
-- Graveyard Game
-- In the Garden of Iden
-- Mendoza in Hollywood
-- Sky Coyote
-- The Life of the World to Come
-- The Machine's Child
-- The Sons of Heaven
Ballard, J.G. Chronopolis and Other Stories
The Crystal World
Barker, Clive The Great and Secret Show
Baxter, Stephen The Manifold series
-- Manifold: Origin
-- Manifold: Space
-- Manifold: Time
The Timeships
Beagle, Peter S. The Folk of the Air
Bear, Greg City at the End of Time
Bellamy, Edward Looking Backward, 2000-1887
Benford, Gregory Timescape
Berger, Thomas Changing the Past
Biggle, Lloyd The Whirligig of Time
Birmingham, John The Axis of Time series
-- Weapons of Choice
-- Designated Targets
-- Final Impact
Bishop, Michael Ancient of Days
No Enemy But Time
Bisson, Terry Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories
Blackburn, Julia The Leper's Companions
Blish, James Midsummer Century
Bova, Ben Orion and the Conqueror
Bradbury, Ray Ahmed and the Oblivion Machines: A Fable
Dinosaur Tales
From the Dust Returned
"A Sound of Thunder" (short story in collections: Bradbury Stories and The Stories of Ray Bradbury
Brock, Darryl If I Never Get Back
Brown, Rita Mae Riding Shotgun
Brunner, John The Tides of Time
Burdekin, Katherine Proud Man
Burroughs, William S. The Place of Dead Roads
Busby, E.M. Star Rebel
Butler, Octavia Kindred
Card, Orson Scott Enchantment
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus
Carl, Lillian Stewart Shadows in Scarlet
Carr, John Dickson Fire, Burn!
Cherryh, C.J. The Books of Morgaine series
-- The Fires of Azeroth
-- The Gate of Ivrel
-- The Well of Shiuan
Christopher, Nicolas Veronica
Clarke, Arthur C. The Time Odyssey series
-- Sunstorm
-- Firstborn
Creighton, Linn Beyond This Darkness
Crichton, Michael Timeline
Crispin, A.C. [Ann] Time For Yesterday [Star Trek]
Yesterday's Son [Star Trek]
Crowley, John Novelty
D'Amato, Brian Time and Time Again
In the Courts of the Sun
Danvers, Dennis Time and Time Again
The Watch
David, James F. Before the Cradle Falls
Footprints of Thunder
decamp, L. Sprague Lest Darkness Fall
Dedman, Stephen Foreign Bodies
Delacorte, Peter Time on My Hands
Deveraux, Jude A Knight in Shining Armor
[and many more time-travel romances]
Dezhnev, Nikolai In Concert Performance
Dick, Philip K. Time Out of Joint
Dickins, Charles A Christmas Carol
Dickson, Gordon The Dragon and the George series
-- The Dragon and the Djinn
-- The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent
-- The Dragon and the George
-- The Dragon and the Gnarly King
-- The Dragon at Lyonesse
-- The Dragon at War
-- The Dragon Knight
-- The Dragon on the Border
-- The Dragon, the Earl and the Troll
Dillard, J.M. Star Trek: First Contact [Star Trek]
Disch, Thomas The Priest
DiSilvestro, Roger L. Living With the Reptiles
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan The Lost World
Dukthas, Ann The Nicolas Segalla series
-- In the Time of the Poisoned Queen
-- The Prince Lost to Time
-- A Time for the Death of a King
-- The Time of Murder at Mayerling
DuMaurier, Daphne The House on the Strand
Dymmoch, Michael Allen The Cymry Ring
Edwards, Selden The Little Book
Effinger, George The Nick of Time
Ephron, Nora Frannie in Pieces
Erskine, Barbara Lady of Hay
On the Edge of Darkness
Esquivel, Laura The Law of Love
Eubank, Joyce Crossover
Finney, Jack From Time to Time
Marion's Wall
Time and Again
Flint, Eric 1632
1635: The Dreeson Incident
The Grantville Gazette
The Grantville Gazette II: Sequels to 1632
The Grantville Gazette III: Sequels to 1632
The Grantville Gazette IV: Sequels to 1632
Frank, J. Suzanne Reflections in the Nile
Shadows on the Aegean
Sunrise on the Mediterranean
Frankowski, Leo The Cross-Time Engineerr
Fry, Stephen Making History
Gaardner, Jostein The Christmas Mystery
Gabaldon, Diana The Outlander series
-- Dragonfly in Amber
-- Drums of Autumn
-- The Fiery Cross
-- Outlander
-- Voyager
-- An Echo in the Bone
-- 813 Gab The Outlandish Companion [A guidebook to the series]
Garcia y Robertson, Rodrigo Spiral Dance
Gardner, Craig Shaw Dragon Sleeping
Dragon Waking
Garrett, Randall The Lord Darcy series
-- Lord Darcy Investigates
-- Murder and Magic
-- Too Many Magicians
Gerrold, David The Man Who Folded Himself
Giardina, Denise Fallam's Secret
Goldstein, Lisa The Dream Years
Goonan, Kathleen Ann The Bones of Time
Graziano, L.M. Cretaceous Dawn
Greenberg, Joanne With the Snow Queen
Grimwood, Ken Replay
Haldeman, Joe The Accidental Time Machine
Forever Free
The Forever War
The Hemingway Hoax
Hale, Michael A Fold in the Tent of the Sky
Hambly, Barbara Ishmael [Star Trek]
Hannah, Kristen [many, many time-travel romances]
Harness, Charles L. The Paradox Men
Harris, M. John Light
Heinlein, Robert A. The Door Into Summer
Farnham's Freehold
Job: A Comedy of Justice
Time Enough For Love
"By His Bookstraps" (short story in collection: Menace From Earth
"--All You Zombies--" (short story in collection: Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein
Helprin, Mark Winter's Tale
Hesse, Hermann The Journey to the East
Hinchcliffe, Phillip The Masque of Mandragora [Doctor Who*]
Hogan, James The Proteus Operation
Thrice Upon a Time
Holdstock, Robert Ancient Echoes
Where Time Winds Blow
Hoyle, Fred October the First is Too Late
Hubbard, L. Ron A Very Strange Trip [Nebraska author]
Jablokov, Alexander The Breath of Suspension
James, Henry The Sense of the Past
Jarrard, Kyle Over There
Jensen, Liz My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time
Jones, J.V. Barbed Coil
Jones, McClure Cast Down the Stars
Jong, Erica Serenissima: A Novel of Venice
Kabakov, Alexander No Return
Kandel, Michael Panda Rey
Kay, Guy Gavriel The Summer Tree
Kessel, John Corrupting Dr. Nice
King, Stephen "The Langoliers" -- story in Four Past Midnight
Kipling, Rudyard Puck of Pook's Hill
Koontz, Dean Lightning
Seize the Night
Kundera, Milan Slowness
Laumer, Keith Dinosaur Beach
Lee, J. Ardian Son of the Sword
LeGuin, Ursula K. The Lathe of Heaven
Leiber, Fritz The Changewars series
-- The Big Time
L'Engle, Madeleine The Wrinkle in Time series
-- A Swiftly Tilting Planet
-- A Wind in the Door
-- A Wrinkle in Time
Lewis, C.S. That Hideous Strength
London, Jack Before Adam
MacAvoy, R.A. The Book of Kells
MacIntyre, F. Gwynplaine The Woman Between the Worlds
Mason, Lisa Summer of Love
The Golden Nineties
Matheson, Richard Bid Time Return [basis for movie Somewhere in Time]
Maverick, Liz Wired
Maxim, John Time Out of Mind
May, Julian The Saga of the Pliocene Exile series
-- The Adversary
-- The Golden Torc
-- The Many-Colored Land
-- The Nonborn King
McIntyre, Vonda N. The Entropy Effect [Star Trek]
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home [Star Trek]
McMullen, Sean The Centurion's Empire
Meredith, Richard No Brother, No Friend
Vestiges of Time
Merritt, Abraham The Ship of Ishtar
Miller, Linda Lael Knights
[and many other time-travel romances]
Millhiser, Marlys The Mirror
The Threshold
Moffett, Julie The Ragged World: a Novel of the Hefn on Earth
Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream
Moorcock, Michael The Dancers at the End of Time series
-- An Alien Heat
-- The End of All Songs
-- The Hollow Lands
-- A Messiah at the End of Time
The Eternal Champion
The Land Leviathan
Morris, Janet & Morris, Chris Threshold
Morrow, James This is the Way the World Ends
Morse, David The Iron Bridge
Moscoe, Mike The Lost Millennium series
-- First Dawn
Mosse, Kate Sepulchre
Nathan, Robert Mia
A Portrait of Jennie
Niffenegger, Audrey The Time Traveler's Wife
Niven, Larry Rainbow Mars
A World Out of Time
Noon, Jeff Automated Alice
Norman, Diana Fitzempress' Law
Norton, Andre Operation Time Search
The Shadow of Albion
The Time Traders series
-- Echoes in Time (with Sherwood Smith)
-- Firehand
-- Galactic Derelict
-- Key Out of Time
-- The Time Traders
-- The Time Traders II
O'Faolain, Sean And Again?
Paulsen, Gary The Transall Saga
Piercy, Marge Woman on the Edge of Time
Pohl, Frederik The Age of the Pussyfoot
Powers, Tim The Anubis Gates
Pratchett, Terry Night Watch
The Thief of Time
Rand, Ayn Anthem
Rawn, Melonie Knights of the Morning Star [Quantum Leap]
Ray, Angie A Knight to Cherish
Rice, Anne Servant of the Bones
Riley, Eugenia Embers of Time
Robb, J.D. Dead of Night
Eternity in Death
Roberts, Nora Time and Again
[and many other time-travel romances]
Robinson, Spider By Any Other Name
The Callahan Chronicles (and other "Callahan's" novels)
The Lifehouse trilogy
-- Mindkiller
-- Time Pressure
-- LifeHouse
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Runyan, C.F. The Flight
Saberhagen, Fred Pilgrim
A Question of Time
Sawyer, Robert J. FlashForward
Seton, Anya Green Darkness
Shimerman, Armin The Merchant Prince
Shiner, Lewis Deserted Cities of the Heart
Silverberg, Robert The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party
Hawksbill Station
Letters From Atlantis
Thebes of the Hundred Gates
Trips in Time [editor]
Simak, Clifford The Goblin Reservation
Highway of Eternity
Special Deliverance
Time and Again
Simmons, Dan Hyperion
Simpson, George Gaylord The Dechronization of Sam Magruder
Sinclair, Upton Our Lady: A Parable for Moderns
Sleator, William Singularity
Strange Attractors
Steele, Allen M. Chronospace
Stewart, Michael Belladonna
Stirling, S.M. The Island in the Stream of Time series
-- Against the Tide of Years
-- Island in the Sea of Time
-- On the Oceans of Eternity
T2: Infiltrator
T2: Rising Storm
Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris The Time Wanderers
Suzuki, Koji Paradise
Taine, John The Time Stream
Tarr, Judith & Turtledove, Harry Household Gods
Tepper, Shari S. Beauty
Tucker, Wilson Ice and Iron
The Lincoln Hunters
The Time Masters
Turtledove, Harry Counting Up, Counting Down
Curious Notions
The Disunited States of America
The Gladiator
Gunpowder Empire
Guns of the South
In High Places
The Valley-Westside War
Tuten, Frederic Van Gogh's Bad Café: A Love Story
Twain, Mark A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Van Vogt, A.E. Cosmic Encounter
Varley, John Mammoth
Vick, Helen Hughes Walker of Time
Vidal, Gore Live From Golgotha
The Smithsonian Institution: A Novel
Vinge, Joan D. Snow Queen
Vinge, Vernor Marooned in Realtime
Vonnegut, Kurt Between Time and Timbuktu
Slaughterhouse Five
Walker, Barbara Amazon
Watson, Ian Chekov's Journey
Watt, Laura Carry Me Back
Weber, David The Excaliber Alternative
1633 [with Eric Flint -- see others under Flint]
Wells, H.G. The Time Machine
When the Sleeper Awakes
Westall, Robert Devil on the Road
The Wind Eye
Weston, Susan Children of the Light
White, T.H. The Once and Future King
Williams, Billy Dee Just in Time [with Rob Macgregor]
Williams, David Second Sight
Willis, Connie The Doomsday Book
Lincoln's Dreams
To Say Nothing of the Dog
Wilson, Robert Charles The Chronoliths
Winterson, Jeannette Sexing the Cherry
Womack, Jack Going, Going, Gone!
Wright, Ronald A Scientific Romance
Wu, William F. Dictator
Yulsman, Jerry Elleander Morning
813.08 Ad Time Machines: The Greatest Time Travel Stories Ever Written

And a few items about Time Travel from the non-fiction collection...

133.8 Cat Conversing With the Future: Visions of the Year 2020
500 Lig Time Travel and Papa Joe's Pipe
520 qMoo Travelers in Space and Time
530.11 Alk Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Machines
530.11 Dav How to Build a Time Machine
530.11 Got Time Travel in Einstein's Universe: The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time
530.11 Mac Time Travel
530.11 Par Cosmic Time Travel: A Scientific Odyssey
530.11 Pic Time: A Traveler's Guide
535 Cle Light Years and Time Travel: An Exploration of Mankind's Enduring Fascination With Light
808.388 Nah Time Travel [a "Guide to Writing" science fiction stories]
Video 530.11 Tim Time Travel

* the library owns over twenty novels in the Doctor Who series -- search our catalog holdings under Subject: Doctor Who (Fictional Character)

Updated and expanded from the March 2002 print booklist by sdc
Last updated October 2009 sdc

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