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Information about the selected novel - The Kite Runner An extensive list of links to on-line reviews of The Kite Runner, plus a list of sources at Lincoln City Libraries for printed reviews of the novel Links to on-line excerpts from the novel The Kite Runner Information about Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner A list of links to on-line interviews with Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner See a list of The Kite Runner book discussion group times and locations Links to several on-line sources for Discussion Questions for book groups reading The Kite Runner Connect to our special online discussion forum for The Kite Runner See a list of list of official events taking place during September, October or November as part of the One Book - One Lincoln experience Links to other cities and organizations which have selected The Kite Runner as their 'community reading projects' Information about Afghanistan, its People, Culture and History Information about Afghan Kites and Afghan Kite Fighting Visit our page of Related Resources for The Kite Runner and One Book - One Lincoln - 2005 Check the availability of The Kite Runner in the Lincoln City Library holdings Kite Runner Menu Options

Additional Resources for The Kite Runner

Reviews of The Kite Runner

On-Line Reviews of The Kite Runner

Connect to the following on-line reviews of The Kite Runner, by both professional critics and average readers.

Print Reviews of The Kite Runner available at the Lincoln City Libraries
These journals are all available in the basement Periodicals room at the Bennett Martin Public Library, 136 South 14th St. About Khaled Hosseini

Learn more about the author Khaled Hosseini at the following sites:

Interviews with Khaled Hosseini

Interested in reading some interviews with Khaled Hosseini? The following list of links will take you to several interviews he has participated in, mainly covering his debut novel, The Kite Runner.

About the book The Kite Runner

Want a basic description, or just some general information about the book? You can find it at any of these sites:

Glossary and Pronunciation Guide to some of the names/terms in "The Kite Runner" [Richardson Public Library, Texas]
Another brief Glossary and Pronunciation Guide to names/terms in "The Kite Runner" [Pittsboro Memorial Library, North Carolina]

Awards won by The Kite Runner:
Excerpts from The Kite Runner

Want to read a sample from The Kite Runner first? Visit one of the following sites:

Discussion Questions for The Kite Runner

Leading a book group for The Kite Runner but need some good questions to start the discussions going? Try the following sites:

Click here to see a list of other recommend titles for further reading...

If You Liked The Kite Runner, You Might Like:

For recommendations of additional fiction and non-fiction books that may appeal to you, please visit our Further Reading page.

Sites about Afghanistan, its people and its history

Here are some sites containing information about Afghanistan, its people, its culture and its history:

Many of the Lincoln City Libraries' databases at Research Databases include pertinent information about Afghanistan.

Photos from Afghanistan in 1976

If you'd like to see some photos of Afghanistan in 1976 -- one of the time periods covered by The Kite Runner, please visit our 1976 Afghanistan Photos page.

Sites about Afghan kites, and Kite Fighting

Interested in more information about Afghan kites and the tradition of kite fighting? Visit one of these sites:

Other Communities reading The Kite Runner

What Other Communities Are Reading

Visit the following site to see a comprehensive list of the books usef by community-wide reading programs from across the United States and Canada:

One Book Reading Promotion Projects (Library of Congress Center for the Book)

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