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Salem's Lot Read...Discuss...Repeat!
October 2005 Selection: Salem's Lot
By: Stephen King
Copyright: 1975


About the Book:

'Salem's Lot is a small New England town with white clapboard houses, tree-lined streets, and solid church steeples. That summer in 'salem's Lot was a summer of homecoming and return; spring burned out and the land lying dry, crackling underfoot. Late that summer, Ben Mears returned to 'salem's Lot hoping to cast out his own devils and found instead a new, unspeakable horror.

A stranger had also come to the Lot, a stranger with a secret as old as evil, a secret that would wreak irreparable harm on those he touched and in turn on those they loved. All would be changed forever: Susan, whose love for Ben could not protect her; Father Callahan, the bad priest who put his eroded faith to one last test; and Mark, a young boy who sees his fantasy world become reality and ironically proves the best equipped to handle the relentless nightmare of 'Salem's Lot.

This is a rare novel, almost hypnotic in its unyielding suspense, which builds to a climax of classic terror. You will not forget the town of 'salem's Lot nor any of the people who used to live there.

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Salem's Lot Reader Comments:

A truly terrifying book. King manages to make the unthinkable almost believeable -- the total devastation of a small American town by the scourge of the undead. I read this when it originally came out, back in the 1970s, watched the original 1979 tv miniseries and enjoyed it, and reread the book prior to watching the new 2004 miniseries. It hasn't lost any of its power!

-- Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library.
Customer Review Score - 8

I found this book to be intense. At times I had to put it down and let my mind digest what I read.

-- Darcy C.
Gere Branch Library.
Customer Review Score - 7


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