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Guns, Germs and Steel Read...Discuss...Repeat!
November 2007 Selection: Guns, Germs and Steel
By: Jared Diamond
Copyright: 1997 [updated edition 2005]


About the Book:

This work was first published in 1997, and it won the Pulitzer Prize. The current edition (2005) includes a new chapter on Japan. An epic detective story that offers a gripping expose on why the world is so unequal. Professor Jared Diamond traveled the globe for over 30 years trying to answer this question.

In this historical, archaeological, and linguistic investigation, Diamond seeks the root answers to why European societies (and their American offspring) became the dominant powers on Earth in terms of wealth and power. He traces the proximate causes--the development of deadlier weapons technologies, immunity to germs, superior metal working, and writing systems--to the ultimate cause of the way food production varied in human societies and then looks at geographic variations and impediments that affected food production and the spread of technological innovation in all regions of the world.

Adapted in 2005 into an informative documentary special on PBS.

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