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     It is possible to search our Music of Old Nebraska collection in several ways.  The Titles, Authors, and Songs by Subjects catalogs are text only.  The Authors catalog is annotated with biographical information about the composers.  The Thumbnail catalog is graphic intensive and may not be suitable for those of you with very slow access speeds.  

      Clicking on an item in a catalog will take you to a metadata page for that piece.  There you will find publication information and links to free downloads of the sheet music.  Each piece has been saved as both high and low resolution Adobe PDFs.  If you do not have the Adobe Reader 7, you may download it for free from here

     Obviously the high resolution versions will take longer to load than the low resolution versions of the same piece.  Dial-up connections may take a very long time to access hi res files.  It is recommended that patrons with dial-up connections click on the low res versions.


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