Music of Old Nebraska

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     These MP3 sound files are not copyrighted.  You may download  and save them to any medium.  They were performed by Polley Music librarians Carolyn Dow, mezzo-soprano, and Linda Marsh Helfman, piano.   This project was funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Nebraska Library Commission. 

     The sound files were recorded at 16 bit resolution, 48.000 kHz sample rate using Cubase SL3.  The resulting WAV files were converted to MP3s for web presentation.  For historical information about the composers and their music go to the Music of Old Nebraska home page, presented by the Polley Music Library in Lincoln, Nebraska.



Composer For
  By the Waters of Minnetonka Thurlow Lieurance solo piano
  Croonings of the Winds Nathan K. Griggs  
            Bye-a-Bye, Dearie-o   voice and piano
            Solgi   voice and piano
  Cornhusker Rose Howard Adamson voice and piano
  Dandelion Mortimer Wilson voice and piano
  From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water Charles Wakefield Cadman voice and piano
  It Seems to Me Wilbur Chenoweth voice and piano
  Just One Girl William P. Ackerman voice and piano
  Lassie o' Mine Edward Walt voice and piano
  Little Gold Star J. A. Parks voice and piano
  Old Age Blues Jess Williams voice and piano
  Ten Musical Tales Hazel Gertrude Kinscella solo piano
             A Tiny Story    
             Shadow Waltz    
           The Jolly Fiddler
             Fairy Tale    
  Underneath the Mistletoe Flora Bullock voice and piano
  Vote Nebraska Dry Arthur L. Kellogg voice and piano
  Whistling Mallards Fly Thurlow Lieurance voice and piano
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