New Music Books and Scores


     These are the new books and scores we have added to the Polley Music Collection in March 2015. They are now available for checkout on a first-come, first-serve basis.

780.92 Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich -- Schroeder, David. Experiencing Tchaikovsky: a listener's companion
780.922 Rai -- Raines, Robert. Composition in the digital world: conversations with 21st-century American composers
780.944 Bri -- Briggs, Jonathyne. Sounds French: globalization, cultural communities & pop music, 1958-1980
780.973 Gou -- Gough, Peter. Sounds of the new deal: the Federal Music Project in the west
781.49 Bar -- Bartmanski, Dominik. Vinyl: the analogue record in the digital age
781.586 Gio -- Gioia, Ted. Love songs: the hidden history
781.622 Cel -- Celtic Thunder. Mythology [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.64 Prine, John -- Huffman, Eddie. John Prine: in spite of himself
781.641 Gre -- Great Big World. Is there anybody out there? [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.6421 Out -- Outlaw country [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.6421 Tod -- Today's women of country, 2d. ed. [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.6421 Zac -- Zac Brown Band. You get what you give [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.6441 Kha -- Khan, Chaka. The Chaka Khan songbook [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.649 Edw -- Edwards, Paul. The concise guide to hip-hop music
781.65 Cla -- Clark, Gregory. Civic jazz: American music and Kenneth Burke on the arto of getting along
781.66 Bruce, Jack -- Shapiro, Harry. Jack Bruce: composing himself
781.66 Rutherford, Mike -- Rutherford, Mike. The living years: the first Genesis memoir
781.661 Alt -- Alternative rock sheet music collection [paino/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Cla -- Classic rock [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Col -- Coldplay. Ghost stories [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Gre -- Grey, Skylar. Don't look down [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Log -- Loggins, Kenny. Yesterday, today, tomorrow: the greatest hits of Kenny Loggins [piano/vocal/chords]
781.661 Mar -- Maroon 5. V [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Mra -- Mraz, Jason. Yes! [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 One -- One Direction. Midnight memories [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Pet -- Petty, Tom. Hypnotic eye [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Rad -- Radiohead. The king of limbs [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Sea -- Seal. Seal [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Seb -- Sebastian, John. Best of the Lovin' Spoonful plus other hits by John Sebastian [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Swi -- Swift, Taylor. 1989 [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Tod -- Today's folk rock [piano/vocal/guitar]
781.661 Who -- Who. The Who sheet music anthology [piano/vocal/guitar]
782.107 Geo -- George, Donald. Master singers: advice from the stage
782.14 Rodgers, Richard -- Symonds, Dominic. We'll have Manhattan: the early work of Rodgers & Hart
782.141 Fla -- Flaherty, Stephen. Rocky Broadway [vocal selections]
782.141 Jop -- Joplin, Janis. A night with Janis Joplin [vocal selections]
782.141 Lut -- Lutvak, Steven. A gentleman's guide to love & murder [vocal selections]
782.25 Mar -- Marovich, Robert M. A city called heaven: Chicago and the birth of gospel music
783.2 Kan -- Kane, Susan Mohini. The 21st century singdr: making the leap from the university into the world
786.209 Gia -- The giant book of movie & tv: sheet music: easy piano
786.209 Gia -- The giant book of pol & rock: sheet music: easy piano
786.209 Gia -- The giant book of standards: sheet music: easy piano
786.209 Som -- Something new for the girls [easy piano]
786.209 Wil -- Williams, John. Star wars, a musical journey: Episodes I-VI [easy piano]
786.76 Wil -- Williams, Ryan C. iPad & iPhone for musicians for dummies
786.9 Alm -- De Almeida, Henrique. The Moeller technique workshop: beyond the Moeller technique
786.9 Bar -- Barrell, Tony. Born to drum
786.9 Str -- Strong, Jeff. Different drummer: one man's music and its impact of ADD, anxiety and autism

Compact discs added in March 2015

AC/DC. Rock or bust
Adams, John Luther. Become ocean
Bright Eyes. I'm wide awake, it's morning
Fall Out Boy. American beauty/American psycho
2015 Grammy nominees
Kid Rock. First kiss
Lynn, Loretta. Best of Loretta Lynn
Now that's what I call music 53
Ronson, Mark. Uptown special
Underwood, Carrie. Greatest hits: decade #1
Zombie, Rob. Spookshow international live