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Eiseley Association Books

Books given to The Friends of Loren Eiseley by the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, 2000, with Additions.

  • Eiseley, Loren
    All the Night Wings; Times Books. 1979. 1st edition. 111 pp. Index. DJ.
    –Inscribed: “For Bertrand and Marian Schultz who knew Loren well in the days when some of the early poems in this volume were composed and published. Elsewhere, in print, Loren has acknowledged his debt to Bertrand who, by selecting him as a member of a fossil-hunting party for several seasons, gave him an opportunity to enjoy experiences which greatly affected his subsequent career as a scientist and writer. His sense of gratitude to his friend for this important episode in his life was enduring, and it is still deeply and gratefully alive in Mabel Eiseley.” (Mabel Eiseley)   July 27, 1980. [NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren
    All the Strange Hours; Scribners. 1975. 1st edition. 273 pp. DJ.
    –Inscribed: “For Bert and Marian Schultz with the affection of old friendship and abiding gratitude–Loren Eiseley. Christmas 1975.” [NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren.
    Another Kind of Autumn; Scribners. 1977. 1st edition. 94 pp. Index. DJ, ill. with woodcuts by Walter Ferro.
    –Inscribed: “For Marian and Bertrand Schultz, Loren’s cherished friends and readers with affection–Mabel Eiseley. November 4, 1977.”[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren.
    Darwin’s Century; Doubleday Anchor Books. 1958. 1st edition. 378 pp. Index. photo plates.
    –Inscribed: “To Bert who knows where this began–Loren Eiseley. Aug 29, 1958.”[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren.
    The Firmament of Time; Atheneum. 1960 1st edition, 2nd printing. 183 pp. Bibliography. DJ.
    –inscribed: “For Marian and Bert Schultz with affectionate greetings and long memories of the past from Loren Eiseley. Mar 22, 1961.”[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren.
    The Immense Journey; Random House. 1957. 1st edition. 210 pp.
    –Inscribed: “To Dr. C. Bertrand Schultz with fond memories of seasons spent on the long road of time–Loren Eiseley. Aug 29, 1958″[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren.
    The Innocent Assassins; Scribners. 1973 1st edition. 121 pp. Index. DJ. ill. with drawings by Laszlo Kubinyi.
    –Inscribed: “For Bertrand and Marian with affectionate best wishes–Loren Eiseley.”[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren. The Invisible Pyramid; Scribners. 1970. 1st edition. 173 pp. Index. DJ. ill. by Walter Ferro.
    –Inscribed: “To Bertrand and Marian Schultz with affectionate greetings from Loren Eiseley”[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren.
    Notes of an Alchemist; Scribners. 1972. 1st edition. softcover. 125 pp. Index.
    –Inscribed: “For Marian and Burt with affection from Loren Eiseley”[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren.
    The Star Thrower; Times Books. 1978. 1st edition, 2nd printing. 319 pp. section at end noting Eiseley’s honors and awards.
    –Inscribed: “August 15, 1978. For Marian and C. Bertrand Schultz time-tested and beloved friends, with affection as from Loren and Mabel Eiseley.” (Mabel Eiseley)[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Eiseley, Loren.
    The Unexpected Universe; Harcourt, Brace & World. 1964. 1st edition. 239 pp. DJ.
    –Inscribed: “Nov. 18, 1969. For Dr. C. Bertrand Schultz with the affectionate regards of Loren Eiseley.”[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Angyal, Andrew.
    Loren Eiseley; Twayne Publishers.1983. 1st edition. 153 pp. Index. Ink spot on edge.
    –Inscribed: “To Marian and Bertrand Schultz—Devoted friends, colleagues, and admirers of Loren Eiseley, without whose help and encouragement this book would not have been possible. Andrew J. Angyal September 13, 1984″[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Christianson, Gale E.
    Fox At the Wood’s Edge: A Biography of Loren Eiseley; Henry Holt and Company. 1990. 1st edition. 517 pp. Index.
    –Inscribed: “To Marian and Bert—Friends and fellow travelers, Gale C. Christianson.”[NAS/FLE donation]
  • Colbert, Edwin H.
    Men and Dinosaurs: The Search in Field and Laboratory. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co. Inc.,1968.
    –Inscribed: “Jan. 18, 1977. To Caroline Werkley from Loren Eiseley.”
  • De Quincey, Thomas.
    The English Mail Coach and Other Essays. New York: E. P. Dutton & Company, 1912.
    –Inscribed: “Loren Eiseley.”
  • Johnston, Alexander.
    Ten – and Out: The Complete Story of the Prize Ring in America. New York: Ives Washburn, Publisher, 1927.
    –Inscribed: “Loren C. Eiseley, 1910 South 23rd St., Lincoln, Nebr.”
  • Sheldon, Addison Erwin.
    History and Stories of Nebraska. Chicago and Lincoln: The University Publishing Co., 1913.
    –Inscribed: “Mabel Langdon, Fairfield, Nebr. 1915.”
  • Torrey, Bradford.
    Nature’s Invitation: Notes of a Bird-Gazer North and South. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1904.
    –Inscribed: “July 5, 1974. To Peggy Werkley from one who admired the old naturalist – Loren Eiseley.”
  • Woodward, Marcus.
    Gerard’s Herball. London: Spring Books, 1964.
    –Inscribed: “Christmas, 1966. To Caroline Werkley with all best wishes – from the Eiseleys.”

Loren Eiseley’s Boyhood Books

  • Alger, Horatio Jr.
    Rupert’s Ambition. Philadelphia: The John C. Winston Co. 1899.   Inscribed: “Loren Eiseley, Lincoln, Nebr., 2116 So 22 St, From Father.”
  • Appleton, Victor.
    Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship. New York: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, 1915.   Inscribed: “Loren Eiseley, Lincoln, Nebr., 2419 B St.”
  • Curwood, James Oliver.
    Baree. Son of Kazan. New York: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, 1917.   Inscribed: “Loren C. Eiseley, 2116 So. 22nd St, Lincoln, Nebr.”
  • Fisher, Elbert.
    The Boy Globe Trotters: From New York to the Golden Gate. New York: The New York Book Company, 1915.   Inscribed: “1918, Age 10, Loren Eiseley, Aurora, Nebr. From Dad.”
  • Gates, MacBurney.
    The Black Pirate. New York: Gosset & Dunlap Publishers, 1926.   Inscribed: “1926. Aurora. Mrs. Daisy Eiseley.”
  • Henty, G.A.
    Under Drake’s Flag. A Tale of the Spanish Main. Chicago: M.A. Donohue & Co., n.d.   Inscribed: “Mrs. C. E. Eiseley, 2116 So 22 St, Lincoln, Nebr.”
  • Lawton, Capt. Wilbur.
    The Ocean Wireless Boys and the Naval Code. New York: Hurst & Company Publishers, 1915.   Inscribed: “Jan. 1, 1917. A Joyous Christmas and glad New Year, Loren. Your brother and sister Leo and Mamie. Loren C. Eiseley, 2116 So. 22 St.”
  • Roberts, Charles G. D.
    The Haunters of the Silences. New York: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, 1907.   Inscribed: “Loren C. Eiseley, 1910 So. 23rd St, Lincoln, Nebr.”
  • Service, Robert W.
    The Roughneck. New York: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, 1923.   Inscribed: “1926. Mrs. C. E. Eiseley, Aurora, Nebr.”
  • West, Marvin.
    The Motor Rangers on Blue Water: or The Secret of the Derelict. New York: Hurst & Company Publishers, 1911.   Inscribed: “1918. Loren C. Eiseley from Aunt Grace, Lincoln, Nebr. 2419 B St.”
  • Young, Clarence.
    The Motor Boys Across the Plains. New York: Cupples & Leon Co., 1907.   Inscribed: “Loren Eiseley, Lincoln, Nebr. 2419 B St. From Father.”
  • Young, Clarence.
    The Motor Boys on Road and River. New York: Cupples & Leon Company, 1915.   Inscribed: “Loren Eiseley, Lincoln, Nebr. 2419 B St. From Father.”
  • Young, Clarence.
    The Motor Boys on the Border. New York: Cupples & Leon Company, 1913.   Inscribed: “Loren Eiseley, Lincoln, Nebr. 2419 B St. From Father.”

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