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On-Line Book Clubs!

You can join any of eleven new book clubs in the following reading categories: Non-Fiction; Business; Fiction; Good News; Mystery; Science Fiction; Horror; Romance; Teen; Pre-Publication and Audio Books.

After signing up for any of the clubs, you will begin receiving brief sections of books in your specified categories via your e-mail account. Each day's entry will be approximately 5 minutes worth of reading material. By the end of a week, you'll have read the equivilant of an entire chapter, and if you're interested in reading the rest, you can place a reserve on it at the library or purchase it through an on-line retailer or through your local bookstore. You can also visit the On-Line Book Club Discussion Forum to read and share comments about each week's reading selections.

Our On-Line Book Clubs have been made available to patrons by the Lincoln City Library Foundation.

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Click Here to visit the On-Line Book Discussion Forum for DearReader Titles

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