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The Works of Ed McBain

November 01, 2006 by sdc
During the Nov/Dec 2006 hiatus between meetings of the Just Desserts group, we encouraged regular attendees to participate in our online book discussion forum. At that time we had a special Just Desserts forum set up, and we challenged everyone to read any book by Ed McBain (or any of those written under his given name of Evan Hunter), then visit the Book Lovers Discussion Forums, to post their comments.


To introduce you to the works of Ed McBain, we encourage you to visit our Ed McBain tribute page, which we created following the author's death in 2005.

This topic was discussed at the now defunct Just Desserts discussion forum during the November/December 2006 hiatus of Just Desserts. We encourage you to share your own thoughts and opinions about any of Ed McBain's books in a reply comment to this blog post, below!

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