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Literature and Electronic Text Resources

March 31, 2014 by pjorgensen

This section of our site has been discontinued.

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Parent-Child Book Groups

August 07, 2012 by pjorgensen

Lincoln City Libraries offers parent-child book groups for children and their adult reading partners. These groups meet once a month and are led by a trained facilitator. Register by calling the library where you would like to participate.

R.A.P. Around the Year at Gere

Gere is offering a book group for 1st through 3rd graders and their reading partners.  The group meets from 6:30 7:30 PM the second Monday of each month during the school year.

Anderson Branch's group
takes a break during the summer.

R.A.P. Around the Year @ Gere

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Reading recommendations from Just Desserts members - Oct 2011

November 03, 2011 by sdc

Hey, mystery fans! Looking for something good to read?

At the October 27th, Just Desserts meeting, after discussing our monthly “assigned” book, we did a round robin at the table, asking attendees to share what mysteries they’d been reading lately that they felt they could recommend. Here’s a list of the novels that were hot in October with this mystery-savvy crowd:

Non-Mysteries read recently by group members:

So, what mysteries have you been reading lately that you’d recommend?

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