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2017 Architecture Scavenger Hunt

Build a Better World

Thank you to the nearly-30 participants who took place in the 2017 Adult Summer Reading Program, “Architectural Scavenger Hunt”, followed by Ed Zimmer’s presentation of an illustrated architectural history of Downtown Lincoln, featuring buildings included in the scavenger hunt as well as other downtown landmarks!

For those who were unable to participate, or who did participate but didn’t pick up the Scavenger Hunt answer key, here are the handouts from this program:

Architecture Scavenger Hunt Handout

How often do we really look at our surroundings? Lincoln is home to well-known historic architectural sites, but you’ll also find interesting details and elements on many of downtown’s buildings. Challenge yourself to find and recognize the 29 buildings or architectural features in this handout (in the area bounded by N & P, and 12th to 15th), before looking at the Answer Key below.

Architecture Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

Check this Answer Key to see if you were correct while searching for these 29 architectural elements in downtown Lincoln.