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Nebraska Author Bess Streeter Aldrich

NebraskaAuthoraldrichphotoA List of Works by Nebraska Author
Bess Streeter Aldrich, 1881-1954

Bess Streeter was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa on February 17, 1881. The youngest in a family of eight children, Bess was raised and educated in Cedar Falls, eventually graduating with a degree in education from what would later become the University of Northern Iowa. In her career as a teacher, she worked in several Iowa towns and in Salt Lake City, UT.

Following her marriage to Charles Switzer Aldrich in 1907, their family eventually settled in Elmwood, NE, where Charles was part owner of a bank. Living as a typical homemaker, Bess wrote in her spare time and entered a short story contest sponsored by The Ladies Home Journal. Although the contest was cancelled, the magazine did buy her story, and her writing career was launched. When Charles Aldrich died unexpectedly in 1925, Bess’ writing became the sole support for her family with four children. During the 1930s and 1940s, Aldrich was one of the country’s highest-paid magazine story writers, and her works were in high demand. Eventually, during the course of her lifetime, she had 12 books published — 10 novels and two short story collections, and since her death on August 3, 1954, several publishers have brought out additional collections of her published (but previously uncollected) short stories.

1924 – Mother Mason
1925 – The Rim of the Prairie
1926 – The Cutters
1928 – A Lantern in Her Hand
1931 – A White Bird Flying
1933 – Miss Bishop
1935 – Spring Came On Forever
1936 – The Man Who Caught the Weather *
1939 – Song of Years
1941 – The Drum Goes Dead
1942 – The Lieutenant’s Lady
1949 – Journey Into Christmas *
Posthumously Published Short Story Collections
1984 – Across the Smiling Meadow: and Other Stories *
1984 – The Home-Coming: and Other Stories *
1984 – Romance in G Minor: and Other Stories *
1985 – The Victory of Connie Lee [and Other Stories] *
1995 – The Collected Short Works, 1907-1919 *
1999 – The Collected Short Works, 1920-1954 *

* – short story collection

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