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Biblical Figures in Adult Fiction


The following booklist consists of fiction (novels or shorter works) based on individuals featured prominently in biblical texts. Jesus Christ is not included in this list, as the number of novels in our collection featuring Jesus as a character totals over 60 at this time. You can find a list of such novels by doing a subject search in our on-line catalog under the heading Jesus Christ — Fiction. This list is not all-encompassing, but is intended to include the majority of major fictional works featuring Biblical Figures in our current collection. All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department. [Note: Several of the titles in this list are only available in Large Print editions]

Abigail — Fiction

Lois T. Henderson – Abigail
James R. Shott – Abigail

Abraham — Fiction

Jenny Diski – Only Human: A Divine Comedy
Gene Edwards – The Escape
Gilbert Morris – No Woman So Fair
Ellen Gunderson Traylor – Song of Abraham

Adam and Eve — Fiction

Ann Chamberlin – Leaving Eden
Tosca Lee – Havah: The Story of Eve
Daniel Quinn – Tales of Adam
David Rosenberg – The Lost Book of Paradise: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
Mark Twain – The Diary of Adam and Eve

Amos — Fiction

Francine Rivers – The Prophet: A Novella
Dorothy Clarke Wilson – The Herdsman

Barabbas — Fiction

Emery Bekessy – Barabbas: A Novel of the Time of Jesus
Par Lagerkvist – Barabbas

Bathsheba — Fiction

Francine Rivers – Unspoken
James R. Shott – Bathsheba

Biblical Fiction

James R. Adams – Voices Heard by the Master
Wilton Barnhardt – Gospel
Linda Chaikin – Recovery of the Lost Sword
Joseph F. Girzone – JoshuaJoshua and the ChildrenJoshua in the Holy LandJoshua, the Homecoming
Angela Elwell Hunt – Journey
Gerald N. Lund – Fishers of Men
Caryl Porter – To Make All Things New
Walter Wangerin – The Book of God: The Bible as a Novel

Cain — Fiction

Sam Thomas – Herein Lies the Tale: The First Case of Murder

Deborah — Fiction

Carole C. Carlson – A Light in Babylon

David, King of Israel — Fiction

R.V. Cassill – After Goliath
Peter Danielson – The Death of KingsTriumph of the Lion
India Edghill – Queenmaker: A Novel of King David’s Queen
Kathy Hawkins – The Heart of a Stranger
Joseph Heller – God Knows
Gwyn Jenkins – King David
Torgny Lindgren – Bathsheba
Malachi Martin – King of Kings
Francine Rivers – The Prince
Gladys Schmitt – David, the King
Patricia Wright – Shadow of the Rock

Deborah — Fiction

James R. Shott – Deborah

Demas — Fiction

Leslie H. Whitten – The Lost Disciple: The Book of Demas

Dinah — Fiction

Anita Diament – The Red Tent
Deena Metzger – What Dinah Thought

Elijah — Fiction

Jean Bothwell – Flame in the Sky: A Story of the Days of the Prophet Elijah
Paulo Coelho – The Fifth Mountain

Esau — Fiction

James R. Shott – Esau

Hagar — Fiction

Lois T. Henderson – Hagar
James R. Shott – Hagar

Jacob — Fiction

Frederick Buechner – The Son of Laughter

Jezebel — Fiction

Gloria Howe Bremkamp – Merari: The Woman Who Challenged Queen Jezebel and the Pagan Gods
Frank G. Slaughter – The Curse of Jezebel: A Novel of the Biblical Queen of Evil

Job — Fiction

Robert A. Heinlein – Job: A Comedy of Justice (something of a parody of Job’s tribulations)

John, the Apostle — Fiction

Ellen Gunderson Traylor – John, Son of Thunder

Jonah — Fiction

Ellen Gunderson Traylor – Jonah

Joseph — Fiction

Peter Danielson – Lord of the Nile
Angela Elwell Hunt – Brothers
Joyce Landorf Heatherley – Joseph
Marjorie Holmes – Two From Galilee: A Love Story
Thomas Mann – Joseph in EgyptJoseph and His BrothersJoseph the ProviderYoung Joseph
James R. Shott – Joseph

Joseph of Arimathea — Fiction

Alexandra Ripley – A Love Divine
Frank G. Slaughter – The Thorn of Arimathea

Judas Iscariot — Fiction

Shalem Asch – The Nazarene
Taylor Caldwell – I, Judas
Simon Mawer – The Gospel of Judas
N. Richard Nash – Behold the Man
Frank Yerby – Judas, My Brother: The Story of the Thirteenth Disciple, an Historical Novel

Judith — Fiction

Stella Wilchek – Judith

Lazarus — Fiction

Alain Absire – Lazarus

Leah — Fiction

Orson Scott Card – Rachel and Leah: Women of Genesis
James R. Shott – Leah

Lot — Fiction

Maria Ley-Piscator – Lot’s Wife

Luke, Saint — Fiction

Taylor Caldwell – Dear and Glorious Physician
Frank Slaughter – The Road to Bithynia

Lydia — Fiction

Lois T. Henderson – Lydia
Thom Lemmons – Woman of Means

Magi — Fiction

Calvin Miller – The Legend of the Brotherstone: The Wise Men’s Search
Henry Van Dyke – The Story of the Other Wise Man

Mary Magdalene, Saint — Fiction

Mary Ellen Ashcroft – The Magdalene Gospel
Marianne Fredriksson – According to Mary Magdalene
Margaret George – Mary, Called Magdalene
Amy Hassinger – The Priest’s Madonna
Graham Joyce – Requiem
Thom Lemmons – Daughter of Jerusalem
Ki Longfellow – The Secret Magdalene
Kathleen McGowan – The Expected One
Edward Francis Murphy – The Scarlet Lily
Donna Jo Napoli – The Song of the Magdalene
N. Richard Nash – Behold the Man
Frank G. Slaughter – The Galileans: A Novel of Mary Magdalene
Ellen Gunderson Traylor – Mary Magdalene
Anne C. Williman – Mary of Magdala

Mary, Virgin — Fiction

Sholem Asch – Mary
Elizabeth Berg – The Handmaid and the Carpenter
Steve Berry – The Third Secret
Mary Breasted – Why Should You Doubt Me Now?
Howard Curtis – Mary of Nazareth
Marjorie Holmes – Two From Galilee: A Love Story
Haven Kimmel – The Solace of Leaving Early
Nicholas Mosley – Children of Darkness and Light
Sue Reidy – The Visitation
Francine Rivers – Unafraid
Diane Schoemperlen – Our Lady of the Lost and Found
Mary Lee Wile – Ancient Rage

Melchizedek — Fiction

Ellen Gunderson Traylor – Melchizedek (King of Jerusalem)

Moses — Fiction

Sholem Asch – Moses
Orson Scott Card – Stone Tables
Peter Danielson – The Deliverer
Marek Halter – Zipporah: Wife of Moses
William George Hardy – All the Trumpets Sounded: A Novel Based on the Life of Moses
Angela Elwell Hunt – The Shadow Women
Zora Neale Hurston – Moses: Man of the Mountain
Joan Lawrence – The Scapegoat: A Life of Moses
Brenda Ray – The Midwife’s Song: A Story of Moses’ Birth
Samuel Sandmel – Alone Atop the Mountain
Judith Tarr – Pillar of Fire
Dorothy Clarke Wilson – Prince of Egypt

Noah — Fiction

Mario Brelich – Navigator of the Flood
David Maine – The Preservationist
Gilbert Morris – Heart of a Lion
Ellen Gunderson Traylor – Noah

Othniel — Fiction

James R. Shott – Othniel

Paul, the Apostle, Saint — Fiction

Sholem Asch – The Apostle
Lisa Tawn Bergren – The Begotten
Taylor Caldwell – Great Lion of God
James Cannon – The Apostle Paul: A Novel of the Man Who Brought Christianity to the Western World
Johnny Cash – Man in White
Louis DeWohl – The Glorious Folly: A Novel of the Time of Saint Paul
Frank G. Slaughter – God’s Warrior
Walter Wangerin – Paul

Peter, Saint — Fiction

Lloyd C. Douglas – The Big Fisherman
Kurt Frieberger – Fisher of Men: A Novel of Simon Peter
Larry Huntsperger – The Fisherman
D.S. Lliteras – Jerusalem’s Rain
Walter F. Murphy – Upon This Rock: The Life of Saint Peter
Frank G. Slaughter – Upon This Rock: A Novel of Simon Peter, Prince of the Apostles

Pilate, Pontius — Fiction

James Forcucci – Relics of Repentance: The Letters of Pontius Pilate and Claudia Procula
Paul L. Maier – Pontius Pilate
James R. Mills – The Gospel According to Pontius Pilate

Rachel — Fiction

Orson Scott Card – Rachel and Leah: Women of Genesis

Rahab — Fiction

Gloria Howe Bremkamp – Rahab
Ann Burton – Rahab’s Story
Francine Rivers – Unashamed

Rebekah — Fiction

Orson Scott Card – Rebekah: Women of Genesis

Ruth — Fiction

Lois T. Henderson – Ruth
Francine Rivers – Unshaken
Ellen Gunderson Traylor – Ruth: A Love Story

Sarah — Fiction

Orson Scott Card – Sarah: Women of Genesis
Jenny Diski – Only Human: A Divine Comedy
Marek Halter – Sarah
Gilbert Morris – No Woman So Fair

Sheba, Queen of — Fiction

Aliette Armel – Love, the Painter’s Wife and the Queen of Sheba
Roberta Kells Dorr – The Queen of Sheba: A Tale of Political Intrigue and Search for Love and Faith

Simon of Cyrene — Fiction

Johan Christian – The Miracle of the Sacred Scroll

Solomon, King of Israel — Fiction

Roberta Kells Dorr – Solomon’s Song

Tamar — Fiction

Ann Chamberlin – Tamar
Francine Rivers – Unveiled

Printed List April 2004 jw
Updated and expanded for the web May 2004 sdc | last updated June 2016 sdc