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In Case You Missed These


In Case You Missed These
Bennett Martin Public Library, April 22, 2004
Scott C.

Death on Demand
Mystery series by Carolyn G. Hart

Thought-provoking and emotionally-charged Science fiction by Robert J. Sawyer

Devil On My Doorstep and
The Green Bottle
Two mysteries by Stuart Kaminsky, based on the popular Rockford Files [1974-80] television series and TV-movies. [ See also: This is Jim Rockford… ]

The Demolished Man
One of the most classic Science Fiction novels of all time, by Alfred Bester

Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By In America
Non-fiction by Barbara Ehrenreich

Dream Park and
The Barsoom Project and
The California Voodoo Game
Science fiction novel and its two sequels by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes

Time and Chance
This emotionally-engaging exploration of a classic “What If”, by Alan Brennert, should appeal to fans of The Twilight Zone and the movie Somewhere in Time

Making History
Fascinating alternate history novel by comic actor Stephen Fry

The Eyre Affair
Humorous but mind-bending journey into an alternate reality, by Jasper Fforde

The Gallery of Regrettable Food
Food-related humor writing by James Lileks