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It’s a Great Day to Be Irish


It’s a Great Day to be Irish
Bethany Branch, March 11, 2011
Carolyn D. – of the Polley Music Library

For the last Bethany Branch BooksTalk prior to this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, Polley Music Librarian Carolyn D. shared a variety of materials (a lot of them music) related to Ireland.

Irish Music

Danny Boy: The Legend of the Beloved Irish Ballad
by Malachy McCourt [Music 781.622 McC]

Far from the Shamrock Shore: the Story of Irish-American Immigration through Song
by Mick Moloney [Music 781.622 Mol]

Focus: Irish Traditional Music
by Sean Williams [Music 781.622 Wil]

Music in Ireland
by Dorthea E. Hast & Stanley Scott [Music 781.622 Has]

The NPR Curious Listener’s Guide to Celtic Music
by Fiona Ritchie [Music 781.622 Rit]

O’Brien Pocket History of Irish Traditional Music
by Gearoid OhAllmhurain [Music 781.622 Oha]

Irish Musicians

The Chieftains: the Authorized Biography
by John Glatt [Music 781.622 ChiYg]

Halfway Home: My Life ’til Now
by Ronan Tynan [Music 780.92 Tyn]

I Hear You Calling Me
by Lily Foley McCormack [Music 782.109 McCYm]

In Bloom: Irish Bands Now
by Jenny Huston [Music 781.66 Hus]

The Mountain of the Women: Memoirs of an Irish Troubadour
by Liam Clancy [Music 781.622 Cla]

U2: a Musical Biography
by David Kootnikoff [Music 781.66 U2]

Collections of Irish Sheet Music

Ancient Irish Airs and Dances: 201 Classic Tunes Arranged for Piano
by George Petrie [Music 786.216 qPet]

The Big Book of Irish Songs
[Music 781.622 qBig]

Celtic Thunder
by Celtic Thunder [Music 781.622 qCel]

The Complete Irish Tin Whistle Tutor
by L.E. McCullough [Music 788.35 qMcC]

The Grand Irish Songbook
[Music 781.622 qGra]

The Long Black Veil
by The Chieftains [Music 781.622 qChi]

Ireland (Art, History, Travel, Cooking and Culture)

A Day in the Life of Ireland
[SOS 914.15 Day]

In an Irish Country Kitchen: a Cook’s Celebration of Ireland
by Clare Connery [641.594 IreYc]

by Insight Guides [914.15 Ins]

Ireland: a History
by Robert Kee [941.5 Kee]

Ireland’s Traditional Crafts
by David Shaw-Smith [941.5 Sha]

Irish Cooking
[641.594 IreYi]

A Literary Guide to Ireland
by Susan and Thomas Cahill [914.15 Cah]

Treasures of Irish Art, 1500 B.C. to 1500 A.D.
by G. Frank Mitchell [709.415 qMit]

Vanishing Ireland
by text by Edna O’Brien, photographs by Richard Fitzgerald [914.15 qObr]

Wild Ireland: a Traveller’s Guide
by Brenden Lehane, with photographs by Marc Schlossman [914.15 Leh]


Celtic Harpestry: a Contemporary Celtic Collection
[Compact Disc 781.62 Ire]

The Celtic Minstrel
by James Galway [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYg]

Green Fields: Celtic Music for Cittern and Guitar
by Robin Bullock [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYb]

Ireland’s Golden Tenor: Ireland in Song
by Frank Patterson [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYp]

The Lark in Clear Air
by Geraldine O’Grady [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYo]

The Long Black Veil
by The Chieftains [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYc]

Luck of the Irish
by the Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYc]

My Wild Irish Rose
by John McCormack [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYm]

The Old Irish Blessing
by Malley Keelan [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYk]

Rogha: the Best of Clannad
by Clannad [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYc]

Traditional Music of Ireland
by Joe Burke with Charlie Lennon [Compact Disc 781.62 IreYb]

The Very Best of The Irish Tenors, 1999-2002
[Compact Disc 781.62 IreYi]


The Best of Riverdance
[DVD 793.31 IreYr]

Celtic Tiger
[DVD 793.31 Cel]

Celtic Woman
[DVD 781.62 IreYc]

Discovering Ireland
[DVD 914.15 Dis]

Daniel O’Donnell: Branson Encore
[DVD 781.63 Odo]

Learn to Play the Irish Bouzouki
by Zan McLeod [DVD 787.84 McL]

Lord of the Dance
[DVD 793.31 IreYl]

Peaceful Waters
by Daniel O’Donnell [DVD 781.63 Odo]

Visions of Ireland: Breathtaking Views of the Emerald Isle
[DVD 914.15 Vis]